Second Chances
Chapter 14

Copyright© 2012 by Allan Kindred

Christina, Alex, Mary, Casper and the girls Chrissy and Katie spend Christmas and New Year's in a cocoon of love and grace. As 1949 dawns and moves on hope perforates the air in a most tantalizing fashion.

At every turn Christina and Alex's powers grow, as does their love.

One thing Arthur and Faith omitted to tell them is that Alex would begin his transition into a powerful wizard. It turns out Arthur of the Round Table and Merlin is the same people.

For The Crew's New Year's getaway they spend it in their castle called Camelot in the mystical realm known as Eden.

"Faith," says Alex with a grin. "Is there something you and Arthur perhaps forgot to forewarn me about?"

Faith gets her own sheepish grin, which is quite comical on a unicorn, "Mmm, maybe." and then she whinnies out loud and gallops off with the girls on her back who are squealing in delight.

It was quite the shock to everybody when Alex became annoyed with the radio and once his patience limit was reached he reached for it to throttle it and it blew apart.

As humans are individuals so are magickind. Everybody has his or her own strengths, weaknesses and traits, so it is with magical powers.

Whether you are from the shadow or the light your powers come from the innate connection to creation that we all have on a fundamental level. Creation flows through us and when you embrace nature you are tuned into the essence that is the universe.

What people call magic is just the ability to focus properties that the universe already possesses. With knowledge and in some circumstances objects such as wands, amulets, enchanted swords and shields the limits to the forces that can be channeled are only limited by ones willingness to believe.

Creation is made up of positive and negative aspects with a vast neutral-ness of being surrounding everything. People of light are like the positive. People of malice are like the negativity and passive people are like the vast nothingness.

Whether you call it light or dark matter, an aura, or the soul, you better believe that it is real and the only thing more dangerous than people who know how to focus it is people who are willing to let others live their lives; in other words, sheep.

Whether you willingly give of yourself or you are just too damn stupid to see that you are being used for other people's goals, for better or for worse, it is the essence of energy that both sides accumulate to survive and thrive.

When you live in a strong society, even a society of magic, it is easy to become complacent as you see so much beauty around you, you think that everybody can see that beauty. The problem with that fairytale dream is shadow is beauty to many.

And so it goes as February of 1949 comes about and The Crew are relaxing at home back in the realm of the living. Love and joy are prevalent and knowledge is a gift to be respected and admired.

"You know what, babygirl?"

"What, Alex."

"I love you so much and I cannot even begin to tell you how much your wonder and grace has enriched my life in every possible way."

Christina's eyes go moist as she leans her head on Alex's shoulder as they cuddle on the couch. "Of everything, I know it to be you that is my destiny."

Alex repositions himself so he can kiss his lovely wife. As the girls are looking on with beautiful hearts there is a knock at the door.

Alex gets up with his 45 at the ready. Even magickind can be put down with a bullet. "Officer Maloney!" Says Alex in surprise.

"Hello! May I come in?"

"Of course, I'm sorry, come in, come in."

"Hi, Allan."

"Hello, Christina."

"So, officer Allan Maloney, what brings you out this chilly winter night?"

The officer is trying to get his thoughts straight before he continues. "Have you been listening to the news?"

"No." Says Christina. "Something happened to our radio." Looking at Alex.

"No, why? What's up?"

"A huge black tar pit opened up in the middle of Central Park yesterday. We have been getting weird reports of strange creatures crawling up out of it.

"Several officers and civilians have been killed and now there appears to be some kind of shield surrounding much of the interior of the park. We can no longer get there."

Alex and Christina look at each other. Arthur had said that The Baron was coming. Their best guess is he has arrived. "Is there anything else you can tell us?"

"I don't know how to put it and I don't know how to explain some of the things I've seen you gracious folks do, but the only way I can think of describing the atmosphere is it is like malice is emanating from the very ground. I just couldn't think of anybody else to turn to."

"Officer Maloney. Allan. We need you to start evacuating everybody out of the area for miles. I'm not sure how to put this, but what is coming cannot be stopped by governments and hopeful wishes.

"Darkness is upon us and you were right to come to us for we are guardians of the light. Do your best to set up a military perimeter for there will be many human criminals there as well. Plus, dark beings you cannot even begin to comprehend.

"We will gather are forces as quickly as we can. It appears this time the enemy has chosen the battlefield. Officer Maloney, if you have a family get them out now."

The officer's eyes go big. He knew this was like nothing he has ever seen, but reality has come crashing down for him.

Christina hugs him sincerely and says, "It'll be okay. We'll be there in a couple of days."

The officer feels stupid because he can't think of anything to say so he just says, "Thank you."

As soon as the officer leaves the mansion Alex and Christina turn to Casper and Mary. "Gather all the ghosts who wish to stand with us." Says Christina.

Alex turns to her and says, "You get in touch with your sister covens and vortex them here right away."

"What about you?"

"I'm going to see Faith and she can rally other magical creatures and the angels. The battle of our time has been set in motion. It is upon us and we will not falter."

The White Sorceress smiles prettily at the Lion. She kisses him passionately.

"What about us?" Ask the girls.

"You will stand with your kind. I once told you your time would come. Well, my darling girls, the time has come." Says Alex.

"There is something I don't understand!"

"What's that, Mary?" Asks Christina.

"The Baron needs the Book of Undaunted Darkness if he has any hopes of prevailing so why is he making his move before he has it?"

Everybody thinks on that one carefully.

"Perhaps this is his move to get it." Says Casper.

Not liking the sound of that Alex turns to the living room and snaps his fingers and a swirling sparkling vortex opens up to Eden. "Take care and beware. I will be right back."

Alex runs into the vortex. Christina calls all the white wizard and witches to their banner. Casper and Mary begin to gather their brethren. The little girls Chrissy and Katie look on in wide-eyed expectation.

By the time Alex makes it back from Eden there are hundreds of ghosts present and at least that many wizards and witches.

As Alex comes walking through the vortex he holds it open as Christina did for him as she pulled him out of the realm of shadow and reflection. But this time he is not holding it open for shades.

At first Faith, the Unicorn of Fate, comes walking through with a cadence of glory. Then comes another unicorn and then another. The parade of wonder does not stop there.

Next comes a herd of centaurs walking through; their fierce physiques are accentuated by their powerful bows and mighty swords and battleaxes.

By the time Alex lets the vortex close there are pegasus, unicorns, centaurs, even Chrissy and Katie's friends the fairies have come.

By the time the forces of light have finished gathering there are some six hundred beings ready to defend the right of gentle and kind people to live in the light.

The last to arrive and coming like the cavalry in the nick of time the angels come led by the archangels Gabriel and Michael.

"So, now what?" Asks Christina to Alex.

"Now we sacrifice for the great honor that has been bestowed upon us."

"It be a fore gone conclusion that The Baron will be wanting the Book of Undaunted Darkness." Says Mary in her sweet Irish lilt.

"It has to be. Maybe we should hide it in Eden while we battle the forces of darkness." Says Christina.

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