Chapter 35: This Man, Raijuuta

Copyright© 2011 by Murasame

Raijuuta: Isuruji Raijuuta ... I want a match!

Maekawa (watching him calmly and thinking): His eyes are too muddied to reveal their secrets ... but he's strong!

Student: Get ... get out of here! This dojo won't accept challenges from other schools--

Maekawa (standing up): Wait! As you say, Raijuuta. We will have a match. As in a normal training match, two out of three hits win. Good luck.

Kenshin: Mr. Maekawa.

Maekawa: I know. He's no ordinary man. But I'm becoming arrogant. So it's time to test my strength once again. I may be old, but I am still Maekawa Miyauchi of the Edo 20th. (picking up a shinai) I won't lose easily.

Raijuuta: A shinai? I said nothing of this.

Maekawa: What?

(The hooded figure appears at the door. He is a boy, about Yahiko's age, with blond hair and large eyes.)

Raijuuta: Yutarou, you're late.

Yutarou: I couldn't help it. Your legs are longer than mine. I ran as fast as I could. Well, never mind that, you have a match to fight. Which will it be, the real sword or the bokutou?

Raijuuta: A shinai.

Yutarou: A shinai. A SHINAI? You're fighting with those toys? And you call this a dojo!

Yahiko (kicking him): Shut up. Who do you think you are, anyway?

Yutarou: What was that for, you brat?

Yahiko: You're the brat!

Kaoru: You too, though.

Yahiko: I'm the best student of the Kamiya Kasshin school, Myoujin Yahiko! Remember that!

Yutarou: Well, I'm Raijuuta-sensei's best pupil, Tsukayama Yutarou! And that kick is going to cost you!

Raijuuta: Shut up and stay quiet.

Yutarou (silenced): Grr...

Yahiko: Ha!

Raijuuta: Unfortunately I don't have a shinai. I'll borrow one. It doesn't matter--choose whichever you want, but afterwards the shinai will be worse for wear.

Kenshin (thinking): ... Now a win will be difficult for Mr. Maekawa. They'll each score a point, but who will take the final blow...

Kaoru (between the combatants): Well, for the sake of fairness, the judge will be from another school, the unworthy Kamiya Kaoru. First round!

(Maekawa gives his battle cry.)

Students: Wow, what a kiah!

Maekawa: Come. I'll teach you what you thought was beneath your notice!

Raijuuta: I already know it all. When you made it a three-stroke match with shinai, it became beneath my notice!

Kenshin: No! Run, Mr. Mae--

(Raijuuta smashes Maekawa across the shoulder. As he is immobilized, Raijuuta strikes him again to the head.)

Kaoru (thinking): I didn't see the jump at all. That terrible speed...

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