Changing Dna
Chapter 1

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Hi, my name is Robert Keystone. I was born in October of the year of 2530 in the state of Oregon. My parents are John and Martha Keystone.

John was 6'5, 265lbs of muscle. He had an IQ of 225 and is a Doctor of Ophthalmology. He was born in the State of New Mexico in the year of 2514.

Martha was 5'6, 120lbs wet. 40C-25-32. she had an IQ of 230 and is also a Doctor of Obstetrics and Gynecology. She was born in the State of British Columbia in the year of 2515.

Yes, now all of Canada is part of the United States. The Economy collapsed and we bailed them out. England refused to help, even though they and France were the cause of the mess. So Canada pulled away from England and then slowly joined us as states.

Believe or not Mexico is another State. They had a major war with the Drug Cartels and then an epidemic, which followed wiped out about 98% of their population. They didn't want any help from any of the Country's of the World, so the country collapsed. We sent in doctors and the army to help clean up the mess after it was all over. Incinerating millions of bodies and that now carried diseases, was very bad. They then joined us several years later.

Yes we have really grown. Washington DC became a State, but is not the Capital anymore. It's just a lot of Museums now. The people got tired of the Corruption, the Lies and not doing what the people wanted. So they set up a special court, and tried all of the Politicians for crimes against the people of the United States. Even the older Administrations were not immune to these courts. They are all in prison now along with a lot of CEO's of the Big Corporations, Judges from Local and even the Federal Level, and even the Supreme Court Judges even all living Presidents and over Five Million Lawyers. Yes, once the Government went down the CEO's weren't long to follow. They were the ones that helped make the mess and they had to pay for wasting the people's money and bad advice and down right theft. All money that was proven to be from these deals was confiscated along with their land, cars, yachts, airplanes and homes. Everything was sold off and returned to the new government. You would not believe the amount of money that they had stashed around the world.

All new laws had to be put on the net for one month before any vote was taken. Plus the laws didn't have all the mumbo jumbo in them. A normal person could understand most of them.

The new Capital is now in Arizona and when the majority of the people wanted something passed into Law, they got it. No more spin or Lobbyist to deal with. The people are the ruling party and use the Constitution as the true base to live by. Most the laws that were passed in the past were repealed due to the unwanted and bogus laws. The new Politicians now listen to the People or they were out and or in jail. Many laws were proven to be unconstitutional, due to the little add-on's that were put in there for the Government and not for the voters. [Like if you wanted a student loan, you had to start paying it back after four years. But for the Senate, Congress and the President's kids, they didn't.]

This meant we got out of debt real fast. We started cutting Hundreds of Billions in Foreign Aid that wasn't going where it was suppose to be used for. Like lining someone politicians pocket. We cut Budgets across the board. The upper echelon in the Military didn't like it one bit. But there was a lot of waste and kick backs there. Thirty percent of their budget was cut.

Crime dropped over ninety percent when the gun laws were repealed. States had no say in the matter; the Constitution stated that you had the right to bear arms. So you could now walk down the street with a gun strapped on and the police left you alone. That alone increased jobs making guns and ammunition for all that wanted one. That was unless you were a Convicted Felon then you could not have a gun. If you were caught with one you didn't want the penalty for breaking that law.

We pulled out of the United Nations because it was a waste of time any money and did little for anyone. It collapsed after two years as other started pulling out also.

Israel is finally left alone after the Arab countries tried to invade again and lost their ASSES again. The had to take the Palestine's into their countries and a term of their surrender.

The World as a whole changed a lot after this happened. Most of the other countries started cleaning their own houses. Most of their Governments ended up in prison also. So that put a lot of money back into the hands of the working people.

Wars in the World still happened and the US tried to stay out of them. But if we entered a war, we went into it to win, no screwing around. No Political posturing. We didn't care about trade agreements with other countries. We went into win.

