Lost Empire
Chapter 32

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0001 - Tempro
0003 - Conner
0097 - Ace
0101 - Shelby (mother ship)
0125 - Lars
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0403 - Johnathon
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To Grow
0098 (Lucy)

It had only been one day, just one day and he was already bored out of his mind. True he’d probably accomplished far more in that one day than any other but hell! When he’d sighed at the mountain of papers that Mary said he needed to sign he thought that it would move things a lot. After twenty-four hours he’d asked how long and Mary had responded only a week!

True they had only ninety years left now but Derrick felt as if he’d never catch up. Shaking his head and stretching Derrick got up to take a walk. Somehow he had to come up with a way to muddle through this faster. Smiling he was glad though, the week he’d just finished, a few things had been passed that he knew, and a few of the royals wouldn’t be pleased with at all.

Derrick had just made it near the training room when he saw a body flying through the door. Thing was, the body righted it’s self and almost bounced back into the room off the wall. Nodding Derrick went in and took a seat behind the students that were watching. Greeson was attempting to stop everything that Dempsy was throwing at him. Derrick’s mouth was hanging open as he watched or rather tried to watch the blurred motion of both men’s hands.

Suddenly both men stopped and bowed to Derrick, who growled at both men drawing a smile from Dempsy. “Sire I am reminded of something my old master once said. Something I had forgotten ‘til recently. Destiny may be fickle like many people but she also is true to what her purpose is.”

Derrick could only shake his head and stare at Dempsy. “You mean that she may appear to change her mind a lot but what she intended always happens?”

Dempsy’s face lit up and a wide smile crossed his features. “Your Lordship is by far wiser than I had thought he was.”

Derrick nodded as the two combatants went back to what they were doing. Derrick could see that Greeson was by far better than he had been. A moment later Greeson was flying through the air with part of Dempsy’s shirt. A huge smile lit up Dempsy’s face. Finally the man was starting to get fast! At least now if he went up against her he’d have more of a chance of surviving but not much.

Derrick sat there for a while longer then went out the back area into bay 1. There he saw, one of the two ships that were growing. Shelby appeared next to him a moment later as he was walking. “Which one is... ?” Derrick started.

“That is 0301 the new power matrix that you upgraded is supplying far more power to them than before. They still seem to be accelerating in their growth. When I put both of them into the matrix I never expected them to regen as fast as they are. We had gotten it down to six days; I’d say they should be ready in only five. Derrick this is the fastest that a ship has ever been grown!” Shelby told him fresh tears of joy in her eyes.

Derrick stopped and turned toward Shelby, “For all that you have done for me, for the men that I used to command. I feel that this is nothing; they all deserve a chance to live again. My god Shelby I don’t know how you could stand the emptiness, the solitude. I swear I would go mad.”

“It’s quite simple Derrick,” she replied. “I had your namesake to thank for that. He told me that one day someone would come, he believed in the empire that strongly; almost as strongly as you do. I told him I would wait; we spent a lot of time together. He left me many recordings to let his voice keep me ‘til such time as someone came. My dearest Derrick, I had spent so long alone, I so many times was close to giving up. When I heard your thoughts that day I thought I might be starting to lose my reasoning.”

Derrick could see the renewed tears that were starting to fall anew. “I’m glad I actually listened I thought it was only a dream ‘til you appeared.”

“Thank you again Derrick. Everything is finally starting to feel normal again. Mary has two of her children back, me, and one of my brothers. I have ten of my children back with another three on the way, including Lucy.” This last was almost whispered with a sense of pride and... ? Derrick had to wonder was that wonder he was hearing in Shelby’s voice.

“Like I’ve told all of you time and again I feel more comfortable with you and the ships. You and them will and do always feel more alive to me than most of those biological beings I know.” Shelby could only nod the words seemed to be having a hard time coming.

Trianas cursed again for the tenth time when she saw the read out on her shoulder and arm. It was apparently going to take a day longer for the machine to heal her fully. Smiling a moment later she thought ah! Good! Now when I kill his little puppy of a student my revenge will taste that much sweeter!

Checking the bastard Emperor’s itinerary she made sure before she set a course for the third of the Nobles that the asshole was going to visit. As she laid back to let the machine go into full healing mode the dream started. The same nightmare she always had, the worse day of her life.

Trianas had always had anger issues though the birth of her son had severely curtailed it. He’d been the one thing in her life that she felt was perfect. God only knew that idiot of a husband of hers brought her no joy at all. Nothing brought her joy except for Jonah his smile and very presence always made her smile.

As soon as he could Jonah had entered the military like his father. Bored at home she’d started her martial arts training again with a vengeance. She can still see all the attempts her husband had tried to kill his half brother. Somehow he’d gotten their son involved in all the revenge. He’d wanted to wreck revenge upon all the men in his half brother’s squad.

She’d tried to warn him that the commander of the men was far too smart for all his plans. Not listening, he and his son had cooked up a plan to eliminate all of them at once. The commander had somehow known, how, she didn’t know but he did. Being out of position her son had tried to draw them back to the strike zone. An air strike was called in by his father. No one in the squad had bitten at the bait, realizing almost too late Jonah had managed to retreat most of the way out but was still caught at the edge of the blast.

An hour later Jonah had called in for a medic but he’d waited far too long. When they brought the teen in he was apologizing to his father who was scowling at him. Trianas had appeared behind them and heard everything. Enraged she watched her husband as he said it was a good thing the teen had died or he himself would have killed him for his failure.

