Lost Empire
Chapter 65

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0001 - Tempro
0003 - Conner- Thomas
0097 - Ace - Zimmel
0098 - Lucy
0101 - Shelby (mother ship)
0125 - Lars
0200 - Ellen
0301 - Rodrick
0403 - Johnathon
0667 - Marco - Brown
0778 - Jan
0798 - Celeste - Shelby (human)
0805 - Toran
0808 - Radella
0908 - Tara - Mara

Ungrown - unnumbered

2 - onboard Shelby, 0250 Tendra
1000 - Sherry in Re-gen
0999 - Zan - still lost

Known and OR numbered

0501 - Thaddeus
???? - Lena

William finally found his voice, then sank to his knees. Tears were starting to flow as he stated, “she’s alive? My god she’s alive!”

Trent Hartwell of course, was stunned to silence. His Niece was alive? All the reports that he’d received had said that she was dead, for quite some time now. Shaking his head, he should have known better than to trust what he hadn’t seen for himself.

Nodding Trent suddenly stared at Greeson, “Wait! You said that she, is now one of the three most important people in the empire? You’re sure it’s our Lucie?”

Greeson started to smile, while nodding. “Oh, I’m sure. She looks a lot like you, yeah, I’m sure. Also, I think that her brother, might have a bit to say about it also.”

Both men’s heads snapped around to stare even harder at Greeson. “Her brother?”

“I’m her only brother, Little Johnny was killed years ago. We all saw the official report.” William continued on.

Greeson’s face held shock as he shook his head no. “No sir, I’m afraid that you have been misinformed. Admiral Hartwell, is the commander of the Imperial space fleet.”

Both William and Trent could only stare at Greeson with open mouths. “My god!” Trent was whispering, “they are BOTH still alive!”

Near where the defeat of the Tendraxian fleet occurred, three small ships were closing in on the life sign readings. The damaged ship’s operator was having the hardest time, keeping up with the other two.

“We’re getting close to the first set of readings.” The operator of the first working ship stated. “Since you are having as much trouble as you are, I suggest you take the first.” He told the damaged ship’s operator.

“Alright, though, I suggest that the both of you hurry. I’m not sure if my trans-warp is going to last much longer. The Criteria chamber is starting to show metal stress.” The damaged ship’s operator replied.

“It shouldn’t take that long. We might have the other two before you are done.” The second working ship’s operator said, as the two working ships accelerated past the damaged one.

The damaged ship operator started to slow, keeping an eye on the other two, as they grew smaller. Finally coming to a stop, near what appeared to be almost a coffin, he shook his head. ‘What in the hell have we gotten ourselves into,’ he thought?

Scanning the box, he just hoped its energy lasted long enough. The A.I. on this ship, was nowhere as advanced as the EIG’s. Even as he watched, he saw that the other two ships, had already started in on the other two pods. An hour later, he was surprised when the first two sets of tests, had cleared, plus the third appeared just as clear moving forward rapidly.

He’d just completed working on what he could with the ship’s engines, when an alert went off.

“Warning, warning! Life support of capsule is failing, life support of capsule is failing! Suggest opening capsule to extract living subject contained within.” The A.I. was telling him.

“Time ‘til all four sets finished?” The operator stated.

“Now beginning last set, estimated time, twenty minutes.” The A.I. replied.

“Is there any way to render aid without bringing the capsule on board?” The operator asked.

“Working,” came the A.I.’s reply. “Possible to add energy. Warning! If attempted, ship’s power may be compromised. Suggestion: if attempt is made, use non-essential systems only.”

The operator thought about it a moment then stated, “Make it so. Add as much energy as is safely possible.”

“Compliance,” the A.I. replied.

A moment later, a thin line of energy shot out of the small ship striking the capsule. The operator nodded as he saw that the levels of the capsule were starting to climb.

“Now shutting down. Power of capsule has been extended another twenty two minutes. Last set running now, many of the dangers that were present have been eliminated.” The A.I. reported.

Breathing a sigh of relief the man went back to fixing what he could. He really needed to go out to repair a great deal of the damage. Shaking his head he knew that wasn’t about to happen.

It was almost twenty one and a half minutes later, when he brought the capsule aboard. Several alarms were going off as he tried in vain, to open it. “Have you got anything yet?” The man was yelling trying to get above the alarms.

