Lost Empire
Chapter 29

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0001 - Tempro
0003 - Conner
0097 - Ace
0101 - Shelby (mother ship)
0125 - Lars
0403 - Johnathon
0667 - Marco
0798 - Celeste
0999 - Zan
1000 - Sherry

To Grow

0098 (Lucy)

Derrick was still about to fall out of his command chair with the look still etched on Hartwell’s face. Looking at the jet black haired young figure, Hartwell cleared his throat. “Uh hum, yes you are right it is a very proud name.”

The young man turned toward Hartwell, “Yes sir, thank you sir. Are you the second for the emperor?”

Hartwell turned toward Derrick with a confused look on his face. “All ships appear a moment please.” A moment later there were 10 holograms beside and behind Derrick. “Please make note and memorize this person. This is as of this moment, Admiral Johnathon Hartwell. I am placing him in command of all the space fleet, now that we have at least 8 functioning ships soon to be 10. I have already cleared this with your high commander and he whole heartily agrees.” Derrick leaned over and whispered to Hartwell, “Told you I was going to pay you back!”

Hartwell could only stare at Derrick with his mouth hanging open. “I ... uh ... but ... how?”

Again like when they were first reunited Derrick told Hartwell, “Little Joey close your mouth.” Nodding almost absently Hartwell closed his mouth though he still seemed to be in shock.

A moment later Shelby appeared, “Admiral sir, according to official records your name is Joseph.”

“Yes and your question?” Hartwell barely managed to get out.

“Well sir, Derrick calls you Johnathon or little Joey. May I inquire as to why?” Shelby asked a sweet smile on her face.

“Short story, my parents thought it a little funny to give me two first names. You have my official name as to the records but in truth my name is Johnathon Joseph Hartwell.” Hartwell said a little bit of a tremor running through his body at the mention of his full real name.

Yes sir,” Shelby said as she looked at all the holograms. They all nodded back with huge smiles on their faces.

A moment later a hologram of Thomas appeared. “Sorry Sire. really hate to break this up but I’d like to get back before the fleet reaches our first stop.” Derrick nodded; Thomas had always been a little impatient, always for action also. “Alright Lars, Johnathon. We are going to snag the both of you and trans-warp you both to the imperial planet. Please inform us as to when you are locked down and prepared.”

A moment late Lars replied “Locked down ready primary sir.” Thomas nodded and awaited word from Johnathon. “Attempting lock down, complete. Sir! I am afraid that allocation of all astral fins is not possible at this time! It appears that one of my port, aft most fins are still somewhat incomplete. I am sorry sir. I will need at least another hour.”

Sighing Thomas grumbled a moment then spoke, “Alright Johnathon effect completion then notify me. We shall continue to shadow the fleet until such time.”

“Yes primary, thank you sir!” Johnathon told Thomas with a happy lilt to his voice.

Derrick could only smile, and then sighed; he was going to miss back when it was he who was making those decisions. Shaking his head, now he was making decisions that would affect the lives of almost everyone. A movement on the view screen in front of him caught his eye.

Greeson had a hard few days against the Lieutenant. They had been going at it almost all day Greeson had gotten through Dempsy’s defense then made the mistake of losing his concentration, then his footing even as he was flying through the air he was figuring what he’d done wrong. Flipping and landing on his feet, Dempsy nodded at the man. Good he had a little more than the basics! Even as Greeson landed Dempsy was moving forward to attack the spot where the man would land.

Wide eyed Greeson saw this and narrowly avoid the attack but not the secondary that followed. Again Greeson grimaced as he flew through the air this time harder toward the wall. Springing off the wall Greeson reversed his direction heading straight for Dempsy or rather he thought he was as he was suddenly smashing into the mats.

