An Empire's War

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Pes-A Roman unit of measure for a foot. Abbreviated as ps, and a symbol of '. 1ps=0.971 U.S. feet.

Thwab- Traditional Arabic Robes.

Agal- Traditional Arabic headdress.

Auxilia- Provincial Militia or National Guard.

Libra- Roman measure of weight for pound. Abbreviation is lba, 1lba=0.712lbs. U.S.

Roman names- First is the Praenomen, the personal name, which is only used by family and close friends. Next is the Nomen, the Clan name, it is the name most Romans are known by. Last is the Cognomen, the family with in the Clan. This is used to distinguish one family from another.

Caliphate- The first system of government of Islam.

Outer Tunic- Uniform Jacket.


Gladius Hispaniensis- the Gladius sword used by the Roman Army in ancient times.

Pugio- The knife used in ancient times. Modern version is based on M9 combat knife.

Spatha-SR-9P-Compact rifle about the size of an H&K MP5 but fires the 7.62mm round. It is one of the main rifles of the Roman Military.

Praefectus- the equivalent of a Major. Insignia is three small silver stars.

Parat Agrum- Field Marshalls of the Roman Military. One of 7 General Officer ranks and the highest.

Century (Centuria) - A Roman Platoon of 100 men and women.

Sarcina- The pack of the Roman Military. It comes in three types: Magna, the duffle type; Tellus, the overnight pack; and Morbi, the field pack and the smallest.

Caliga- Boots


Braccaes- Uniform Pants



Balteus-Utility vest

Sub-Miles-Service Private. Insignia is a Gladius with black trim.

Sub-Decanus (SD) - Sergeant of the Roman Military, three Gladii for insignia

Optio-First Sergeant of the Roman Military, three gladii and three stars for insignia.

Magister (Mag) - Sergeant First Class of the Roman Military, three gladii two stars for insignia.

Decanus (Dec) - Staff Sergeant of the Roman Military, three gladii, one star for insignia.

FAM- Farinum ad Manducare- Field rations of the Roman Military, MRE type.

Passuum- A Roman mile, abbreviation is pu, 1pu=0.944 miles U.S.

Castrum- Roman fort or base

Contuberium- Roman squad of 10 men or women led by a Navarchus, Centurion, or NCO.

Navarchus-Captain of the Roman Military, A Gold Torc is the insignia.

Centurion-Lieutenant of the Roman Military. Roman eagle with closed wings is the insignia.

Exercitus- Infantry

Miles (MI) Private, Gladius with Gold trim is the insignia.

Lancea Miles (LM)-Private First Class or Lance Corporal, Gladius and Shield in Gold Trim is the Insignia.

Gerulus Contuberium-GC-28-Squad carrier, based on the XM1206.

Grave Spatha-SR-9A-Squad Automatic Weapon.

"As-Salāmu 'alayka" "Wa 'alayka s-salām"- "Peace be upon you" "And Peace unto you"- A traditional Arabic Greeting.

Catafraetarus Equites- Armored Calvary- Tanks based on the XM1205. Tanks are called Lacus.

Tormenta-Artillery- Mobile Artillery based on the XM1203. The vehicles are called Pilum.

Scutum-bulletproof vest based on Dragon Skin.

Iugales Ignis- Fire Team, the smallest unit in the roman Army.

Tribulus- Mines or Claymores

AP-5 Explosives like C-4

Tesserarius (Tess) - Corporal in the Roman Military.

Iunius- June

Seneschal- Herald or Caretaker of a Palace or Manor.


Concangis- Modern Chester-Le-Street, County Durham, England.

Principis (Princeps) Iuventutis- Princess (Prince) of Youth. The title given to the heir apparent, like the Prince of Wales.

"Maiestatem imperatoriam Paulus Cornelius Domitius Caesar Augustus Consul Romanus, Pater patriae, Pontifex Maximus princeps Romani princeps senatus Pharao Aegypti Rex Graecorum"-"His Imperial Majesty, Cornelius Domitus Paulus Caesar Augustus, Consul of Rome, Father of the Fatherland, Chief Priest, Leading Citizen of Rome, First Man of the Senate, Pharaoh of Egypt, King of the Greeks"

Triclinium- Formal Roman Dining Room

Aula Regia- Roman Throne Room

Phalanx- Battalion of the Roman Army. 1300+ men and women.

Praefectus Dux- Major General in the Roman Military. One of 7 General Officer Ranks.

Plebian Class- Lowest of the classes in Roman society.

Patrician Class- Decedents of the First 100 Senators of the Roman Republic.

New Aksum- Bangui, Central African Republic.

Hydra-Submarine based on Sea Wolf Class sub.

Knot of Hercules- a Square knot

"Ubi tu Gaia, ego Gaius" "Ubi tu Gaius, ego Gaia"-"As you are Gaia, I am Gaius" "As you are Gaius, ego Gaia"- Traditional Roman Vows.

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