The school system is a lot better. No more just pass them through, and no more sports players getting special treatment. No more curves on testing. Pass or don't move up, that included gym. You would not believe how many failed for years before Graduating due to being overweight. Teachers don't have any say, their Unions had too much power and now it's gone. They are graded just like the kids. They fail and they're out, no more Tenure. Now they are just like any normal person in the work force. Do your job or you are gone.

Crime is all but extinct, due to repealed laws. Now the people are protected, not the criminals. There is only one large prison; it's in the Northern State of Mexico. It covers 1,000,000 acres of land. Four layers of fencing, a large section was set aside for farming, workshops, grazing for cattle and sheep. They grow and raised their own food. Taxpayers are not totally footing the bills. The policy is, you don't work, and you don't eat. You have to support your stay there by working in many different jobs. All excess is sold to the public and the extra money is split among the Inmates. To say we lost some before they realized it. Gangs now are all but gone. They were tried under the Terrorist Laws that were put in place in the early 21st century.

Yes, times are very different now. But life is a whole lot better and safer.


My parents met at a Doctor's Conference in Washington State. It was a short romance; they were married and settled in Oregon. Yes, I know that makes them 15 and 16 years old. But in this time era, your an Adult at thirteen and have every right now as people did when they were 18.

I spent the first five years of my life in the hospital. I was having convulsions constantly. They tried every test possible and couldn't find the problem. They finally put me in isolation. Then my parents got involved after they went back to College and got their Degrees in Allergy and Immunology and they found the Anomaly. Then I was moved to a special lab for another five years. Why: because I was an Anomaly, my DNA kept changing to anyone's DNA that came into skin to skin contact with me, a perfect match. All traces of their DNA matched mine in every way. All the markers, genes and hereditary traits included. Nobody could figure out how or why I got this. There had been no gene splicing or special injections from my parents or theirs.

My parents and the special group of scientist started digging into our ancestry to find anything they could, which might shine a light on this.

I just continued with my life. Went to a special school, went out with friends and family. All in all I had a pretty normal life for a guy who couldn't touch or have someone touch you. I graduated high school at age nine and college by age eleven. Yes, I was a brainy also. The only thing my parents insisted on was no sex. What a bummer, but oh well. If your DNA kept changing and not knowing what would happen if you had sex. So here I am a college graduate with Medical Degrees in, Micro Biology, Genetic Engineering and in Chemistry and still a virgin. I wasn't even allowed to beat off.

So now, I working at that special lab that I had spent five years in as a lab rat. The lab was run by a Doctor Brown, He was Genetics Wizard. He is still trying to find out about how my DNA works. I joined his team, but told him I would like to also work independently at times. He agreed to this because he wanted more of my DNA to play with. So we began our experiments. We went over everything that he and my parents did when I was growing up and what he was still doing on the side.

I was given a lab and four assistants to help on my separate work. Two males and two females, all were between 25 to 30 years old. The men really didn't like to work for a newbie and wanted to take control of the experiments. I pulled them aside and read them the riot act; they both backed down in a hurry. That was a test in its self. When I walked back over to the young ladies, that in it self was a different story, they were blushing, looking down at the floor and looked and smelled like they were in heat. Oh well back to work, it would give me time to think about what had just happened.

So as our experiments started, I did some of my own on the sly. Each night before my assistants left for the night I would touch one of them until I had all of their DNA's. After they left for the night, I would jack off into a Petri dish. I would save half of each batch and experiment on the other half. On the male side, I had very little problems with my DNA or the sperm. It matched perfectly with each male. But with the women each had a side affect, it matched their DNA but the sperm did not change. It was still mine.

My next experiment was even more hush-hush. I needed female eggs to see if the sperm and the eggs would join or be rejected. So I put a request in and got five different female eggs. If it took, I would need volunteers to be implanted to see if they came through full term. Surprise, surprise all the eggs took. I found out that all five women that gave their eggs also agreed to carry the eggs to full term. Now it was hurry up and wait, plus the whole time I was also trying to control my DNA after I would touch someone. I was getting very good at holding my own, and then started trying to do it while masturbating. I had plenty of failures, till I got a mind set. What I really found interesting was, at times I would get a completely different DNA.

