Lost Empire
Chapter 53

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0001 - Tempro
0003 - Conner
0097 - Ace - Zimmel
0098 - Lucy
0101 - Shelby (mother ship) - Derrick
0125 - Lars
0200 - Ellen
0301 - Rodrick
0403 - Johnathon
0667 - Marco - Brown
0778 - Jan
0798 - Celeste - Shelby (human)
0908 - Tara - Mara
0999 - Zan
1000 - Sherry - Lucie (for the moment)

Derrick was floating, ‘where in the hell am I,’ he thought. Last thing he remembered he was in the damnable bio-bed. Trying to move his arms and legs provided him with a moment of panic as neither would move! ‘Ah crap,’ he thought, ‘what had happened now?’

Mita Shiloh was a little worried about the readings that she understood. Apparently Derrick wasn’t in that good of shape. His whole nervous system was reacting violently to whatever he’d been exposed to. “Can this med station drain excess energy from the body?” She asked of Tempro. “According to what I am seeing his entire system is going into shut down.”

A shocked Tempro appeared seeing that what she had stated was in fact true. “I am initiating energy drain procedure now. Thank you Mrs. Shiloh,” Tempro said hanging his head. “I’m afraid that had you not discovered this he might have ceased. Are you a Doctor of biological entities?”

Mita shook her head no as she watched the critical readings start to decrease. “No, Tempro is it?” When Tempro nodded she continued. “I was new to nursing when I met Gunter. I had volunteered when the Republic wars started. I had treated a great many when a Doctor I was working with suggested I should further my knowledge. I started studying for the next four years.”

“So you posses half the knowledge then,” Tempro asked.

“Perhaps, though I haven’t seen machines that can take as detailed readings as these.” Something gained her attention that she studied a few moments. Looking up with a questioning look she pointed to the readings. “Tempro, according to these readings his body processes are at thirty five to forty percent. Have you seen this before?”

“Yes Mrs. Shiloh I have. They are almost the same as the Empress’s are. I have seen his fluctuate many times though I’ve have never had a chance to scan him this long.” An almost shocked Tempro told her.

“So, for all intents and purposes he is an engineered human as she is.” Mita stated.

“It appears so, though his readings are in flux as I said. It is almost as if he is a normal human that was enhanced. Though it has only been the last year that those enhancements have seemed to start to take effect.” Tempro told Mita.

Quiet a moment Mita was in deep thought then nodded, “What changed in the last year besides he became emperor?”

“He built a brain enhancer that I was told could have killed him. It may be possible that the stimulus to several areas of his brain may have activated the enhancements permanently.” A perplexed Tempro replied.

Looking over the readings Mita was nodding her head looking over everything that she could understand. “It appears that you are correct though as to exactly what enhancements remains to be seen.” With a sigh Mita nodded to Tempro. It appears the extra energy is almost gone, though I am afraid that there might be residual energy left. We have to make sure we get it all.”

Tempro also nodded then dropped his voice. “Mrs. Shiloh, I have been going over all the readings from Shelly.” Tempro said hesitating.

Mita turned toward Tempro seeing the hesitation, started to fear what Tempro was going to say. “Have you found a possible way to help her?”

Tempro dropped his head, “No, not yet, though I think I have discovered what is happening to her. After we discovered what we did about the emp ... the commander. I think I have a better idea, also a possible way to help her. I am afraid though I am going to have to wait for him to wake up.”

Sighing Mita nodded, “I just hope that we can use him to help her I...”

“You know it’s kind of rude to talk about someone when they are in the same room,” came a raspy male voice behind them.

“Sir!” Tempro said as he started to adjust the machines.

“So I am an enhanced human? Damn! So Shelby really is a perfect match for me.” A steadily growing stronger Derrick said.

“Yes sir, it would appear so. Though at the moment I can’t actually tell you how long you have been like this.” Tempro replied.

“Obviously it’s been a long time. At least since I was a child, I have no memory of a procedure like that as an adult.” Derrick told both there.

“Yes sir, though I am detecting that you have at least three sets of nanomites within you. The oldest set seems to have over ridden the other two sets. Both the other two sets seem to be continuing to maintain the enhancements.” Tempro informed Derrick.

