Chapter 214: Two in Black (Beginning)

Copyright© 2011 by Murasame

(Gein flourishes the wires as they retract into his fingertips.)

Aoshi: Diamond-edge wire...

Gein: Hm ... truly the Oniwabanshu Okashira. You're well-informed. Wires coated with crushed diamonds. Just a touch will tear flesh; a bundle of it can break bone.

Aoshi: You understand how difficult it would be to fight with them.

Gein: For avoiding unnecessary trouble, there's nothing better. Where have you hidden my corpse doll? It's not like the Iwanbou series, a product of functional beauty as a master mechanic--it's the pinnacle of artificial beauty as a dollmaker. My greatest creation, that deceived even the eyes of Hitokiri Battousai. It was proof that my creations are the equal of the human creations of God! It would be blasphemy to let it rot away. It must be left to go down in the history of crime!

Aoshi: I don't care about that. I asked you a question. Where is Kamiya Kaoru?

(Gein stops for a moment. Then he sighs.)

Gein: I give up. We both wear black and live in the darkness. I thought you might be able to appreciate the soul of my artistry. But you're just another philistine. Prepare to meet your maker, Shinomori Aoshi!

(He casts out the diamond wires. They cut through stones and grave markers; without seeming to move, Aoshi simply evades them.)

Gein: Damn!

(With the same silent movement, Aoshi now stands to his side.)

Gein: Flowing-water movement...

Aoshi: Things which cut or bind pass right through water ... There's nothing like it for avoiding unnecessary trouble.

Gein: It's rude to be sarcastic with a straight face. However!

(Gravestones rise around Aoshi; Gein has wrapped his wires around them. Aoshi leaps aside to avoid the flying stones and rubble.)

Gein: If cutting or binding won't work, I'll strike until you splash!

(Another wave of gravestones rise behind him. Aoshi disappears in a cloud of rubble.)

Gein: Enishi and Heishin underestimated the shadow puppeteer. Even the mechanisms of the Iwanbou series require extraordinary strength to manipulate. No amateur could handle them. One finger supporting twenty kilos, movement becomes possible when you first operate a delicate mechanism by a tenth of a millimeter ... By comparison, a few gravestones are no trouble at all. Now, it's time--

(Aoshi reappears unhurt as the dust settles, holding his kodachi.)

Aoshi: Now it's time? You don't feel like answering my question?

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