Nine moths later, all the babies were born, all healthy and with no problems except the ones that had my sperm. They had very high IQ's, and their DNA does not change like mine. So now I am a Daddy of three beautiful daughters. All the other babies had the DNA of the men that I had touched over a period of time.

Four years later I slowly I figured it out. It was DNA from anyone that I had contact with from the day I was born. Yep the Government had a DNA file on everyone in the United States and the lab I worked for had a copy of all the peoples DNA that had contact with me from Day 1. All I had to do was see them or think of them and my DNA would change. Now my next experiment was to see if I could combine two or more DNA's together. It didn't work. Oh well that's the breaks in science.

I went to see my daughters every couple of days so they knew who their father was. Debbie was one of the young ladies that were part of my experiment to see if the eggs would grow. She met a nice guy and got married. He had no problem with my visiting his wife and my daughter. That had been going on now for three years now. So one day I was visiting Carol [my daughter] and Debbie asked to talk to me about something important. After talking and playing with Carol, I told her I was going to talk some with her mom and we were not to be disturbed.

She looked up at me with those baby blues and said, "I understand Daddy."

As I entered the den I could see Debbie had been crying. Looking up she wiped her eyes and smiled, then motioned me to sit next to her on the couch. As I sat down, I reached over and took her hand. Squeezing it gently to let her know I was here for her.

"Robert, John and I have been trying for years to have kids, but I can't seem to get pregnant. We went to the Doctor's and found out that John is sterile and can't have any. I, we need your help."

"What can I do for Debbie?"

"I know you work with DNA, but I'm not sure if you could get DNA from John and help me get pregnant."

"Debbie, yes I work with DNA all the time, but you can't use sterile DNA to create life."

"So you can't help us?"

"That's not what I said."

"So what did you mean?"

"I might be able to help you, but not the way you would normally go about it. I could do it the same way I did for the experiment to get you pregnant. But you and John must never say anything about how you got pregnant."

"But why will we have to keep quit about how we got pregnant?"

"I am the DNA that you'll be using to get pregnant."

"What do you mean you're the DNA?"

"That's what the experiment was about that you were involved in. My body changes its DNA to anyone that touches me. Like right now my DNA is, or can be the same as yours because I'm touching you, all except my sperm. I was experimenting with my sperm from touching other people. Then checking my sperm and when I finished with phase one, I started on phase two. That is where you came in, you, Becky and Kathy all gave me beautiful daughters. They are all very intelligent and all have my DNA and their mother's DNA."

"But how is that possible?"

"I wish I knew, we are still experimenting on why and how my body changes. Doctors and scientist have been studying me since the day I was born and we all still don't know how or why. I could tell all the girls were very smart, they started copying me almost from the day they were born."

Robert "So what are you proposing, Invetro? You know that's very expensive to have done."

"John and I will have to talk some more before we can ask you on what we decided on. Now that I know more about you, can you please give us a couple of days?"

"No problem Debbie, but I'll need to talk to both of you at the same time when the decision is made."


That night I started to have dreams, of many women and men watching me everywhere I went. Smiling and nodding at me, but always staying at a distance. Never approaching or talking. The women all looked like my Lab assistants after I chewed out the two men and then came back to the two women. The men and the women had the look of being submissive, but the women had a little different look, LUST.

The dreams just kept coming, with no real point or why. I would see experiments and sometimes I would see different DNA strands. Then other times it was as if I was living with several women, then at other times it was if I was living with hundreds of women. None of it made sense.

The next day when I got to my Lab, I made a call Dr. Brown and asked him to come to my Lab for a short conference. He said he would love to talk to me. Dr. Brown showed up ten minutes later. I stood and shook his hand and gestured to a chair.

"So what do you want to talk about today Robert?"