With a sigh Derrick nodded, “It appears that my family owes me an explanation when we get back. I want to get back to our time as soon as we can.”

Again Tempro shook his head, “I’m afraid we can’t right now.” When Derrick gave Tempro a questioning look Mita jumped in.

“It’s Shelly isn’t it?” A now even more worried Mita said.

Tempro and Derrick turned toward Mita as her tears started. “I’m afraid so Mrs. Shiloh. We have to solve this before we can travel forward. From all I have seen this would start her on another episode like before. I am afraid that even the Second lieutenant wouldn’t be able to bring her out of it.”

“So you think there is a way to help delay what is happening to her?” Derrick asked.

“I believe so sire, though I am afraid that it’s going to take a bit of time. I going to need to scan you more ... sir” Tempro told them both.

“Alright let’s get started the sooner the better,” Derrick replied. __________________________________________________________

Shelby was pacing as she was watching Rayburn and Kimison go through a mountain of information. Suddenly Kimison started to shout as both Rayburn and Shelby ran to see. “YES! I’m picking up energy readings that can only be Tempro.”

Rayburn was staring at the events that were unfolding then noticed the slight trans-warp energy. “By god! He really could do it! Question is why haven’t they come back. They were the last ones.”

“Run a scan to see if you are detecting any damage from Tempro. They might not be able to return just yet.” Shelby told both of them.

Nodding, their hands were suddenly flying over the consoles. Watching she saw that they were being as through as they could. Though she’d only learned the time theory a day ago she was quickly catching on to what they were searching for.

“According to this it was almost four or so years ago. It appears that the last of the disjointed time events are finally where they should be. It appears that they fixed everything,” looking at Rayburn he saw that the man was frowning. “Are you detecting anything?”

Nodding Rayburn had a grimace on his face, “I am detecting energy from a damaged ship. The only problem is it was from Shelby!”

Shelby’s hands were suddenly to her mouth as a worried look came over her face. “I hope she’s alright, we can’t afford to lose her, not now!” Then they thought they heard her whispering, “Please be alright my sister.”

Lucie Hartwell was confounded; she and the empress had gone over so many things to no avail. Sighing she shook her head she wasn’t about to go to her brother, he’d probably spank her again. Though she loved and had missed him dearly she didn’t think she could risk the humiliation again.

Sitting or rather hiding in her room she was at the end of her rope with what to do. Sighing she arose to go to her brother. The empress was far too busy to help her right now. She’d just reached the door when her head snapped to the side as she concentrated.

“Hello? I can hear you, can you me?” A slow look of worry started to dominate her features as she tried to concentrate harder. Not noticing she had walked out the door starting down the corridor. “I can hear you please tell me you can hear me!” It was at that moment that Joseph Hartwell came around the corner spying his sister wandering aimlessly. Then he noticed the distant look on her face and the tears.

“Lucie? Are you alright?” Johnathon asked then was shocked when she walked right past him! Reaching out he grabbed Lucie’s shoulders spinning her around. “Lucie talk to me!”

He could hear her mumbling but still wasn’t able to get through. “Oh please,” Lucie was saying a flood of tears falling from her eyes. Suddenly she turned her head again, “Yes! I hear you! I’ll try to get you as soon as possible!” With that she broke from her brother at a run for the control room, Johnathon right behind her.

“Get all information that you can,” Lucie heard the Empress say.

“EMPRESS!” Lucie was shouting as she ran into the room. “I need Sherry again! I heard another one! He is so weak though I am afraid I might not make it in time.”

“Go now!” Shelby immediately shouted watching as Lucie vanished to Sherry.

A startled Johnathon could only stare at the spot where his sister had been standing. No matter how many times he saw it, he wasn’t sure he’d ever get used to someone using the IMT.

Someone cleared their throat breaking Johnathon out of his thoughts. “You aren’t allowed to be here Admiral.” Shelby told him with a slight frown, and then her features softened when she saw the look of concern on his face. “I know you’re concerned Admiral, she’ll be fine believe me. The bond she started with Sherry will ensure Sherry keeps her safe.”

Sighing Johnathon nodded still staring at the spot. “I’m sorry Empress; I have so little to do since I was removed from command. I feel as if I’ll go crazy.”

