For Life
Chapter 5

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Although Danielle wanted to write off those few moments in the office with Wolfgang as never having happened, hours later, she was still upset about it. She discovered she'd actually avoided any and all eye-contact with him throughout the rest of the day, and for once she was actually grateful that it was so damned busy!

It made time fly by, too.

"Well!" Her father said jovially, and grinned tired but happily as he dropped the last work order down on the counter. "That's the last one for the day."

Danielle had just finished helping a young strawberry blonde mother of a three-year-old with some candy before she pushed the cash register drawer closed, and waved after the two as they exited the shop.

Her father was wiping his brow with the back of his hand as he gave his usual, "Come again, soon!" just when Davey walked in wearing a crisp bright blue Golf shirt and jeans. The moment he saw his father smile at him, he rushed up to him and he was caught up in his father's arms with an, "Oof! You're gettin' big, David!"

"Can I have a Snickers?" Davey asked with a bright and energetic smile, his cherubic face blushing from the summer heat under his black wavy hair.

"Didn't you just hear Daddy?" Danielle said, teasingly. "You're getting big." Then she laughed when Davey pouted with a frown, but she made it all better as she took a Snickers bar and tossed it over the counter. He caught it with a big smile.

"So, are you sure you won't come with us to Nana Deborah's house, Danielle? She's making her special seasoned grilled chicken, the one you like so much," her father said.

Danielle smiled but shook her head. "No, I'm just going to have a..." she paused when she caught sight of the tall blond entering the shop and her big eyes swept to him as he stepped to the side of the counter with lashes down, and laid a work order on the counter for her to ring up before he turned to pour himself a paper cup of coffee.

"Yes?" her father pressed.

"Oh, uh, I just want a quiet evening. I need a quiet evening," she emphasized. "It's been real hectic and I can use a little time to myself." She nodded as she cleared her throat when Wolfgang turned and leaned back against the coffee counter, bringing his cup up to his lips as he sipped while casually looking at her.

Pfft! Casual her arse! He was doing that staring again!

"Aren't you going out with Rob-beee... ?" Davey teased, and then he giggled when he got his sister to blush.

"Stop teasing your sister, David," their father reprimanded.

Danielle smiled uncomfortably and looked down and away feeling blue eyes on her, and she wondered, again, just how much of the conversation between Rob and her had he overheard earlier that day.

Thankfully, her father had turned his attention to his mechanic. "Is Miss Johnson's Bug done, Wolfgang?"

"Yes. Just need to clean it, but it's done," he said raising his head to look at Danielle.

"Good!" Dan Davenport said with a nod just when Davey wiggled. He put his son down and gave him a playful pat on his behind. "Don't you leave the property, David. It's the busiest time of the day for traffic.

"I'm gonna stay right here with Dani!" Davey promised.

Dan smiled, proudly. "That's good." Then he looked at his daughter. "I'll be in the office. I'm going to call Miss Johnson that her car is ready and them I'm calling your grandmother to let her know you're not feeling well. Is that, okay?"

Danielle smiled gratefully and nodded. "Thanks, Daddy."

He smiled as he passed Wolfgang and went into the office.

Wolfgang's gaze followed Dan into the office until he closed the door, and then he returned his full and undivided attention to the anxious beauty behind the counter. His gaze remained on her slightly flushed profile, knowing she knew he was staring at her and knowing he was making her nervous. And that was exactly how he wanted to make her feel. It was about time, too.

He watched as she swept her lashes up to steal a peek his way, but when she saw him staring, she gave him a fleeting smile before she quickly looked away. It was clear to him his attentions were no longer leaving her indifferent.

And behind his cup, he slowly smiled.

Davey's arrival took all of Danielle's attention—and she couldn't be more grateful. Her little brother walked up to the counter and folded little arms on it as he chewed on a bite of his Snicker's bar, holding the half-wrapped sugary treat in one hand as he looked at her with big hazel-green eyes.

"I know that look," Danielle said with playfully narrowed eyes and a smile. "What do you want from me, now?"

"Wanna practice a little soccer with me, Dani?" he asked with big hopeful eyes, and took another bite of his treat, making his cheek bulge.

"I can't, Davey. I've got work to do." She swept up palms and shrugged.

"How 'bout you come with us to Nana Deborah's house tonight and we can practice there?" he asked. "I got a game tomorrow, 'member?"

"I know, but—"

"—and we always practice before a game," Davey cut in.

Danielle opened her mouth to answer just when the bell to the pumps rang and she turned to get out from behind the counter. "I know, but you were pretty darn good at the last game so I don't see why you need to practice every night—" She stopped abruptly and with big eyes, and stared at Wolfgang who was still there and still standing right there where she had to pass.

In other words, he was in her way again.

She quickly gave him a fleeting smile as he quietly sipped his coffee, head bent while leaning back against the coffee counter as relaxed as can be. She, on the other hand, was close to being a nervous wreck. She even had trouble breathing normally. So, unable to keep her gaze on him, she lowered lashes and stepped to him only to make a quick left turn before she slipped out from behind the counter.