“Working, the first set of locks are open. Second set starting to release. Warning, Warning! Breathable atmosphere within the capsule reaching toxic levels! Asphyxiation is imminent.” The A.I. droned on.

“I know!” The man was shouting. “Get it open NOW!”

A moment later, there was a loud pneumatic hiss as the lid started to slide back. Grabbing the lid, the man was trying to force the lid open faster. Looking inside, the man’s mouth dropped open as the female inside, was gasping for breath, a look of terror on her face. Almost frozen, the man reached over hitting several controls next to him.

Finally sitting up, the female was looking around a wild look on her face. Espying the man, she quickly calmed lowering her head and eyes.

“I am sorry lord sir. I was afraid that I was going to expire. Please forgive me for reacting like this.” The petite female stood, causing the man’s mouth to drop open even more, as he saw that she was indeed stark naked! That plus her ashen hair and skin were striking. “I accept whatever punishment you desire to give me.”

The man was speechless as he tried, several times, to form a sentence. His eyes still locked on her body, he was barely able to answer the beeping communicator.

“I say again, come in, Outmute one. Is everything alright? Have you gotten the pod?” Came the voice of the first undamaged ship.

“I ... I ... I...” was all that the man was able to get out.

“Ah! She must be as naked as mine and the other one is. We’re on our way to you now. Were you able to effect any repairs to your system?” The male voice asked.

Snapping out of his near trance, the damaged ship operator replied. “I think I’ll have enough to make it, though,” here he looked back toward the engine compartment. “I still don’t expect it to last much longer. We really need to hurry.”

“Alright, forming up now. We just have to get past the debris field, then we can trans-warp.” The first ship operator replied.

All three of the small ships were finally back in formation, as they started forward trying to get past the scattered wreckage.

Looking at the naked female, the damaged ship operator let out an exasperated breath. Shaking his head he thought, yeah, we’re going to have to call him, shit the man was going to be pissed! That plus the fact, that he really didn’t need any of this right now either!

Joesph Hartwell rolled his eyes again, as the female once again stripped off the clothes he’d ordered her to wear. ‘What in the hell was her problem?’ He thought as he AGAIN averted his eyes, as she was AGAIN completely naked.

“I thought I told you to wear those! Why have you taken them off again?” Hartwell yelled, then regretted it as the female cringed away from him.

“Lord sir, these are an abomination to me.” She stated as she held up the pants and shirt she’d been wearing. Dropping her head, then her body to the floor, prostrating herself at his feet. “I did not mean to anger you lord sir, I await your punishment.”

Hartwell’s mouth dropped open, what kind of sick asses were her people? Reaching out, he very gently raised her head to look in her fearful eyes. “I am not angry, I want you to remain in those clothes.”

A sudden laughing from the doorway, had Hartwell’s head snapping up to see his sister. She was holding her sides doing her best to remain on her feet.

“Serves you right, locking yourself away from the rest of the world Johnny!” She stated, a large smile on her lips.

Growling, he stood walking at a determined clip toward her. “I thought I told you, to NOT call me that! Perhaps we need another ‘lesson’ like before?”

Lucie growled back, a fierce look on her face. “You won’t find it as easy as last time. I guarantee I will put up a hell of a lot more fight this time, than I did the last.” With that she took a defensive position both her hands at the ready.

Hartwell, a small smile on his lips took a step toward her. Lucie suddenly lashed out, almost connecting with his face making him back up. Smirking at him she was suddenly staring at the ashen haired female. The female’s mouth was hanging open staring at Lucie with a shocked look.

In an almost inaudible whisper, she was saying while looking around, “You would risk death attacking a lord?” Had the female not seemed as serious as she was, Lucie might have doubled over laughing. In this case though, the look of absolute horror on the female’s face gave her pause.

Looking at her brother she asked, “Is she serious?”

Johnathon nodded as he quietly said, “It appears that her people regard their females as breeding machines only. It’s enough to make me want to declare war on their whole damn world!”

Lucie was nodding yes, still staring at the female. The female had shrunk back even more from the both of them, though she was now shaking hard at Johnathon’s words.

Shit! Johnathon was thinking, as the female was trying to make herself as small as possible. This was really going to take a long time.

