Chapter 89: Aoshi versus Okina

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(Aoshi stands on a hill overlooking the city.)

Aoshi (thinking): A natural high ground from which you can see all of Kyoto. The Kyoto Oniwabanshuu's lookout.

(Behind him is a small one-room house. He enters; Okina is waiting for him.)

(Misao pounds up the path to the house. Flashback--)

Misao: You're lying!! Hanya and the others can't be dead. It's a lie!

Kaoru: It's not a lie. The four of the Oniwabanshuu died protecting Shinomori Aoshi.

Misao: Beshimi and Hyottoko maybe, but Hanya couldn't have died so easily!

Kaoru (thinking): What a way to talk.

Yahiko: I saw how strong Hanya was. But it doesn't matter when your opponent has a Gatling gun. It's true. They really died...

Kaoru: Shinomori Aoshi went after Kenshin to prove that the Oniwabanshuu deserved to be called the strongest. Kenshin told me this himself, so I'm sure of it. But it seems to have backfired ... Misao!

(Misao runs off for the Aoiya.)

Misao (thinking): I don't believe it. I can't believe it. How could they all die ... Gramps' network can find out if it's true or not. (throwing open the doors) Gramps!

(Omasu and Kuro are fixing the hole in the floor made last night.)

Omasu: Um, Okina's kind of, um...

Misao: What happened to the floor?

Omasu. Uh. Well, you see, Okina was talking in his sleep and did his "Sexy Commando!" punch and--Misao!

(Misao pushes past her and roots through a closet for a certain box. Finding it empty--)

Misao: Answer me. Omasu. What is he doing? If Gramps took out his battle gear in this day and age, something is going on!

Okina: Are you ready, Aoshi.

Aoshi: Yes ... To destroy a former comrade ... I have already prepared.

(He draws the kodachi.)

Okina (thinking): Two-kodachi style... (aloud) The technique mastered by the previous Okashira alone ... you are truly well called a genius. But when genius is warped, it harms only the ordinary. You will be destroyed.

(Houji reports to Shishio, as Yumi and Soujirou play shogi.)

Shishio: So the attack on the Aoiya was a failure...

Houji: I must apologize. I foolishly underestimated them ... In recompense Ten Swords Houji of the Hundred Sense will go himself...

Shishio: There's no need. I've already sent Shinomori Aoshi.

Houji: But--

(Soujirou: Check.

Yumi: Ooh!)

Shishio: I have no need for his interference. Your life is more important. By the way, Houji. Do you believe in hell?

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