Lost Empire
Chapter 25

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Deep in the underground safe hold of the Taiolan, the leader had yet to make a sound, still blocking all the excruciating pain that was trying to rack his body. Even as good as he was the many years of training, still some of it was leaking through. Enough to the point that he’d already passed out a number of times. Motioning the second in command he asked for an update. An hour later the leader though not happy was none the less pleased that they still had as many ships and people that they did. Laying there a plan started to form, a plan the leader hoped would eliminate the last of the royal line. Then and only then the leader felt would all be free.

The second in command left to begin carrying out the leaders orders; this was a most perilous mission to say the least. Since their mind implanted agents were of no further use he guessed they would have to go with the old way of actual agents infiltrating the ranks. This was harder, but with the skills of many here it shouldn’t be all that hard.

Derrick looked hard at all the data he’d received, the recyclers had detected something and gone to investigate. They had found the abandoned pod with a fair amount of blood all over the inside. Upon further analysis Mary could find no one in the data base that matched the blood though she had expanded her search to other systems that might hold the answers that she required. Mary herself was worried she hadn’t detected any movement or anything getting close to the pod. She felt that she had failed the Emperor even though he was not upset with her.

She had done extensive scans of the pod after the recyclers had found it. Then she started to replay all of her records for the last few hours, sighing she was worried. There had obviously been someone in it even though she hadn’t detected a single life reading. The more she scanned the pod the more she was worried, through with the new energy detection system the emperor had her install she was starting to get disturbing readings.

“Sire,” she called him a few minutes later when she started to get something.

“Yes Mary, anything,” Derrick asked, he was hoping the information they had gotten from the first agent was staring to help Mary’s scans.

“Yes Sire, with the new readings I am starting to get readings of a ship that was cloaked. It appears to be a variation of the light screen that the EIG’S use but it is attuned with a huge difference.” Mary finally advised Derrick.

“Still no way to actually determine just who was in the escape pod?” Derrick asked of her.

“Not as of yet Sire, it is obvious that we are dealing with someone who was either removed from the system or has never been scanned into the system. I find that hard to believe Sire, everyone is scanned no matter where they are. There are systems set up all over the empire I should be getting a reading of at least once or twice of him being scanned. It is almost as if the man does not exist.” A frustrated Mary finally told him.

Derrick nodded he’d heard of something like this before back when he was still in the military but didn’t think it had actually been a reality. Thinking harder a few minutes he thought that he’d heard of a store house of personal information on the old Republic world, hmmm he thought the answer might lie there. That bastard might have been a really bad leader and a real shit head of a human being but Derrick had to admit the man had something on a lot of people to wield the power he had.

“Mary I need Hartwell.” Derrick said. Mary nodded then a moment later Hartwell appeared. After Derrick had told the man of his suspicions Hartwell nodded his agreement, the president might have been the crud of the galaxy but the man had to have something on a lot of people like Derrick thought to have the authority that he’d had. “Mary we are going to the Republic planet I want you to keep a lock on them at all times. If you see a problem notify me at once we’ll transmit all we find as fast as we can. If the sects find out what we are up to they might try to interfere.”

“Yes Sire, you shouldn’t be disturbed. I will keep all away as long as I can.” Mary said a smile on her face finally she might get a chance to pay that cess pool of a planet back for the slights they had made and done to the emperor all those years ago. Actually she had been prepared to blast the shit out of the planet as long as she could maintain power. Good thing the Emperor had stopped her!

Derrick was about to call Shelby when an idea hit him, “Mary I need Thomas, please connect me.”

“Yes Sire,” Mary replied a faint smile on her features. “I have him Sire.”

“Yes your lordship,” Thomas said as soon as he saw Derrick.

“I’ve a few suspicions about these rumors of a vast store house of information on the republic world. What is your present position?” Derrick questioned.

“At present we are manning a presence near the Taiolan’s new safe haven planet. Conner, Celeste and newly active duty Ace are all scanning as deep into the planet as we can, as of yet we haven’t detected anything new Sire.” Thomas reported proud of how efficient all three ships had been so far.

“Alright maintain a safe distance, we are still unsure of just how advanced their tech is. The energy dampening field was proof enough that we need to be more cautious. Still though, I am taking some of the fleet to the republic world, the plan is...” Derrick told Thomas.

It was a few hours later when Derrick and Hartwell appeared near a large building on the Republic world. Looking around both Hartwell and Derrick pulled strange looking devices and began to pass them over the buildings door. Nodding Hartwell pulled another device that made a warbling sound before the door popped open.

“Ok it’s disarmed, should be safe but knowing how much of a bastard the man was, I expect at least a dozen more personnel explosive devices.” Hartwell warned Derrick.

Nodding Derrick started to scan with more and more frequency, stopping every few minutes to point out another device to Hartwell. Derrick and Hartwell were more and more convinced that there was something here, especially after they had already removed more than 50 devices that they were on to something big.

A sudden beeping alerted Derrick, “Yes Shelby?”

“Derrick I have several ships approaching, they are of the same configuration as those that left the first Taiolan planet.” Shelby informed him.

Sighing Derrick had expected this but by far not this soon, “Give me Thomas.” A moment later Thomas’s voice could be heard,

“Yes Sire we are tracking them now. The new upgrade you gave us has worked wonders. I’d estimate that you have about one hour, if none of them got past us.”

“Alright Thomas keep close, we may have to take action to protect what we find, if we find anything.” Derrick advised the man.

Switching off Derrick looked at Hartwell who was smiling, “Just like old times my friend.”

