Destiny's Road
Chapter 29

Copyright© 2015 by Lumpy

Back home after everyone had zonked out, I stared at the ceiling and thought back to everything that had happened in just a few months. I was no longer the loner kid without a family. I had three women who loved me and who I loved completely. Instead of a distant mother who blamed me in some small way for the death of her husband, I had lived with a kind, nurturing woman who treated me in every way as her son.

I was still wrapping my brain around all the physical changes I was going through and everything that we had discovered so far. If I said I wasn’t nervous about it, I would be lying. Even normal teenagers go through troubles finding themselves and I was sitting on the mother lode of identity crises. It’s one thing to accept that I am some harbinger of the next stage in humanity. It’s another thing entirely to try and sort out how to take on that responsibility without screwing it up. At least it was guaranteed to keep my life from getting boring.

The one thing I did have some regrets about was Tina. She had pulled a

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