Both Kimison and Rayburn were exhausted. Neither had slept much after the ceremony, then the attack. True all that they had been working on had helped, they felt bad that it hadn’t been enough. Looking at the parent brain box, they knew they HAD to complete this.

“Since the empress has added her input, I think we might have a good template to start with.” Kimison stated. “ The matrix has been set up, I just hope it is enough. How are the power levels?”

Rayburn’s hands were flying at a blurred speed as he input data.

“So far, all is within tolerable levels. Are you seeing any deviation in the Matrix? Any more than point zero-zero-one would mean we have to start over again.” Rayburn said.

“Nothing as of yet, I’ve added the first ten thousand kilobytes of data. So far everything appears to be running as it should. Alright, adding another ten thousand kilobytes.” Kimison responded.

Rayburn nodded with a sigh, at this rate they would be at it for weeks just getting the basic personality in. That was only twenty thousand kilobytes they had done. They had well over twenty terabytes of information to add. Looking at the mind device, he wished now that he’d been able to take more. Nodding his head he thought, I’ll have to risk it, this is far too important not to.

“Second data package added, it appears that the matrix is slightly fluctuating. Shutting down for a bit.” Kimison stated a bit worried.

Rayburn looked over at Kimison as the man stretched, then yawned. “We better get some sleep before Mary zaps us again. I don’t look forward to not being able to move or speak like that again.”

Kimison nodded, “Yeah that sounds like a good idea to me. At least we’ve got it started. I just hope we can finish before it is too late.” Yawning again, he waited while Rayburn finished.

“Alright, I think all is secure.” Rayburn said, then moved out with Kimison. They both were in their bunks an hour when Rayburn got up, heading back to the room they had been working in. Taking a deep breath, he sat, then donned the head set. Flicking several switches Tempro suddenly appeared.

“Sir, this is highly unconventional, you are far more rational than your compatriot. Sir, you must stop this course of action.” Tempro was saying even as the current started to flow through the machine. “Warning, Warning! All A.I. control has been restricted, this could lead to permanent damage to your cerebral cortex!”

“I have to, Tempro,” Rayburn was saying through clenched teeth. Then the apparatus was fully online as the real world vanished.

A fiery red head suddenly appeared, “Commander?” She said, as information started to flow at a steadily faster rate.

“Mother, I need your help,” Tempro stated as Mary appeared. “He has restricted all my access to the apparatus.”

Mary nodded about to speak when Rayburn started to whimper, then slightly gag. Suddenly he was screaming at the top of his voice as his body started to convulse. Mary vanished as she dove into the machine as fast as she could.

Looking around she saw that he’d already gotten one ship, moving on she soon found him in Tara.

Tara looked shocked to see Mary. “I tried to keep him out, though was unable to.” Here Tara lowered her head.

“It’s alright, I’m here now,” Mary said more to Rayburn than Tara. Turning she looked at Tara with pride in her eyes. “You did all that you could. The commander and his compatriot are far more advanced, than the original programmers and engineers were.” Here Mary hugged a startled Tara. “You did an admirable job daughter.”

Tara’s face held great pride as Mary started hitting several shut down commands. Slowly she started to extract Rayburn’s consciousness, then felt several pathways open making it even easier.

“Thank you Commander,” she told Kimison. “Like when you were in this such situation, the help made this go far faster.”

Kimison nodded, “I thought something was up, when I felt him trying, to shut me out of his thoughts. Unfortunately, I can’t do that trick yet.”

“All data can be entered at an accelerated rate, if a modified sigma energy variance can be maintained. All data must have-” Rayburn was whispering.

Interesting Kimison thought, though at the moment none of it made sense at all. Looking at the device he shook his head, as much as he hated the pain from the thing, he’d have to go in at least one more time. Looking at the readings, his eyes went wide when he saw that Rayburn had removed almost all of the safety protocols! Turning back toward Rayburn, he thought, damn asshole, was he that desperate?

Growling a bit Kimison walked to the bio-bed, “You asshole! You stupid idiot! Here you accuse me of being reckless, then you turn around and pull this.”

A groan from Rayburn had Kimison running up to him. “Could you keep it down?” Rayburn was whispering. “I’ve got a splitting headache.”

“Serves you right taking almost all the safeties off.” Kimison slightly growled.

“Yeah I know, though I finally see what we were doing wrong. I-” Then Rayburn promptly passed out again.

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