A Good Man
Chapter 6

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Tom finally opened his eyes, the first thing he saw was Queen Iterne, then Frilly and finally the council. When he tried to sit up the throbbing in his head and side were too much and he fell back, a groan escaping his lips. The queen rushed to his side a look of almost desperation on her face. Tom had to smile or at least try to smile the pain was washing over him and he was still feeling hot, the queen motioned for an older fairy who moved forward and started to heal his semi healed burns.

Tom wondered who this woman was and tried to ask her but again his throat and voice didn't want to work.

<Young man, I am Talinda, I am one of the few who can heal magic burns, > the older fairy thought to him, <ah! I see you wish to learn that would be good there are too few mages that heal most wounds.>

<Yes Talinda, I wish to learn, I can not heal well at all. I have tried before but what I did wasn't very effective. I have been told that it has to do with the type of energy, > Tom replied to her.

<I will make a deal with you, if you can try and teach me that healing of the mind I will try and teach you the magic healing, > Talinda said with a sly smile.

Tom thought about it for a few minutes, <ok, I'll try as hard as I can but I've been told that no one can do it. To me it is simple just as to you healing all types of wounds is simple.> Tom smiled at her again when her mouth opened in shock.

<It is not easy young man, it took many years for me to learn all these healing methods, > looking seriously upset she suddenly started laughing.

"I'll have to remember your sense of humor," Tom croaked out finally finding his voice, a harsh sounding noise akin to nails on a chalkboard.

Again smiling Talinda put a finger to his lips and tapped her head, pointing to his throat and shaking her head no.

<You need time for me to finish healing you, no more speaking till you are more recovered young man> Talina admonished him.

The queen stood nearby the whole time Talinda was healing Tom, a look of relief on her face when Talinda finished and nodded to the queen. Sitting up slowly Tom tried to stop the queen's attempts to help him, to no avail.

"Queen Iterne, we need to discuss what you have learned from the traitors, though most of the information was false there may be enough truth in them to help out," Tom said.

"Why do you think it is mostly false?" The queen inquired.

"I don't think you were the target, I believe I was but knowing Malamon if you had been hit or killed then that would have been a bonus," Tom replied. "I believe some revision of the plans may be in order.

An hour later the three other leaders had arrived, Tom sat them down with Queen Iterne and informed them of the revisions. Though they were all concerned over his safety Tom brushed that aside, as Malamon had stepped his attacks up again after word of the attacks had spread. Soon they were all going, Tom suggesting that the other 3 have everyone close to them mind scanned for their safety. Tom and Talinda started in on their lessons, once Tom learned how to change his energy the rest of the lesson was unnecessary. Looking at Talinda limping, Tom thought for a moment, she had told him that she couldn't be healed it was a very old wound. Concentrating only on her leg Talinda was shocked when not only the pain passed but the leg straightened and she was able to walk without her cane for the first time in 2000 years.

Talinda was having an extremely hard time with what Tom showed her, not wanting to give up she redoubled her efforts, after a few hours she had the basic principle down. Her only problem was that she wasn't strong enough to go even half as deep as Tom did, but she could now detect the problem and do a temporary patch. Bowing low to Tom, he was surprised as he had heard that the fairies only bowed to the queen, Talinda smiled and left. Tom was still tired but he needed to start locating Malamon again, killing his own people was something not even Tom could forgive him for.

Tom sat and concentrated listening to what was said by all the races, listening for certain words. An hour later he heard the word Malamon and listened closely, sure enough he heard a scream. Flashing out he was there in a second his shields as high as he could get them. Appearing behind Malamon Tom shot everything he had in it. Malamon screamed when his right arm suddenly went limp, trying to hold him there Tom was ripping his way through Malamon's defences when the very young brownie Malamon had been attacking moaned.

Laughing Malamon spoke, "so bastard what's it going to be huh? Take me or save the child, I know you're strong now, almost as strong as me, so tic toc what's it going to be? Better hurry," Malamon taunted, the young brownie moaning louder now. Cursing Tom ripped through his last defenses crushing more of Malamon's magic, while Malamon grabbed his head with his still working arm, Tom gathered the child and departed.

Appearing in his house Tom started screaming for Futha, the brownie was there in moments. Tom had already started healing the young male brownie, Futha gasp and darted to Tom's side, "Clon!" Futha screamed, "Please save him mage, he's my youngest son."

