Chapter 80: The Sword Which May Not be Drawn

Copyright© 2011 by Murasame

(Seikuu throws open the door to the shrine. The sword, in a plain wooden sheath, sits before an altar.)

Seikuu (thinking): "I made swords to build a new era" ... I never accepted the words my father spoke long ago. Now I finally understand. It's presumptuous to think a sword can build an era. A new era is made by people. And to the one who protects the era he built, who continues to fight from the shadows to protect the peace, I will give my father's sword--!

Chou: I'm not going to take this anymore! I'm pissed off now! See this head? This is what they call Angry Hair that Strikes from Heaven!

Kenshin: You'll have to try a little harder with that worn-out broom head then.

Iori (pleased): Broo--m. Broo--m.

Chou (charging): I'll cram this in your stupid serious face, you fool! You goddam little--

Misao: He's moving in for the kill!

(Chou snaps the blade; Kenshin threads the tip into his sheath.)

Chou: He stopped it with what's left of the sheath--

(Kenshin tosses the point of the sword aside and leaps forward.)

Chou: Oh shit! (thinking) He got in too close!

(Kenshin smashes Chou's forehead with his elbow. Chou goes down.)

Misao: He did it! An Iron Elbow as a counterattack! All right!

Okina: He provoked him and attacked in two flying steps, drawing him in ... With no sword and a wounded right leg it could be Himura's final attack. If it's finished here...

Chou (still conscious and leering): Ooh, careful, careful. It's not good to make too much fun of you.

Okina: It didn't work...

Chou: That attack made me angry, but I'm calm again. You won't fool me a second time. I'll chop you into five pieces and put them on display at the Shijou Gawara.

Okina: Now he was no chance of victory. How are we going to get everyone out of here without someone getting hurt...

Misao (thinking): A sword ... if he only had a sword...

Seikuu (running out of the temple): Mr. Himura! It's my father's last sword! Please, use this!

(Kenshin catches the sword.)

Chou: The stagehand's a little late throwing in the props. Well, whatever. I'll destroy you and take the last work ... two birds with one stone. Draw it. I've had enough, let's settle this. We're two equal swordsmen. It'll be easy to tell which will kill and which will be killed.

Misao: Go, Himura! Now you've got a sword, it'll be easy!

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