Chapter 207: See ya

Copyright© 2011 by Murasame

Abandoned Longhouses

(Sanosuke sits alone, beside a couple of empty sake bottles and an untouched meal.)

No more. I'm tired. (He finishes his cup and tosses it aside.)

(Misao stares in disbelief at Kaoru's memorial tablet.)

Misao: ... No.

Yahiko: It's true. That's Kaoru. It's all too late. Kaoru was killed, and Kenshin was broken. And I couldn't do a thing about it...

(Out of nowhere, Misao whacks him on the head with her traveling bag.)

Misao: I don't want to hear you cry! That's pathetic!

Yahiko: Hey!

Misao: You can snivel later. (She pulls out a book and slams it down in front of him.) Right now there's something for you to do! This is what Kaoru asked me to bring. The diary where Himura's late wife recorded her real feelings. We show this to the white-haired freak and he'll realize what a pointless meaningless stupid thing he did. Then we make him bow down before Kaoru's grave and apologize! I'd really like to bring her his head, but that would go against Kaoru's Kamiya Kasshin school, and Himura's vow not to kill. But if we don't at least do this, Kaoru will never be able to rest. As Kaoru's best pupil and someone Himura relied on, this is your job! I'll help too. First, we find the white-hair--(noticing Yahiko's surprised look)--what?

Yahiko: Nothing. It's just ... no matter what happens, you never let it get you down.

Misao: Well. That's because being cheerful is my greatest virtue.

Yahiko: If you can call just being cheerful a virtue.

Misao: What?!

Yahiko: Anyway, you're right. We can't let him get away with this! First thing tomorrow we go to where Kenshin is with Sanosuke and everybody and start looking for the white-hair!

(Late that night. Misao is sitting on the well, choking back tears.)

Misao: But you said I should come visit you. You said you'd be waiting ... Kaoru.

(Aoshi, sitting inside the dojo, notices her tears.)

(The next morning. Sanosuke steps resolutely towards Kenshin, over the collapsed bodies of those he fought to get in. He raises a hand and punches Kenshin solidly across the mouth.)

Sanosuke: See ya.

(He shoulders his bag and walks away. Kenshin settles himself back against the wall.)

(Yahiko and Misao set out.)

Yahiko: Your eyes are all red. Couldn't you sleep?

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