Chapter 109: Fists of Conviction

Copyright© 2011 by Murasame

(Sanosuke attacks again and again, with little effect.)

Saitou: If they're not using the Futae no Kiwami, it'll be a long fight. But he hasn't got a prayer against that wall of muscle. The deciding factor is going to have to be the Futae no Kiwami. Look how Anji is focused on his right hand.

Kenshin: Sano knows that. He hasn't used his right hand at all.

Yumi: Enough already! How long are you going to waste time with that boy! I'm sorry about what I said before, okay? Just hurry up and finish him!

(Sanosuke is sweating and breathing hard; Anji looks untouched.)

Anji: It may be unsportsmanlike, but it's time we settled this. It's too bad I must kill a man who could master in a week what took me a full month. At least you can taste for yourself my salvation of the world as you die!

Saitou: This is it. If you're going to stop them, it has to be now.

Kenshin: You seem pretty worried about Sano.

Saitou: Don't be ridiculous. What I'm worried about is the effect his death is going to have on your morale.

Kenshin: It's all right. Sano won't lose.

Sanosuke: Let's do it!!

(They charge)

Yumi: I knew it! When it comes to fists, Brother Anji is definitely the best!

Anji: From the nether world assure yourself of the world's salvation!

(He punches Sanosuke full in the chest.)

Yumi: He got him.

Anji (raising a hand in prayer): Namu Amida Buddha.

Sanosuke: Hang on there. It's a little too soon to start praying for the dead.

(He has blocked, like Anji, by punching himself at the exact same instant.)

Anji (thinking): It couldn't be--the Kiwami Hazushi?

(Sanosuke smashes him in the face.)

Sanosuke: That's the fight!

(Anji is sprawled out on the floor; Kenshin, Saitou and Yumi come down from the balcony.)

Saitou: A win's a win, but that was a one in a million fluke.

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