She was careful to ensure not a single part of her body came in contact with a single part of his, and once she'd successfully done that—no thanks to him—she hurried over to door as Davey immediately turned and quickly followed.

Outside air never felt so satisfying and she drew in lungfuls of it. She felt a little dizzy and she realized she'd been holding her breath. He was beginning to affect her in very disturbing ways, but she really didn't want to ponder them so she shook them from her mind.

"Why can't you go to Nana Deborah's house tonight?" Davey whined, following his sister as she made her way to the pumps where a hot pink Karmann Ghia stood waiting. It was packed with four gorgeous blondes listening to some romantic ballads blasting from their stereo system. He frowned as he looked at them.

"Because I need some alone time," Danielle answered.

She'd also noticed the blondes in the hot pink Karmann Ghia, and her lips suddenly tightened when she recognized the one blonde girl behind the steering wheel. She was chewing gum while twirling a platinum blonde curl around a finger with a hot pink tip. Morgan Reissmuller. Her adversary all throughout high school.

"Hey Danielle," she greeted, haughtily.

"Hey Morgan," Danielle returned as Davey stood by the pump with a disgruntled face. "What'll it be?"

Morgan straightened behind the wheel as she let her brown eyes roam around, looking for someone. "Where's the new guy?"

Danielle arched an eyebrow.

"Why won't you let that German hunk come out and do the gasoline service?" another blonde asked. Danielle knew her from High School, too, and she looked at her as the blonde tugged up her sagging hot pink tube top.

"Too strenuous for Klaus," Danielle said, smiling cutesy.

"Not Klaus! Eeuw! The other German. The hunk."

"Terri," Danielle sighed, "our other mechanic is not German. He's American."

"Well, he looks like a Greek god," another said, darn near swooning, too.

"He's so hot a gal can't help but melt for him the moment he looks at her. Right, Danielle?" Morgan purred.

Danielle looked incredulously at her. "What's that supposed to mean?"

"Oh come on! Don't tell me you haven't noticed?" Morgan said, chewing her gum while smiling knowingly. "I'd notice. And I'd do a helluva lot more than just notice if he were working for my daddy."

"Who are they talking about, Dani?" Davey asked.

"Nobody." Danielle looked over her shoulder at her little brother. "Go back to the shop, Davey. I'll be right there," she added.

Of course he didn't listen. "They're talkin' 'bout Wolfgang, huh?" He smiled proudly for guessing right.

"Davey? Didn't Daddy say you had to stay close to the shop?" Danielle said, wishing he'd just go back inside.

"No," he answered. "Daddy said I couldn't leave the property and I ain't."

"Am not." Danielle corrected with a stern look.

"So, little Davey," Morgan smiled from behind her fashionable shades. "Does Wolfgang have a girlfriend?"

"Morgan, don't ask him things like that! Why don't you just tell me what grade of gasoline you want, hm?" Danielle arched a brow. "That is why you're here, right?"

"I think he likes Dani," Davey said, volunteering information that made his sister go stiff before she snapped around and glared at him. "Well, he does! He's always staring at you—"

"—He stares at everybody so stop with the l—fibs! You know I'm with Rob and he knows it, too." She looked crossly at her little brother as the "pink ladies" all stopped chewing their bubble gum and pulled down their shades to look at Danielle's flushed face with interest.

Another car pulled up on the other side of the island, and then another behind it, and Danielle looked positively distraught as she watched the station fill up with cars. Then she quickly looked at Morgan.

"As you can see, I'm busy, so what was the grade again?" she hurried to ask. Then another car pulled up behind Morgan's Karmann Ghia and Danielle nearly groaned out loud in despair. "What is it with everybody?? Isn't there any other gas station in Queens?"

"Need help?" a deep voice asked, and all four blondes in the Karmann Ghia immediately turned heads to see the one they'd driven across town to see.

"Hi Wolfgang!" they bleated in unison like the sheep they were.

He smiled as he looked briefly at them before he looked back at Danielle.

Her face was redder than boiled lobster now he'd come out to help with the overflow.

"Yes," she said with big eyes in a flushed face before she looked away.

Davey giggled. "They all came to see you, Wolfgang—"

"—Davey!" Danielle cried.

"But I already told them you like—"

"—Okie-dokie! That's enough. Off you go!" Danielle cut in, pushing Davey back toward the shop feeling Wolfgang's gaze as she quickly pushed—shoved was more like it—her little brother forward.

"Dani!" Davey protested LOUDLY.

Danielle took Davey's arm and made him turn to face her. She bent down to look into his eyes. "If you leave now and wait for me in the snack shop I promise to practice a half hour with you in the park across the street, okay?"

He looked up at her with happy hazel-green eyes. "Promise?"



"After we get these people out of here," Danielle said and Davey whooped—much like Rob did earlier, she thought with a smile—before he jumped in the air.

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