Lost Empire
Chapter 33

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0001 - Tempro
0003 - Conner
0097 - Ace
0101 - Shelby (mother ship)
0125 - Lars
0200 - Ellen
0301 - Rodrick
0403 - Johnathon
0667 - Marco
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0908 - Tara
0999 - Zan
1000 - Sherry
To grow

Derrick’s eyes were wide, he’d already finished Conner and was already working on Ace’s? Looking around Derrick called, “Mary? I damn sure hope you are keeping tabs on me!”

“Yes sire,” came Mary’s voice from the air. “I still have you on tracking sir.”

“What’s the status of the capacity indicator?” Derrick was yelling to the air.

“At present sire, you appear to be at just over 1/2. I must say sire yours is an incredible mind! Sire!” Mary spoke up a moment later, according to the pain sensors you threshold is being approached quickly, I suggest...”

Derrick looked around for Ace but again the room was empty! Shaking his head Derrick was about to call Mary when another tall blonde male appeared in front of him. Bowing low the teen male stated, “Sire I am deeply honored that you are in my library!”

Derrick had to do another double take, “Lars? What in the hell?! Three ships in just 30 minutes? Mary are you sure the suppressors are working at full capacity? I seem to be pulling information far faster than I did before.”

“Yes sire, though I suggest that after you collect all that is here you take a rest period even with your cognitive abilities it still may stress your system. I am at present reading your capacity at 60% remarkable for the sheer amount of information you have taken.” Mary informed him.

“Alright just make sure you are able to withdraw me. I don’t want another incident when I when I started doing this. We almost lost Shelby then, that won’t happen again!” Derrick shouted. A moment later Derrick started to feel the amount of information in his mind. They really came through this time. Somehow I have to do something for them. What could I give them? They are already in a place they have wanted to be for a long time.

As Derrick debated over what he could do for Rayburn and Kimison, Mary was just a little worried. Thanks to the commands that Derrick had used, she was now restricted unless his life was truly in peril. As of yet he wasn’t there but the pain indicators rising as they were had her worried.

“I am reading near completion of Lars library. Beginning withdrawal now.” Mary was saying.

Derrick blinked his eyes, confused for a moment where am I he thought? Looking around he saw two Marys. Then Shelby, Hartwell and Dempsy? “Not to sound ungrateful but why are you here?” Derrick said to Dempsy.

Hartwell quickly spoke up, “It was thought that with his knowledge of the body and pressure points he would prove invaluable.”

Derrick thought a moment then nodded, “Ah! I see thank you both of you. I appreciate your concern.”

“Sire,” Dempsy said bowing low, “you are helping to restore the honor of my self and my clan. You will always have the support of all of us.” Derrick groaned as Dempsy bowed again, bringing a smile not only to Hartwell but Dempsy’s face also.

“You are just to hard on your self, but you have to remember sire.” Hartwell started, “you are now the most important person alive right now. You hold all the codes and commands that will put the empire back. I for one am excited to be a part of this!”

Derrick smirked, easy for him to say! He wasn’t the one going around with all the death threats. “Shelby how long... ?” Derrick started.

“I’d say we are about a day from the next destination. We have already received calls letting us know that they will be ready for us when we arrive. I have done as you asked and have been monitoring the planet for days. It was as you thought there was a massive amount of activity as soon as they discovered we were on our way.” Shelby reported.

“Does it appear to be the same type of activity as you witnessed on the first planet? Make a comparison, go through all data I want to be completely armed with the information when I go down there.” Looking back around at Dempsy Derrick asked, “Will you be better prepared this time? I have watched you training all of them, Greeson in particular.”

Dempsy came forward and bowed again drawing another groan from Derrick. “I have the rest of them trained very well, they could hold off most of the sect. Greeson has been making progress especially after he got past disappointing me. I told him he hadn’t, for as you know if he had I’d have already killed him. I am hoping he will know enough soon to help me kill Trianas.”

“Good I still have Mary searching for her ship. It appears she kept improving her tech also. Her light shield is comparable to anything we have. I suggest caution when you meet up with her in space. We can’t be sure exactly what she has.” Looking up Derrick called, “Thomas are you and Conner having any trouble integrating the redoubler?”

“Hell no! This thing is f•©king fabulous! We ought to be able to blow the hell out of the sect with this!” Derrick heard Thomas reply.

“Why do you sound far more excited about this than I think you should?” Derrick asked the over joyous hologram of Thomas.

“Don’t know but this triple particle cannon makes the wait well worth it!” Thomas went on causing Derrick to shake his head.

“Just remember Thomas you work for me damn it!” Thomas stopped and looked at Derrick in shock.

“I am always loyal to you sire I always will be. I am sorry if I upset you sir.” Thomas was visibly shaken and upset.

“Good you need to remember that! We don’t blow the hell out of anything unless we have no choice, do I make myself clear?” Derrick yelled.

An even more shocked Thomas said, “Yes sire, I await your orders.” Then all was quiet. Derrick sighed he hadn’t meant to be as hard as he was but it seemed at times Thomas went off the deep end.

It was a full twenty-four hours later as the small fleet of nine ships ringed the planet of the Marquess the third of the upper Nobles. As he expected the Marquess started to send messages of welcome as soon as they were in orbit. Derrick stood in front of all of the Rangers. “I am not expecting as much trouble as before but I want everyone to be on their guard. Remember the enemy thinks that you are nothing to them. I want you to remember that and treat them the same. Alright Shelby the same as before.”

“Yes Derrick, please take all precautions. I would not forgive my self if you were hurt.” Shelby said as Derrick nodded to her.