“Up maggot!” Dempsy growled at the man. The man did have quite a bit of potential, they had been going for 15 hours, good Dempsy thought now I can test his endurance! Dempsy attacked again watching his opponents every move. Good Dempsy thought he is finally reaching the point where he waits and watches. Dempsy went high also with an attack below, Greeson avoided the first blocked the second almost catching the rapid third that Dempsy threw in.

Hitting the mat with a rather hard thud, Greeson groaned as his eyes closed. Shit! Dempsy thought this is no time to rest! Raising a knuckle Dempsy thrust beside the man’s spinal cord effectively making the man scream as he jumped up.

“Damn it! Are you trying to f•©king kill me!” Greeson yelled at Dempsy as the man grabbed Dempsy and flipped him! Dempsy’s face lit up in a smile, so the boy had the ability after all!

Dempsy bowed to a confused Greeson, “Now think.” Was all Dempsy said pushing a finger to Greeson’s forehead, then he walked away.

Huh? Think what in the hell was the Lieutenant on about? Greeson thought as he sat to meditate and cool down.

Both Derrick and Hartwell had astonished looks on their faces when they saw Greeson not only catch Dempsy but toss him also. Nodding his head Derrick spoke up, “I think the boy is coming along fine.”

Hartwell looked at Derrick and smirked, “Fine? Hell he’s seems a hell of a lot better than that. I have never in all my years of knowing him, EVER seen anyone not only get through his defenses but actually lay a hand on him. Yeah he’s a lot better than fine.” Derrick could only nod as they both watched as Dempsy made his way to them.

A door opened next to them as Dempsy walked in. Bowing low he started, “Thank you Sire, I didn’t think I would ever find another worthy of learning. It seems at last I have.” Bowing again Dempsy left without another word.

Within the palace she held her disappointment in check; she was just a cadet touring the palace. Looking around she walked looking at everything, best she not speak allaying further suspicion. Walking out with the group she was with, she went so far starting to fall back ‘til she finally disappeared. Stopping where she had left the body she patted the young woman on the head, and then touched a spot on her neck. Picking the woman up the first woman carried her to a spot near the town and left.

Leaving the woman, the tall, slender, blonde woman made her way to the space port. So the emperor was off planet visiting the nobles huh? An evil smile lit up her features, good they would get the blame, and then she’d slip out and kill that bastard husband of hers. Ummmmmm she thought this is starting to shape up to be a thoroughly satisfying month!

At the space port she awaited the lift to the ship. Activating her own ship out past the moon she signaled it to stand by. In the palace Mary detected the extremely short, powerful, high frequency burst. Running her calculations Mary started to try and calculate where it had come from. Half an hour later she had finally found where and started to triangulate within the location.

The woman breathed a sigh of relief when they made orbit. Signaling she then made an excuse to exit the passenger area. Disappearing into the cargo hold she made her way to the cargo hatch. A moment later she got a signal that her ship was docked. Activating a small black box device she smiled when it went green. Opening the hatch she stepped through, pressing another button she heard the hatch lock. Her own hatch closed, she activated her star drive, along with her cloak.

Mary had been hard at work getting closer to the crowd that had been at the star port. Finally she got a close up of the woman who had sent the signal. Notifying the ship a moment later Mary could only hope though she thought it was too late. A moment later as she thought the captain reported that the woman wasn’t on board. Thanking the man, Mary started to run the woman’s face through both data bases she had.

Within a few hours Mary had an answer though she was extremely unhappy at what she found. Calling Kimison she had to make sure. Appearing beside Kimison and Rayburn Mary waited a moment before she clears her throat.

“Hello Mary is he trying to contact us again?” Rayburn asked.

“No, though I may have distressing news.” Mary said with a serious face. Then turning toward Kimison she asked. “Do you remember much about your half-brother Alexander after he left your home?”

Kimison bristled at the mention of his half-brother’s name. “I know that he was married for a few years, met her once a real nasty piece of work though she seemed perfect for him.”

“Why do you ask?” Kimison asked.

“Do you perhaps recall what she looked like?” An almost tentative Mary asked.

