Second Chances
Chapter 11

Copyright© 2012 by Allan Kindred

Two little adorable ghostly girls pulled down into a world of wonder.

Chrissy is a blond-haired, blue-eyed, nine-year-old sweetie who died in the 1800's in America. Katie is a brown-haired, brown-eyed, seven-year-old darling who died in the early 1900's in America.

They are two amazing American girls who are always glowing so prettily to those who can see them. Their time of substantiality may have passed, but that does not mean their hearts, souls and minds are any less little girl.

With smiles that can melt your heart, giggles that can lift any shadow and curiosity and wonder that any scientist or explorer would be envious to possess they wander a land where history has been made and saved many times.

"I'm bored." Says Chrissy sighing.

"Me, too!" Nods Katie.

"Come on, Katie."

"You girls don't go too far!"

"Yes, Mary." Say the girls contritely, but not dissuaded from their desire to seek out that which all little girls love. Fun.

As the girls are weaving their way through the tent city of the workers of the archaeological dig they giggle in expectation of wonder and grace. Nearby workers hear their giggles on the wind and look around superstitiously.

In a land of history the one thing you can count on is that history being reluctant to fade into oblivion. The only things outnumbering the workers of the dig site are ghosts of characters past.

"Katie, look, another little girl ghost. Let's follow her."

"Wow! Chrissy, didn't it look like that little girl just disappeared into that burning bush?"

"Yeah, come on!"

Chrissy and Katie look around from the boulder they are hiding behind. They have no fear of being seen from the corporeal, but ghosts and gods are everywhere in the rocky plateaus of Greece.

Together Chrissy and Katie hold out their hands to the burning bush to see if it is producing any heat, of any form. One second they are standing there grinning at each other and the next they are being pulled down into another reality.

With a flash of fire and echoing screams they soon find themselves twisting and turning this way and that as they are on a slide of magical ice. At first their beautiful little hearts are startled, but soon their little girl wonder wins through and they are all excited.

"This is fun!" Screams Katie. As they twist, turn, slide up and slide under and spin around.

The ice glittering like the Northern skies. From it comes no cold, only mesmerizing beauty of kaleidoscope prize. There is no pretending here as only truth could even begin to guess the beginning.

As in most things it is not the beginning that is the worry, but the ending. One second they are on the slide ride of their ghostly lives, the next it ends and they are deposited into empty sky.

They scream as they fall until they remember whom they are. Both Mary and Christina have been teaching them to take control of their auras so they slow their decent until they are almost floating down on wings of angels.

Soon light comes into view and they see a beautiful blue pool of water surrounded by white marble in a circle of grandeur. Concentric circles of stairs lead out of the pool and on those stairs are beings of supreme mystery.

Chrissy and Katie get excited and lose their concentration so they fall into the pool. Surprisingly they hit with a splash and the beings curiously look their way. Though there is no fear for these are not the first non-corporeals to enter here.

One would think that falling into a pool would cause one to get wet, but when Chrissy and Katie make their way out of the water and onto the steps their white nightgown and dress are as alive as ever.

Always an interesting turn of events as the clothing of the dead always seems alive, maybe as a gift. They get out of the pool and all eyes fall upon them so since they can be seen that means magic is in the air.

"Um, hi! Sorry about dropping in unannounced." Chrissy says.

"That's okay! All who come in peace are welcome in this place."

"Excuse me," says Katie. "But aren't you folks mermaids?"

"Aye, that we are young miss. Welcome to our home."

"Thank you so very much for you kindness, but if I may ask one more thing of you, just exactly where are we?" Wonders Chrissy.

"You are in Atlantis, of course. Have you never been?"

Chrissy and Katie shake their pretty heads, but the smiles they have on would make Aphrodite proud. No fear, no tears, just wonder in their precious hearts, as they know they are amongst magical kind that swim in the light. So to speak.

"Well, well, well," says a little mermaid with pink hair and human legs as she is completely out of the water. "Then you are about to have an adventure like no other. I am Helen, who might you be?"

"I'm Chrissy."

"I'm Katie. It is truly a pleasure to meet you all."

"Do you get a lot of ghosts down here?" Inquires Chrissy.

"Some for sure, but the wonder of this place is open to all who have the wherewithal to look beyond what we know."

"We are most glad to be here, of that there is no doubt, but if I could inquire as to how we return home to our friends when it is time to go?"

"We must journey across the city to the father of this place and he will help you reach Heaven."

"We do not wish to reach Heaven for now. We are apart of a group of the living and dead who help free lost souls and defend against darkness untold. After we are done visiting you most gracious folks it is to them that we wish to return home."

"I'm sure that will not be a problem for you see the father of this place is Poseidon, the god of the sea."

"Wonderful!" Says Katie and Chrissy agrees.

"Come, we will begin your adventure that starts in the heart."

Now that Chrissy and Katie are looking around they see that many hallways lead away from the circular room of white marble grandeur. If not for their lovely and gracious guest they are sure they would wander for a day past forever.

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