The Lad Who Poked the Devil in the Eye
Chapter 13: Bitter News

Copyright© 2016 by Vincent Berg

The Current State of the Earth's Defenses

Natalie Romanus

Since President Taylor canceled the First Amendment and shuttered every news agency in the country, our entire news service consists of Natalie's reporting below. Nothing else is as vital as her reports about the alien invasion of our planet. Help us spread this information, as it needs to reach the largest audience possible.

There's a lot more going on with these alien attacks, and it's something everyone needs to be aware of. The White House and our military aren't defending us. They're selling us down the river. The President was signing the surrender of the United States when they were attacked. He's now launching the government's security forces to locate and turn us over to the aliens.

As you've noticed, I understand more than the government does. The reason is simple, I've got an inside contact on the Ti'chrk ship. He knows when the Ti'chrk plan and launch their assaults, what they're capable of, and their limitations. The initial attack on Chicago was a one-shot deal. They don't have enough fuel to do it twice. It takes a huge amount of energy to initiate such a barrage, and requires even more to shut it down. That's why they're only launching fighter incursions now. Chicago was a loss for them because they lost access to the minerals under the city. The people who died were immaterial to them, because they plan to kill us all, anyway.

Here's another interesting note, the Ti'chrk honchos enjoy eating the skulls of their victims, bones and all. It's a stupid practice, as it causes diseases, but they force their underlings to participate as a show of strength and an attempt to weaken our resolve. Clearly, they don't understand how resilient humans are, just as they don't understand the revulsion of their own people. Their leaders are—how would you say it—Nuts!

The latest example of that was their attack on China. We can't contact anyone there anymore, because they fired nuclear missiles in an attempt to defend themselves, and those weapons fried their electrical systems. The only electronics which could withstand the electro-magnetic pulse were military sites, which the Ti'chrk destroyed initially. But the stupid thing they did was assume we can't travel just as fast as they can, if not faster.

No one realized it, but the Wi'Tibold left tools to protect Josh's friends and family from being hunted down by our own government. That's the same government that's issued 'shoot on sight' orders against me for telling the world the truth.

Using those resources, we captured one of the Ti'chrk fighters and took it over. Combining the Wi'Tibold shuttle and their own attack craft, we eliminated five of their best fighters. That still leaves plenty, but it shows how short sighted they are. They believe all they need to do is scare our military leaders, and the rest of us will blindly follow as they sell us down the river.

However, they're sadly mistaken. The Ti'chrk will show us no mercy. The same lack of insight which condemned them to a failed war, has given us the tools we need to resist their efforts.

Yes, many people will die, potentially more than we lost in Chicago. But those losses are minor given the alternative. The Ti'chrk plan to exterminate us while raping our planet for its resources, leaving nothing but an empty shell of dirt and rocks.

Our war with the Ti'chrk won't be easy and we'll suffer significant losses, but we'll win as long as we remember the Wi'Tibold's admonition. We can't trust those in positions of power, because they think like the enemy. They believe that any cost is acceptable as long as they remain in control. There's only one way to survive, and eventually join the Wi'Tibold alliance. We need to rip our leaders out of office where they can hurt us, and open our society in ways which helps everyone.

I'm calling for you to toss President José Taylor out of office. While the Chinese made a bad decision by launching those nukes, they at least took a stand, something President Taylor seems incapable of. Because of him, our planet's only hope rests on a small group of individuals. Since we can't trust our governments, we can't offer them advice. Without open communication, the world's countries can't mount a defense. Maybe President Taylor doesn't mind commanding a nation of the dead, but the rest of us don't have to keep him in that position.

I'll continue reporting on our actions and telling you how to defend yourselves, but for now, we're unable to work with any existing government. Our own leaders are as bad, if not worse, than the Ti'chrk high command. We may not eat our own dead, but at least they realize what they're doing when they make stupid decisions.

"Damn it! Where are these jackasses getting this information, and how are they sending it across the globe? I thought the NSA could track and shut down this type of thing?"

President Taylor was livid. Not only were the aliens pissed at him over his inability to stop an isolated group of troublemakers, but now a damn reporter was demanding he be physically thrown out of office.

"Hasn't anyone found her? We only need a single cop with a gun and our troubles will be over. What the hell good is being the President of the United States if we can't stop a few amateurs?"

Walter Phelps, the President's Chief of staff, shrugged. "The reporter and her friends had practice foiling us twelve years ago. Apparently they've perfected their techniques in the intervening years. But aside from that, turning the people who've dedicated their lives to helping others into political assassins doesn't sit well with those executing your orders. I suspect many of your NSA agents are taking their lead from Edward Snowden. They seem to be not only letting these reports get out, many are actually passing them along."

"Then I want those people identified, taken out into the parking lot, and publicly shot. We're in a delicate situation. My inability to control my own people reflects poorly on us. Who the hell will negotiate with someone who can't keep his people in line? Why can't we just shut down the entire internet? The Chinese perfected the art of censorship. We need to copy their techniques."

"Uh, don't forget. We're the good guys. We have laws curtailing your ability to shred the Constitution."

"These aren't typical times. I'm fighting for the lives of millions here. If I can work out a way to placate these creatures, more Americans will survive."

"Not if what Romanus is publishing is true, and you've got to admit, everything she's said so far has been spot on. According to her, they'd as well feast on us as talk to us. They also seem to take delight in feasting on the children of their adversaries. If that's accurate, I'd suggest you hide your own kids in a deep hole somewhere. Once you've invalidated all of our laws and turn over these protestors, you usefulness to them is zilch."

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