Little Girls of Wonder - Princess Liliana
Chapter 1

Copyright© 2012 by Allan Kindred

Welcome to the kingdom of Precious, where pretty is appreciated and celebrated. It is a kingdom known for its kindness and open mindedness. Where you can express yourself freely without judgment. It is a place where the young heart can grow with laughter and love while being watched out for. Normally.

In this kingdom there is a princess named Liliana. She is very pretty and very sweet, but that is not what makes her wonderful. What makes her wonderful is she is smart and funny, and has courage to where she is not afraid to share of herself openly and with pride. What would happen if one of the things that made you happy started to be distorted away from the natural beauty of it, and the fun you normally get from it was no longer there?

As the sun begins its ascent upon another day above the royal city of Canter, the people begin to awaken, including the pretty princess Liliana. Liliana is seven-years-old with long dark brunette hair. At times it almost seems raven in color. Her brown eyes reflect how pretty and bright she really is.

When she smiles, not only does it light up her entire precious face that has a full lower lip and an adorable gull wing upper thin lip and puffy cheeks, but her smiles shine in her eyes as well. She is truly one of the prettiest girls in the kingdom of Precious, but of late, Princess Liliana hasn't been smiling so much.

"Good morning, Liliana."

"Good morning, mother and father. How are you today?"

"We are wonderful, daughter, thank you for asking. After this fine breakfast will you be ready to pose for another picture that will help the kingdom?"

"Please, momma, please, poppa, I don't want to pose today."

"I thought modeling was one of your favorite things to do."

"It was! I mean, it is when I get to wear the pretty clothes that I like, and when I get to pose how I think is proper."

"Now, Liliana, we have brought Heddar all the way from Franceena to do special paintings for us to help our kingdom earn money, so we can continue to be kind and open."

"Yes, poppa, I know, but he makes me wear..."

"Now, Liliana, the kingdom needs money right now. You do care about the kingdom, don't you?"

"Of course, momma."

"You do what Heddar directs you to do, and shine prettily for our kingdom."

"Yes, poppa." says Liliana.

For the longest time Liliana has loved to pose and model, and she still does, but of late the prettiness of it has faded. She does love her kingdom and she does love her parents, so she will be a good girl and do what is asked of her for this day.

If a person is lucky there is at least one person in the world that will listen to them, no matter what, and won't care about anything else other than her feelings, thoughts and dreams. For Liliana that person is her Uncle Kyle. Liliana knows she can tell her uncle anything, and he will let her finish her sentences and will support her no matter what.

Liliana smiles to herself and her mom sees her smiling. "What are you smiling at, my precious daughter?"

Liliana doesn't answer her outright; instead she asks a question of her own. "When is Uncle Kyle coming by to visit again?"

"The last we heard of him is he is patrolling the border with the trolls keeping us safe. After all, your beloved Uncle is the greatest warrior in all the kingdoms."

"Yes, I know. I love him very much."

"And he loves you too."

"I know, mommy, that is why we are best friends."

"Don't worry, Liliana. I'm sure he got the painting of you wearing the pretty dress he had made just for you."

"I'm sure he did, too, father. He knows what pretty is and he will enjoy meeting Heddar, I think."

"Oh, why is that?"

"Oh, no reason, father. My Uncle Kyle loves my smile and laughter, and he will be interested in any person that is supposed to capture that on canvas."

"Oh, okay. You pose pretty today and tomorrow, and then on Saturday we will let you play with your friends."

"Yes, father. I will pose however he tells me to because you tell me to ... for today." Liliana's parents do not hear the distinction in her words, so they smile at their lovely daughter.

"Are you finished eating yet?"

"Not yet, mother. Today I am taking my time so I can be good and prepared for the finishing touches of this last piece Heddar has me posing for."

"Well, you be sure to eat enough so you can keep your strength up so you can stand there a long time while he paints you."

"Of course, father. Even though at times it is chilly, I will do what you ask of me." Then she lowers her voice and whispers to herself. "And when my Uncle Kyle gets here he will stand strong also."

"I'm sorry, dear, what was that? I didn't hear you."

"Oh, nothing, father. I was just giving my thanks for the people who watch out for me."

"You are welcome, Liliana." Liliana looks at her dad because she was not talking about him of late.

"So, Liliana, are you ready to finish this masterpiece?" Heddar asks in his weak foreign accent. Liliana can't hide her laughter. "What are you laughing at?"

But Liliana doesn't answer him either, but she does ask him an interesting question of her own. "Heddar, do you know my Uncle Kyle."

"No." he says, like he cannot be bothered by such questions. His accent makes him seem all that much more arrogant.

"I think it is going to be interesting when you two meet."

"Why would I want to meet him?"

"My Uncle Kyle is the Whiteknight."

Now Heddar takes notice. "Ah, I hear he is a great warrior."

"The very best, and he loves me very much."

"That is good, Liliana, but so much talk will not get this masterpiece done."

"Yes, what a tragedy that would be."

"Yes, young miss, it truly would be."

"Perhaps you can show it to my uncle when he gets here."

"Oh, is he coming here?"

"Oh yes. Very soon he will have a reason to come here with great haste."

"Good for you, dear. Another three or four days and we should be finished."

"Another three or four days? My mom told me I could play with my friends this weekend."

"Sorry, this is more important."

Normally Liliana would be very sad, but now that she has a new plan she just smiles to herself and does as she is directed. "It is of no matter," she says.

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