Chapter 18: Kenshin's Company Charges

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Megumi: His ... his sword kept off the flame. (thinking) He's no mere swordsman. What is he...

Hyottoko (snatching the barrel strapped to his back): I'm not through with you yet!

Kaoru: He's trying to refill the oil!

(Kenshin moves to stop him, but Sanosuke stands between them.)

Sanosuke: Thanks for the help, but this guy's mine. Sorry, but I'm starting over from the beginning!

Kenshin (lowering his sword): I understand. You can take it from here.

Sanosuke: Leave it to me!

Kaoru: Will you stop the stupid macho act? Sanosuke, your leg's hurt!

(The barrel smashes against the wall.)

Hyottoko (wiping his mouth): Refill complete. You fool. You came back just to get burned.

Sanosuke: You're the fool. You think that trick'll work twice?

Hyottoko: You too think my technique is a mere sideshow trick? (breathing fire) I'll cremate you!

Beshimi: A giant Kaentoiki! This time there's no escape!

Sanosuke: Yeah right!

(He dives straight into the flame.)

Kenshin: A good move. He'll be hurt less if he heads straight for the sac rather than trying to dodge.

(Sanosuke punches Hyottoko's open mouth, seizing the tube and pulling.)

Sanosuke: I'll take this! (holding up the bag) This trick you're so proud of is filth. You've got no chance left. Give it up.

Hyottoko (charging for another punch): You're the one without a chance! With burns on both arms you can't--

(Sanosuke lands a kick to the face, bowling him over.)

Sanosuke: You can kick in a fight too. With such short legs you didn't think of it. (thumbs up) Easy win!

Kenshin (smiling): Considering you're covered from head to foot with burns--

(Sanosuke turns on him, scowling)

Kaoru: They won ... no matter what you say, they're strong...

Megumi: They're more than just strong ... Who on earth are they...

Kaoru: I told you. You don't know them. Those two are people friends can count on and be proud of.

(Megumi says nothing.)

Kaoru (running forward): Are you okay? Ohh, you really are hurt. Looks like you just barely won...

Kenshin: Doesn't it?

Sanosuke: You too...

Megumi (watching them and thinking): Friends...

Kaoru (looking at the unconscious Hyottoko): What are we going to do with him?

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