Derrick had to smile it was like old times both of them at the end of a long mission with barely any time to complete it. Looking back they were finally past the final barrier to the interior, nodding Hartwell started to set up the recording and transmitting equipment.

Moments later Derrick got a call from Thomas, “Sire we’ve managed to stop or send most of them back but I am afraid that one may have gotten by. The ship has a strange configuration of a light shield, I had it for a moment, and then it was gone. Reminded me of the rotating shield harmonics when we faced the Occlusions.”

Derrick’s eyes opened wide and he alerted Shelby to the possibility she might have borders. “Do you have any specifics you can give me Derrick?” Shelby asked.

“All we have so far is that they may have a way to rotate their shield frequencies I suggest you start a multi- level scan to detect anything of that nature.” Derrick instructed her.

“I have started already Derrick as of y... , I have something bearing 45 degrees off starboard side. All ships have made adjustments based on the data you have supplied. It appears that the object has turned and is beginning descent.” Shelby advised Derrick and Hartwell.

Mary’s voice came on a second later, “I have a constant lock on yours and Hartwell’s position. Ready to evacuate within 1 second, Sire.”

“Thank you Mary, please be advised we need to gain as much of this information as possible. If possible Shelby, extend your shield around this building. Try and hold them off as long as possible.” Derrick told her.

“I will do my best to not fail you Derrick,” a proud sounding Shelby replied.

“Zan, Sherry I want you both to be ready to trans-warp if we need you.” Derrick told the duo in orbit of the Imperial world.

“Yes Sire we are ready to assist as quickly as possible.” Both Zan and Sherry responded. ‘Good, ‘ Derrick thought ‘now if we can actually get the transfer started, then we’d have good luck.’

Kimison looked at Rayburn to make sure he was asleep, good the ass wouldn’t interfere once he got it going. Punching in more commands and instructions Kimison took a deep breath. Well Kimison thought as important as this was he had no choice. Rayburn was the real good brain they both knew it, no big deal if he fried his brain.

Donning the head set device Kimison was reaching for the manual switch, Tempro appeared before he was able to touch the switch. “Sir, I advise against using the device until a full battery of tests has been done.”

Sighing Kimison withdrew his hand a second, “Tempro we really don’t have the time, I’ve run all scenarios, it should be safe now.”

“Sir I still advise against this action, I am afraid that...” Tempro stopped a moment as Kimison reached for and activated the system. “You deactivated my control and emergency shutdown procedures! Mother! I need you quickly!”

Kimison was smiling he could already feel the rush of information as it started to flood his mind. Mary appeared a moment later just before Kimison started to scream.

Shaking her head Mary dived into the program. Looking around she could see that Kimison had almost absorbed Tempro’s entire library. The only problem was there was no link for his mind to another library to go to. Then she heard Rayburn, “Mary, please hold that idiot still as I withdraw the both of you and do a gradual shut down.”

Rayburn had been awakened with a start when Kimison had started to scream. Idiot Rayburn thought almost as rash as the emperor! Running through all the systems, Rayburn finally gained control and started the shut down drawing both Kimison and Mary out as he did.

Ripping the head set off as soon as he was back, Rayburn watched as Kimison’s body started going into shock the whole body twitching. “We need to get him to... , “ Rayburn was saying as Kimison disappeared. A moment later he too disappeared and was standing over the man on a medical table. “Stupid, stupid idiot!” Rayburn was muttering to his self as he tried to stabilize Kimison. An hour later Rayburn breathed a sigh of relief, it appeared that Kimison was going to be alright, at least ‘til he woke up and Rayburn kicked his ass.

“I am reading stabilization of all his systems, though I am unsure if irreparable damage has been done to his cerebral cortex or his memory centers. Neither Mary nor myself can determine this until he has awoken.” Tempro informed Rayburn.

Rayburn nodded, as pissed as he was he couldn’t really blame Kimison. They all owed the commander many times over he’d have done it had Kimison hadn’t though, he would set up a few more safeties.

“The harmonic memory cells have to be adjusted to a finer point of .0001,” Kimison was muttering in his sleep. Rayburn was writing everything down as it came out of the man’s mouth. Shaking his head he turned and looked at the device, he needed to have a go his self but he was going to add more safe guards.

Mary could only nod she had to commend both men for their fierce loyalty for the emperor, but if they kept this up they were going to seriously destroy what was left of their brains! She estimated that Kimison had absorbed 90% of Tempro’s library. Though no where as much as the emperor had taken it should be sufficient to up his intelligence. Sighing she just hoped that they didn’t keep taking unnecessary chances like this.

The Captain of the Betrayal cursed when he saw the three ships give chase then disable half of those with him. With a sigh he ordered the others back, his ship would continue on. Nearing after exiting the trans-warp the Captain smiled, he should take the ships then ... Cursing he saw that the emperor was on to their trick and was already rotating the ship shield frequencies. Descending they had to complete the mission, the knowledge the emperor could gain would seriously hamper their operations.

Brought out of his ruminations by a shrill tone emitted by the console he smiled, at least this was going to be interesting he thought. Landing the Captain started a fine thin blast of energy to disrupt the shield, smiling when at first it was working. Suddenly the frequency changed and almost sent a back surge to the ship. Cursing, the Captain smacked the shit out of the first officer, “Get on it you miserable ass! I want us in there NOW!” The first officer nodded as he picked himself off the floor across the room where he had landed.

Crap Derrick thought, it was taking way too long to get in, “Mary I am transferring control to you, I want as much as you can get.”

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