Chapter 39: Collision

Copyright© 2011 by Murasame

Yutarou: I ... could be a student here?

Kaoru: How about it? It's up to you, but...

Kenshin: Hmm ... that is a good idea.

Yahiko: I object! That rude little punk, your second pupil!! What are you thinking?! He's Raijuuta's student!!

Yutarou: Hey, you.

Yahiko: What?

Yutarou (grinning): You're afraid I'll be better than you, aren't you.

Yahiko: Idiot! You'll never be good!

Yutarou: What! You shrimp!

(As they bicker, Kenshin hears footsteps outside the room.)

Kenshin: Everyone get away from the wall!

(A spear thrusts through, pushing a panel of the wall into the dojo. Kenshin shears the panel in half, revealing the four figures. They leap clear to surround him. Removing their hats, we see their faces. They have no names, so we will refer to them as Mustache, Earrings, Eyebrows and Headband.)

Headband: Please excuse us, we're...

Kenshin: I know you by your matched hats. You're members of Raijuuta's Shinko school.

Headband: Then let's come straight to the point. Will you join us or not? Please consider your situation and give us your answer.

Kenshin: Whether you're trying to persuade me or threaten me, I will not change my mind.

Eyebrows and Earring (striking from opposite sides): Then taste death!!

Kaoru: Kenshin!!

Kenshin (leaping above them): So it's to be threats?

Mustache (charging with a spear): I'll have your head!

(Kenshin puts up his sword to block and lets it slide down the length of the spear, hitting the wielder's face and taking him out. The onlookers, including Yutarou, are speechless.)

Headband (finally): I expected nothing less from one of the sensei's recruits. However, can you destroy the three of us remaining?

Kenshin: The two of you.

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