"I'm trying Futha, but he is so weak and injured," moments later Talinda appeared along with an older looking pixie, for an hour they work on the still body of the young boy. Finally he opened his eyes seeing his mother small tears fell from his eyes.

"I did it mama I stood up to him," Clon said

"Yes my son, I thought there were 2 of you," Futha said.

"No mama just me, I wanted to help," a small cough issued from the boy.

Talinda looked at Tom her eyes wide, <Tom you can not keep the child alive like this, there was too much damage, I am afraid he is even beyond even your power, > Talinda said

"<No! I will hold him you heal the body, > Tom was desperate.

<We can not Tom, the body won't heal anymore it has expired, we will tell his mother and when she asks, let him go.> Talinda said sadness heavy in her thoughts.

Talinda told Futha, who in turn stared wide eyed at Tom, "I am sorry Clon, you were so brave my son," the tears now falling freely from her eyes, "I love you my brave, brave son."

"Momma, will I see Daddy now?" Clon asked his eyes somewhat dull.

"Yes I believe you will, I am sure he will be glad to see you," the tears were so heavy now Futha turned away from her son, "he ... he will be so proud of you."

"Mama please don't cry, I was glad to help mage Tom, it doesn't hurt anymore honest," Tom could feel the boys soul trying to leave the body it was taking all he had to hold him there and he was starting to lose that battle.

Kissing her son's face Futha looked at Tom and nodded, letting go, the boy smiled at him, "remember Mage Tom, stay as you are, don't kill, you are nothing like him, I believe in you." with that the boy sighed and was gone, Tom stood still, the anger swelling in him, going after adults was one thing but to harm children, everyone was backing from Tom as his power began to flare higher and higher. Turning away from everyone the wall in front of him was blown away as if a piece of paper was blown away by the breeze. Reaching out he found Malamon easily, still holding his broken arm having it healed. Reaching in Tom squeezed the pain centers as hard as he could prompting Malamon to scream louder than ever before. Tom was so mad he didn't realize that there were about 30 others there, continuing forward he began to saw away at Malamon's powers.

"I will not let you hurt anyone else!" With that he ripped 2 more loose then another before Malamon's mind closed, after breaking both of Malamon's legs, he started to feel the others firing at him. Up til now they weren't even close but now they were getting closer through his shields. Damn it! the bastard always hiding behind others, with that Tom released the last of his anger in a sonic wave that knocked everyone but Malamon out. "I'll be back soon, this will end, I've removed enough of you powers to at least slow you down," Tom sneered.

"You'll never stop me you son of a bitch!" Malamon shouted nothing but pure hatred in his eyes blood pouring from his mouth and ears, he vanished.

Tom took the powers of each of the men there, telling the council where he was Tom was gone before they arrived. Arriving back in his house Tom started to take all his things out. Futha showed up moments later, "Mage Tom?" she asked Looking back Tom sighed, "I am sorry I wasn't faster, I should have saved him, that little boy should be alive, playing with others his age, not looking for psycho killers."

"Mage Tom," she started again, "Do not feel so bad, you gave to me a wonderful gift. When his father, brother and sister were killed, I didn't have the opportunity to tell them good bye. I didn't even have a body, they were destroyed totally, you kept him alive till I got here, once again something that hasn't been done in an extremely long time. Just the chance to tell him good bye is a rare thing these days."

Tom had thought that she would've been mad, pissed off, anything but this, now it was his turn to be amazed. Thanking him cause she got a chance to say good bye?

"Tom," she started, "the last 5000 years has become a time where death has become an every day thing, as the humans say, you get used to it, we may not like it but we're used to it. As for Clon you heard what he said, he was proud of the fact that he got to help you, please don't detract from that, ok? He was glad to be there for you." Tom sat his head hug low. Tears falling freely Futha still a little amazed that any human or mage would care about any race besides their own, in all her years this was a welcome surprise to her.

Sitting Tom could only stare at her when she asked him where he had gone, finally relenting, he told her how he'd stripped 3 more powers from Malamon and had broken his legs in several places. He'd remembered Clon's words, for he'd been close to ending Malamon and with the fury Tom was feeling he had no doubt Malamon would have been completely destroyed.

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