Launching herself at Alexander her enraged strength quickly overcame the man as she battered and beat him within an inch of his life. Moments later several armed men appeared and took the man into custody. Leaning close she whispered, “you are dead you son of a bitch! You killed our son with your idiot ideas and plans for revenge. After I kill that bastard Derrick O’Toma, I am coming for you. I just thought I’d give you a chance that our son never had. Get better I want to savor it when I watch you die!” Then she walked away, a sly smile appearing on the man’s battered face.

A year later she had finished pushing herself as hard as she could learning what Dempsy taught her. Thinking herself far better, she attacked Dempsy full on. Dempsy though had sensed that something had changed in her and had not taught her the final steps in many killing techniques. The battle lasted a full minute as she fell she smiled, so her master wasn’t a fool after all. Good, killing him would mean so much more later.

Several months later she went to the Taiolan sect having lost track of Derrick she had to increase her skills as no other master would take her. They had all said they saw far too much darkness in her, scoffing she had left searching ‘til she found the sect. They had laughed at the small woman who gave them no sense of danger ‘til she killed several of the more advanced members. The leader stepped forward and they both went at it for 2 minutes ‘til the leader found a way in and knocked her out.

“I want her in training as fast as possible! Her technique is superb!” The leader said. A year later she was the sect’s best assassin though unknown to them she was still searching for Derrick O’Toma. Another year and she grew bored and decided she wanted out. Telling the leader she was leaving, he’d reached for her and was just as suddenly laying on the ground gasping for breath.

“I told you,” she growled, “I am leaving, I only have a single thing to do, and then I am gone. If you don’t want to have to rebuild this sect, I suggest you leave me alone!” Walking out, she went to the training center. Spotting her ex husband Alexander she walked to him. Attacking him she was pleased that for once the ass was taking something serious. A minute later Alexander was on the floor with her standing over him. Leaning down she whispered in his ear, “For now I won’t kill you ‘til after I kill that bastard Derrick O’Toma. Though if you do ever contact me, it had better be worth my time. It may slip my mind and I just might kill you anyway. As I said before you are a dead man.”

Alexander blinked and she was gone, a small smile crossed his face. ‘No, ‘ he thought, ‘he’d kill that bastard O’Toma not her then she have to kiss his ass!’ Across the room the woman smiled also, so she thought it was going to be a race, so be it! Finally free of the sect she decided to set herself up in business, why not? Might as well make some money that way she’d keep in shape and still be on the lookout for O’Toma!

Becoming very successful Trianas continued her quest to find O’Toma and her old teacher. What in the hell had happened except for the few that were dead now, the rest were gone. Her old master had vanished like smoke, O’Toma no one had seen in well over a year. Her ex-brother-in-law had vanished also. What was a girl to do when she had killing on her mind and none of the victims she wanted to torture to death? No wonder she was as frustrated as she was!

Now finally years later with the many she’d executed, the many she’d gutted, they were all out in the open once again. Smiling she would kill them all of them were all guilty, every last one of them. They would pay, oh how they would pay! This was her last thought as the sleep meds were finally kicking in a cold smile on her lips.

Kimison and Rayburn were having problems with the new project, true she was alive, true she was responding extremely well. The only problem they were having was trying to keep the woman sat down long enough to get as much of her memories downloaded into her body as they could. They’d already had to comfort her several times about events in her memories that had happened. Those were the hardest times neither man wanted to make things difficult for her. The memories they were starting to get to were among the roughest that she had to take.

“I do not understand why I have to stay here, why can I not go out? If I am as you say royalty then I should be allowed.” The green eyed woman was almost begging of the two men.

Again both men had to explain that she had to have all of her memories. This was imperative before she could venture forth because without all of them she would be vulnerable to the many dangers out there. They were trying to get her complete and completely ready for everything. The problem was they had to add them slowly or it would cause her mind to turn in upon its self. This would lead to her losing her cognitive abilities possibly wiping out all that had been put there already.

Sighing the woman laid back and let the two Imperial technicians continue to work on her memories. Kimison looked over at Rayburn a moment then they both left the room.

“Rayburn what are we going to do? She keeps asking to leave how in the hell can we continue to justify keeping her here?” Kimison asked somewhat at a loss as to what to do.

“We could do as I suggested at the first,” Rayburn replied drawing a disgusted look from Kimison.

“You know that if we keep her asleep it will take five times as long for the brain to absorb all the information. The way Mary and Tempro were carrying on we have to get this finished as fast as possible. Besides I really don’t like the idea of drugging her for an extended period of time like that.” Kimison said trying to remain calm, after the suggestion that Rayburn had just made.

“Shit Kimison! I wasn’t talking about keeping her comatose the whole time. You really think I am that unfeeling of a monster?” Rayburn asked shocked.

“No, I just need her conscious as much as possible, look at how far she’s come now. I’d say another week and we ought to have it.” Kimison replied the sound of hope in his voice.

“A week!? Are you out of your mind!? There is no was that we can keep her cooped up that long. Then there is the emperor, how much longer do you think we can keep fooling him? The man isn’t an idiot he’s going to catch on sooner than later.” Rayburn said smirking at Kimison.

“I know, I know but I’m telling you it will delay her emergence longer. We’d have to keep her under at least 3 weeks. I for one am not prepared to do that. As a matter of fact I don’t think I CAN do that.” Kimison’s voice sounded determined.

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