Where You Go

Copyright© 2011 by Robert McKay

I did call Rudy and apologize, and gave him the evidence I had – though the fingerprints Kim had collected I had to get from her in order to give to Rudy. He is still my best friend. I had strained our friendship, but a strain is not a break, and he was as loyal to me as I had been to Larry – even though I had not deserved it.

Rudy took the evidence to the homicide detectives, who weren't disposed to like me after the way I'd bullied my way into tossing Larry's apartment. But the evidence was enough that they had reason to reopen the case, and after investigation they arrested Teebeau Rice for the murder. Right now the trial is in the future, and probably will remain so for a while; while trials these days fit the Constitution's prescription of public, they're rarely speedy.

When school started again in January Darlia found that she wanted to try out for the soccer team. It wasn't quite time yet – they'd hold tryouts come spring – but a new friend of hers had gotten her interested. Cecelia and I aren't soccer fans and know almost nothing about the game, but we're prepared to learn. Darlia isn't a runner, really, but she's strong and tough and probably could do well, especially in Calvin Academy's atmosphere of playing first for fun and only second for the scoreboard ... though they do keep score.

I'm still a private detective in Albuquerque, and it looks like I will be for years to come. I still don't like murders, and don't investigate them. And the perspective that I lost, at such great cost, and regained – I guard that with a wary eye, and Cecelia's loving assistance.

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