Appearing in the court as Mary, Shelby and he had agreed upon, Derrick awaited the rest of the Rangers. Looking at Mary 2 as he affectionately called her, Derrick nodded. Looking at his wrist com. Derrick knew that the job was going to be difficult but these damn Nobles were trying to make it impossible!

Derrick watched as Shelby began to display all that she’d seen over the last few days. Growling Derrick was damn near seething when the entrance to the home/palace of the Marquess doors opened. Wisely the man didn’t open his mouth, though this didn’t stop Derrick from getting in the man’s face. “I know that you heard from the Duke’s people. I know that you have been rushing to improve conditions here before my arrival. That is good, though I am going to leave a few guards here to make sure you continue to treat the people well.”

The rather heavy set man bowed low to Derrick, “Yes your lordship, we will endeavor to continue all of the changes that have been made.”

Derrick’s face broke out in a wide smile, “Oh I know you will,” looking at Mary 1 he nodded. There was a brief flash of light then six robotic men appear. “I am charging you with making sure what has been done to aid the people of this planet continues.”

One of the six foot tall ‘men’ stepped forward and bowed, “We will do all we can your lordship.”

Derrick looked at the eyes of the Marquess grow wide, “Your lordship! You don’t mean to leave unfeeling robots in charge...” the Marquess sputtered.

“I suggest you shut up!” The robotic sentry stated. “We may be mechanical but we are as alive as you. I suggest you don’t forget it!”

Derrick tried oh how he tried not to laugh, not to loose control. Though when the Marquess started to wet his pants Derrick just couldn’t hold back. Between his chuckles Derrick said, “My dear Marquess would you like to retire and perhaps freshen up?”

When the Marquess only nodded and said by your leave then fled in almost abject terror and humiliation. Derrick just shook his head. He hoped the last two, before he faced Duke Risen the most powerful of the upper Nobles were not as weak willed.

Derrick spent the rest of the day listening to as many people as he could. A great many thanking him for the grand changes that had been made. For the first time on this trip Derrick was actually happier, still the meeting with the traitor Risen was still looming. Though he had enough evidence to execute the man Derrick felt he had to have more. There had to be something that Derrick could get the bastard on that would seal his fate and his wretched ass! At least Derrick thought they were free for a bit of someone killing him though he felt that would change soon!

Trianas awoke with a start, looking around she saw she was in the med bay of her ship. Trying to sit up she found that she was still restrained. “Computer,” She called.

“Online and awaiting further orders.” Droned the mechanical voice.

“Time ‘til appointed entering and exiting of the Imperial fleet in orbit of the Marquess Clive’s world.” Trianas asked.

“Working, the fleet at present is departing orbit of the Marquess Clive’s world. At present they are on a heading toward Earl Tauntoff’s world.” The mechanical voice replied.

“The amount of time that the fleet will take to reach the Earl’s world?” Trianas asked.

“At their present speed it will take at least 6 days for them to reach Earl Tauntoff’s world.” Her computer replied.

“Good! That should give me ample time to get the stiffness out of my joints. It should also afford me a chance to further research this bastard who claims to be the Emperor. I want you to access every system that you can, I want every shred of information that I can get on this man. I underestimated him last time I won’t again. No never again!” Trianas spit out then her mouth twisted into an evil smile. “I will so enjoy twisting a blade in your guts, then I can watch the pathetic life leave your eyes!”

An even more evil look came into her eyes as she thought of her ex - husband. Ah! That one was going to be the best to kill. He thought he was good enough to beat her he was good yes, though nothing compared to her skills!

Greeson was finally ready Dempsy thought his speed was finally above mediocre. He no longer thought of his moves just did them. A smile crept on Dempsy’s face as he was now he actually had a chance against her. Still Dempsy was worried the man was a hell of a lot better but she like Dempsy had kept learning. The last move he saw her use on Greeson wasn’t from his teachings, thankfully Dempsy had taken his master’s advice and learned more from other masters.

Sighing Dempsy knew that the man could hold his own now but he needed more. Dempsy was just afraid that he wouldn’t have enough time to actually teach him. Finished with their Katas, Dempsy addressed Greeson. “I find that in my musings I need to teach you all that I can as fast as I can. The one you faced used several different art forms.”

Greeson nodded he wondered about that as he’d seen he use a move he didn’t recognize. “Yes master I noticed she used a move that I had seen my old master use. It is an entirely different art form, though I didn’t advance far I do still recognize the move.”

Dempsy nodded good the man was actually paying attention to what had been going on in the fight against his old student. “That is good you need to start learning EVERYTHING as fast as possible. This I feel is the only thing that will allow you to survive if AND when you meet her again.”

“Master,” Greeson asked a little confused, “are you that certain I will meet her again?”

“Yes,” Dempsy replied, “I am quite sure. She is out to shame me and the artform further. Knowing her as I do she will come after you. She wishes to kill you in front of me showing that she is far better than I am. I also need to teach you a few healing techniques to aid you if AND when she gets through.”

Greeson nodded and bowed to Dempsy, as of yet the man hadn’t been wrong yet. This was proven when Greeson executed a move he remembered that Dempsy had taught him. It was the first advanced move that he’d accomplished. Building off that, learning more was far easier as they went along each day, though this news that Dempsy shared might prove difficult.

Dempsy could almost sense the man’s thoughts yes, it would be difficult. If Greeson remembered that things were easier to learn now that he’d tackled the advanced move, then it should prove easy also. Well I hope Dempsy thought.

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