Second Chances
Chapter 5

Copyright© 2012 by Allan Kindred

Wind swept grass blowing across the shimmering meadow. Ethereal music emanating from the many caves that ring the mystical meadow, better known as Eden. Since humanity has long since lost its ability to find the gateways into Eden it has been relegated to home and storage to many of the blessed objects that have guided Creation along its destined path.

They do not lie dormant and they do not lie unprotected. To enter Eden once you have found a gateway you must be given permission by The Unicorn of Fate known as Faith. You must show your worth or she will turn you away.

In the days of old knights would journey to Eden to prove themselves worthy to carry the banner of Creation. Sometimes it was a physical feat like no other, other times it was a simple thought. Long have the glittering rainbows not had human eyes gazing upon them with wonder and delight. The River of Creation that meanders its way through sparkles silver like the celestial events it feeds.

Whether it was the Holy Grail, the Diamond Blue, the Golden Fleece, or some other mystical object the destination was always the same. No matter what task a god sent a warrior on the long and lonely road always lead to the same place. Even all of Hades was just another gateway. Yes Eden, the transitional plain between Life and Heaven. Yes Eden, the focal point for prayers and meditation. Yes Eden, long bereft of admiration from the very thing that was begun there, life.

That is until now. Alex and Christina are standing hand in hand on top of a hill that overlooks the magical meadow. Shimmering lights guided them on their way from a place deep within their hearts and minds.

As they stand there gazing at this place of wonder Faith, the Unicorn of Fate, runs towards them with a grace like no other. Her mane streaming out behind her like the eternal flame of life and love.

As the majestic white opalescent unicorn approaches she bows in honor to the first two humans that have found their way to Eden in near half a millennia. "Welcome. My name is Faith and I have a question for you."

"Hello Faith, my name is Christina and I am honored." Her eyes so filled with wonder.

"I am Alexander and you may ask your question."

"Is that your sword there, sir knight?" Faith says turning her head towards a sword lying on the green grass nearby.

Alex looks at it as it glows blue and he says, "I'm sorry, but no it is not."

"Are you sure?" Asks the Unicorn of Fate named Faith by God himself.

Alex looks closer at the sword and as he walks up to it he bends over to pick it up. As soon as he touches it there is a bright blue flash and he is awakened from the magical dream he was having. He sets up still filled with the grandeur of what was bestowed upon him.

He turns to his left and shakes Christina awake. Christina had made many journeys to every library she could get access to and as the weeks went by her and Alex grew closer and closer. One night after a particularly long discussion session Christina just decided to stay over for the night and she hasn't left the three days since. "Yeah." She says sleepily.

"I had another dream. This time we were actually in Eden and we met a unicorn known as the Unicorn of Fate and her name was Faith. She directed me towards a sword of blue light and when I touched it I was back here with you."

Christina sets up and says, "In almost every book I have studied they say that the worthy will be shown the way." Just then the footlocker at the end of the bed starts rattling and glowing blue. "Oh my God, what is that?"

"I don't know." Says Alex as he reaches over and grabs his 45 automatic.

Together Christina and Alex get out of bed and make their way to the footlocker. The closer they get the more racket it makes in its desire to share its secret. "What do you think?" Asks Christina wearing one of Alex's powder blue shirts as a nightshirt.

"I don't know! Open it up and see what happens." Says Alex raising the gun at the ready with only his brown pajama bottoms on.

Christina gives Alex a dirty look because she always gets volunteered to investigate the unknown. She slowly and with great trepidation opens it up. It creaks eerily. She look down into the footlocker and says, "Oh, it is a sword glowing blue!"

Alex's eyebrows shoot up as he lowers the handgun and steps forward. He sets the gun on the bed and then just before he reaches for the sword he takes Christina's hand in his own. As he lays his eager hand upon it there is another bright blue flash. It takes a moment of blinking to get the spots to go away. When they finally do they are standing in the middle of the meadow known as Eden.


Both Alex and Christina jump at the sudden intrusion. They turn around and are greeted with a visage of wonder and grace. Alex bows like a knight of old and Christina curtsies. "Faith, I presume."

The love and wonder emanating from the eternal unicorn fills them with hope and belief. "Yes."

"Do you know why we have come?"

"Of course. If I did not know your intent you would have never been shown the way."

"Thank you." Says Christina marveling at a place she always hoped was real, but until now it was only to be found in books, dreams and stories of glory.

"You are most welcome Christina of Connecticut. Your wisdom is widely known amongst us librarians and guardians. Upon the completion of your journey here you must journey to Greece to the Great Library of Creation where the sister book of the Book of the Spiritual Nexus, the Book of Undaunted Darkness, lies."

Then Faith turns to Alex and continues. "There you must retrieve the Shield of Infinity, sir knight. With it you will be able to defend against demons until an angel can get there to stand with you."

"That's not going to be easy."

"All things of value are not easy."

Alex smiles. "Yes, but the world is just coming out of another World War. Travel may be filled with turmoil and danger as all sides look to solidify their lines."

"That is of no matter. To Greece and the Great Library of Creation you must go."

"Okay." Says Alex.

"Might I ask a question, great queen?"

"Of course, Christina."

"The Book of Undaunted Darkness?"

"As the Book of the Spiritual Nexus is the essence of matter, the Book of Undaunted Darkness is the essence of anti-matter. Only together is the balance of creation fulfilled."

"If we need the Blue Diamond to read the Book of the Spiritual Nexus, is there a instrument we will need to read the Book of Undaunted Darkness?" Asks Christina wisely.

Though it is hard for a unicorn to smile both Christina and Alex can feel it within their beings when Faith is pleased. "Yes."

"And." Pushes Christina excited to be on this grand adventure. Christina Kelly with her long brown hair and beautiful brown eyes, with her petite body and wise mind, is naturally pretty, but at the moment she has an angelic glow on her face and Alex falls even further in love with her.

"If I were to do everything for you, you would become a weakened species and you would never discover the Grand Plan that is laid out for us all."

"Oh." She says a little deflated.

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