"I want to try another experiment and need ten male and ten females for it."

"Can I ask why you need these people?"

"In a small part it will have to do with my DNA problem, but the other half I can not say at this time. But I'll give you an update and briefing as I go along, and give you a final once I find out something."

"I can live with that, when do you need them and for how long? Plus what age bracket are you looking for?"

"I think no more then a week should do it. Age wise, make it various."

"So how are your tests coming along?

"We are at a dead end, we can't figure out anything or why after all these years. Therefore, we are going to stop for now and wait for information to come in. So go ahead and try your experiments."

"Thank you Dr. Brown, I'll keep you informed of the results."

"Thank you."

The next day I went to see my parents. They welcomed me with open arms but with a slight demure. Both mom and dad looked like they had been crying. Mom finished her hug and left to finish dinner. Dad and I went and sat in the den.

"So son how is your testing going?"

"Fine so far, but I'm starting a new experiment and I would like you and mom to help supervise it. But I have to ask you and mom to keep my new test a secret."

"Why! What are you going to do in this experiment?"

"I can't say right now and both of you will need to sign a NDA." [Non-Disclosure Agreement]

"Son will all talk about this over dinner, ok?"

"Ok dad!"

I was a little blunt on his answer. For some reason I knew he was hiding something. Mom was a little uneasy and jumpy too.

As dad and I sat watching the tube in the Den, nothing was said the whole time. Mom finally called saying dinner was ready. The whole time dad and I sat there we never said a word. It was a little unnerving to say the least. We had always talked about everything and now nothing. As we sat down at the table in our usual spots, before dad spoke.

"Robert, please don't interrupt till I finish."

I nodded.

"Your mother and I had decided to have another child. We, your mother and I stopped after we had you because we had to help you survive and to find out how this happened. With you we still don't. There was a problem we found out about later. I cannot get your mother pregnant. We went to the doctors and we were tested. My sperm count is so low; they don't know how your mother got pregnant the first time. The first thing that crossed my mind was that your mother cheated on me. We had a very loud argument about it. This almost destroyed our marriage. So we or I had a DNA test done after you stabilized. You are my son, your mother and I straightened out the mess in our marriage."

In this time, adultery is against the law. Too many marriages have been hurt or destroyed by it. One of the new laws was that every one had to have their DNA on file. That is when lots of husbands and boyfriends found out that they were not the father of their kids. Roughly, 55 million divorces were caused under this law. Under this law, the Government went after the real father to pay the man that was screwed. The laws have been set up over time to cover the women and favor the women in divorces. Since more women had been in politics and have more voting power, laws were discreetly changed. Screw the man 100% even though the man did not Cheat or cause the Divorce. You would not believe the mess that one caused.

Another one was the laws of marriage. If you got married in a church, you fell under their laws. If you married by the Justice of the Peace, you fell under the States Laws. The Federal Government would stay out of it. You could also have more wives or more husbands. No one cared!

One interesting thing that came out of the new Government was the Fifty/Fifty voting act. It meant that for every man that voted, one woman could vote. As in most countries, there are more women then men. So they had a much larger voting power. Laws went more towards the female and not the man. Now all had an equal voting block.

Another one was that women could not hold Public Offices in a State or Federal Government. Interesting enough it was the women that pushed for it to help stabilize the family structures.

There were lots of other laws that went into effect.

Dad "We need your help to have another child."

"Dad, how do want me to help you? I'll do everything is possible to help. I know you both gave up a lot to save my life and then to try to find a cure for me. So yes, I'll do anything I can do too help!"

Mom jumped up and ran to me grabbing me in a bear hug. DAMN could she hug?

"Thank You, Thank You my loving son!"

Looking at my father, I saw a small tear leaking from his eye.

Smiling he nods and says, "Thank you."

I just nod.

Mom walked over, sets on the couch and snuggles up to my father. Both grinning like a pair hungry cats ready to pounce on a mouse.

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