Chapter 193: Three-Front Battle: Fight 3 Part 2

Copyright© 2011 by Murasame

Otowa: Anki are hidden weapons for use in assassination. It is imperative that they be concealed. But for the greatest anki, the question is not where, but how! Falsely called a demon sword! Disguised as an outlandish collar piece! Human Anki Otowa Hyouko hides anki in the depths of his opponent's heart!

(He tosses Yahiko to the ground.)

Otowa: It's over! You fought so as to make me use my secret weapon. Boy, I'll remember you all my life.

(He laughs.)

Kaoru: Ya ... hiko...

(Kenshin puts a hand on her shoulder.)

Kaoru: Kenshin...

Kenshin (pointing): He's still gripping the shinai. He's probably unconscious, but he's not dead. He's fought well ... I'll take the rest.

Yahiko: Wait...

(Everyone stops.)

Yahiko: I can ... still fight. Please ... let me fight. (pulling himself to his feet) If you're always protecting me, I'll never be any stronger than I am now.

(His legs give and he falls over once again.)

Kaoru: It's all right, Yahiko! You've done enough! Just let Kenshin finish it--don't try to move!

(Yahiko pulls himself to his feet one more time.)

Kenshin: Yahiko. Do you remember why I use the reverse blade?

Yahiko: You don't kill. To carry out your vow of never killing another person.

Kenshin: If I watch you continue to fight, and he kills you, I will have let you die. I wouldn't be worthy of taking up the reverse blade again.

(A long moment of silence.)

Kenshin: ... Yahiko. This once, I will entrust you with my vow not to kill. Fight, and win!

Kaoru: But that's crazy! Kenshin, what are you saying! I understand how he feels, but you can't win a fight with spirit alone! Can't you see--his body--he can barely stand! He's holding onto the shinai just by force of will--he's just barely conscious! (thinking) Barely conscious ... Barely ... wait a minute...

Kenshin: ... Miss Kaoru. They're more grown up at that age than people think.

Otowa: The Rokudouko didn't kill him... (thinking) And this is beginning to sound like a cheap drama. Gives a sophisticate like me chills.

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