“Like I could forget the smug self-important bitch!” Kimison spit out. “She left him when he was arrested, spit in his face said she’d kill him later after she did something.” Mary nodded and flashed a picture of a tall, slender blonde to Kimison who once again bristled and hissed. “Yeah that’s her looks even madder now than she did then.”

“Trianas Macley,” Mary said reading they information.

Kimison nodded, “She went back to her maiden name figures the sadistic bitch.”

“I also have information that she used to work for the Taiolan sect, as an assassin. According to what I have she WAS one of their best.” Mary informed both men.

Kimison nodded then his eyes grew wide, “Rayburn do you remember what she said the day he was arrested?”

Rayburn thought a moment then his eyes also grew wide. “Yeah if I remember right she blamed the commander for the death of her son! Holy shit, we have to warn him. Mary, open up communication!”

Derrick was just starting to relax when Mary appeared. “Sire I am afraid I have troubling information.”

Derrick looked at Mary with concern, “What seems to be the problem?”

Both Rayburn and Kimison both appeared, Commander!” They both yelled, startling Derrick. This must be serious if they BOTH were trying to tell him.

“Sir,” Kimison started, “Mary just showed me a picture of Trianas! You remember Trianas! She was my brother’s wife!”

Derrick’s eyes grew large he did remember her, a truly violent woman the last he’d heard she’d joined the... “Where!?” Derrick was suddenly saying all thoughts of food forgotten.

“She was on a transport leaving the Imperial planet. I checked everywhere she was in the palace, and then rechecked. I am running a third but as of yet have found nothing.” Mary informed Derrick. “I had the officers on the transport check but she was gone. I detected residual energy but never saw a ship. It appears she possess cloaking technology equal to our own.”

“Sir do you remember what she said when Alexander was arrested?” Derrick just shook his head, “She said she was going to kill him after she took her revenge for her son being killed. She has blamed you for his death for years! Sir I suggest you never take the shield emitter off!” Rayburn advised.

Derrick nodded in agreement he seemed to remember the wife of Kimison’s half-brother. Yes, he had to agree that was one crazy bitch. “Thank you both,” turning to Hartwell and the hologram of Thomas, Derrick stated. “As of this moment we are on high alert, anything out of the ordinary, I want to know about. I mean it, if your screen seems to have a glitch, I want to know. Almost anything is an indication she may be here. She is highly trained like Lieutenant Dempsy. She is a highly dangerous and unstable factor.”

All of the holograms nodded though Shelby seemed to be the most worried.

“By the way Sire.” Kimison went on. “After a few uh hum, bad test results we may have a working micro-IMT.”

Derrick stared at the two men and saw Rayburn blush a bit. “What did you do almost materialize inside a wall?” When neither man answered Derrick shook his head. “Damn it you two! I need you both alive or I’d kill you both myself. Start sleeping I know the both of you, as bad as me when I go off on a tangent. No sleep, no rest, it dulls the hell out of the senses. Let me know when you have a true working model. By the way have you figured a way for directionality?”

Both men looked a little sheepish and replied, “Not as of yet Sire.”

Derrick threw up his hands, “So you have a working micro-IMT but you have no way of knowing where you are going when you use it!” His face suddenly serious Derrick said, “I mean it rest, you both are brilliant, rest so what you do is your best not your worst. This one incident should have been enough to convince you of that.”

Both men nodded, “Yes Sire, we’ll do our best commander.”

The hologram of Derrick winked out as the two men stared at each other. “Damn I still wish I knew how in the hell he does that!” Rayburn stated.

Kimison just shook his head, “I’m just glad he wasn’t here to smack the shit out of us both!” Kimison said. Rayburn nodded as both men went to rest.

It was about seven hours later when Rayburn jerked awake and rousted Kimison. “Oh my god! The commander was right! Kimison if we were to add a sensor in the front would that work?”

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