Shelby thought a moment then called Celeste. “Yes Empress?”

“Have you detected any of the two people I gave you the parameters for?” Shelby asked of Celeste.

“No Empress,” Celeste said her head dropping. “I have nothing to report. I am sorry that I have failed you Empress, I will...”

Shelby cut Celeste off by raising her hand, “I am not surprised Celeste. These men are experts at hiding as they have been doing it for quite some time. I suggest that you work with Admiral Hartwell here though I am only allowing him access to the sensors. Nothing else Admiral I’d hate for Derrick to find you in a holding cell when he returned.”

Hartwell’s eyes lit up, “Yes Empress thank you! At least now I won’t die of boredom!” An excited Hartwell said.

Shelby’s eyes narrowed as she stared at Hartwell. “I mean it Admiral; I will not hesitate to throw you in a cell. I also suggest you don’t push me on this either. Derrick already informed me of how sneaky you can be.” Shelby stared harder at Hartwell as he now had an innocent look on his face. Yeah she thought she’d better keep a good eye on him.

Greeson was sitting on the mats deep in meditation. He’d not seen Dempsy for a few days now, Greeson was almost afraid that the man was through with him. So intent was Greeson that he almost missed when Dempsy entered the room.

Laying back completely on the mat Greeson felt the swift blow barely miss him. Springing up Greeson smiled at Dempsy. “It is good to see you again master.”

“You were careless! I should have killed you! If I catch you that detached again I will kill you on the spot. Always be aware of where you are and what is around you. Now start!” Dempsy said with a scowl on his face.

Glancing toward the door Dempsy was hoping the favor he’d finally got to ask the Empress for would happen. Hardly paying attention Dempsy felt Greeson get almost all the way through his defenses. Damn it! This was distracting him to the point Greeson might even get through his defenses.

Sighing Dempsy knew that without the extra element Greeson would never get faster or better. True the man was very good now; Dempsy felt that he was finally ready to learn the techniques of the master, well at least start to.

A movement by the door had Dempsy nodding, finally! Even as he watched Mara Collie walked into the training area. Stopping a moment Dempsy nodded to her then turned back to Greeson who was smiling like a fool.

“I guess I’m going to kill you today now that you appear to be a complete fool!” Dempsy said as he swiftly attacked Greeson. Greeson snapped out of his euphoria countering all of Dempsy’s attacks. Suddenly he felt rather than saw that Dempsy had increased his speed even more, though the shocking thing was he was actually keeping up with him!

Dempsy was nodding it was about time they trained at a respectable speed! Greeson was starting to sweat he’d never gone this fast before, though it was almost as if he could feel where the blows were going to be long before they actually got there. Then to his dismay Dempsy increased more to the point Greeson couldn’t follow the blows with his eyes. Suddenly Greeson was flying through the air towards the wall at an accelerated speed.

Bouncing off the wall Greeson saw to his horror that he was heading straight for Mara! Shifting his weight he was suddenly tumbling on the mat away from Mara! Dempsy was trying to hide his smile; Greeson had finally learned to shift his weight though if he could keep doing it remained to be seen.

Greeson rolled to a stop then sprang up beside Mara, “Are you alright? I was afraid I would collide with you! God I’m so sorry Mara.”

Mara was in shock, what in the world was he talking about? They were moving so fast she hadn’t been able to see their hands at all! Her voice shaking she told him, “I’m fi ... fine David.” Leaning close she whispered, “I couldn’t see either of your nor his hands when you were training my god you two are so fast!”

Greeson’s eyes went wide they were moving fast? It seemed regular speed to him! Greeson felt a presence behind him, “as you can see she is fine. Get your ass back to the center maggot! We have much more to accomplish.”

As Greeson moved back to the center of the mat Dempsy bowed to Mara, “Again thank you young lady. He has made an important breakthrough with you here. I just hope he can continue it.” Bowing again Dempsy went back to Greeson starting just as fast as he had been before.

Mara sat back trembling a bit as she watched them continue though she couldn’t tell what they were doing. Thinking a moment she thought she needed to see the Empress soon. She and David had made a promise to each other if they survived. A wide smile dominated her features as she thought she was going to collect on that promise whether or not he remembered.

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