Chapter 201: The Utter Conclusion of a Fifteen Year Fight

Copyright© 2011 by Murasame

Enishi: A fine match...

(They stand as they are; all eyes are on them.)

Saitou (to Kaoru): You. If you don't want anything to happen to you, get as far away from here as you can, now.

Kaoru: I know. When Yukishiro Enishi looked at me like that ... that wasn't simple hostility. There was something more...

Saitou: If he could say all that without words, that's all you need to know. You're Himura Kenshin's greatest weakness. If things aren't going his way, he'll strike you down without mercy.

Kaoru: You're right ... But I can't leave now. If I moved, Enishi would notice before Kenshin did. He'd do something then. However hard or painful it is for him, Kenshin can't avoid this fight. So now, when he's resolved to fight, I don't want to hold him back by trying to save myself. Now, they'll settle once and for all this fight that's spanned fifteen years--Kenshin, not to mention Yukishiro Enishi, can think of nothing else.

Saitou: Then I'll just say that whatever happens, I won't move to save you.

Kaoru: I know. You're almost half Kenshin's enemy, anyway.

Saitou: More than half would be more accurate.

Megumi (to Kaoru): What are you muttering about. You have to stay focused!

Sanosuke: If you have time to stand around and chat you could at least cheer him on.

(Kaoru looks confused and glances to Saitou.)

Saitou: Why not. That would hardly be holding him back. (Don't ask me, you fool.) They could be staring each other down all night. If you shout you could give him an opening.

Kaoru: Well then. (shouting) Come on, Kenshin!

(They break; swords clash.)

Enishi: We're not there yet. Let's see a few of those Hiten techniques to see how serious you are.


Sanosuke: Here he comes!

--Shouha Tousei!

(He whips his sword in a tight arc down towards Kenshin's shoulder; Kenshin dodges and the tip of Enishi's sword buries itself in the earth. Kenshin leaps in the air.)

Hiten Mitsurugi Ryuutsuisen

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