The Novice Sorceress
Chapter 5

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'Health: A primary factor for a practitioner of the Arts is their health. With Health comes endurance and strength, both needed to do ritual magic. Some ritual spells are considered completely impossible by a sole practitioner.'

I was fully dressed and sitting in a chair in my hospital room. I was supposed to be released around noon to go home if all my testd came back normal. My hand grasped the amulet around my neck. That spell I had cast was a lulu. I had hoped to kick start my growth spurt back to normal, but not to do it all Over-night.

Now I was going to have to be very careful. My whole family would be watching out for me. Humm, I chanted a quick little cantrip under my breath and snapped my fingers and the door to my room shut. A few minute later someone pushed on the door trying to enter, but the door did not budge.

"Miss? Do you have something blocking the door?" the question came through the door.

"I'm sorry? No there's nothing near the door." I answered.

She just sat in my chair and waited as they spent the next hour trying to open the door. Many different voices spoke to me, soothingly assuring me that they would have it open soon. Finally a voice told me to get in the bathroom and shut that door. I went in the bathroom, wondering who that had been.

There was a loud crashing sound from my room. Cracking the bathroom door a bit, I looked out. A second loud crack came and he door fell into the room. A large fireman stepped over the door and in his hands he griped some strange looking device.

"Katy," he called my name in a calm voice. "Are you okay?"

I opened the bathroom door and stared at him. He was a giant, at least seven feet tall I thought. Now that was a tall man.

"I'm Okay. What was wrong with that door?"

"I have no idea Miss. My job is to get you free of this room." He stepped over to me and picked me up."So let's get you out of here.

Once in the hallway he set me down near the nurse's desk. I looked around. It was a mess with people rushing all over the place. Some important looking men were watching the activity at my room. Maintenance people were dragging the remains of my door out and loading it on a work cart.

One of the men in suits walked over to the supervisor. I heard him give instruction. "I want to know what happened here. Why did that door get stuck? This is a hospital and we have to be able to get to our patients as quickly as possible. That girl was out of our reach for over an hour. That is not allowed."

"Yes sir. We're going to measure everything about that door jamb while it is in place. We are checking the floor under the door. Then in our workshop that door is going to be disassembled completely. Sir I personally tried for 30 minutes to get it open. It was like it was welded shut. I want to know how it got that way."

"Good man, give me daily reports."

"Katy!" I heard my mom. Looking around, I saw my mom rushing toward me. "What happened?" she asked, hugging me close.

Now that felt weird. Always before, she would have to lean down to hug me, but now her head was only a little bit above my own.

"I don't know. My door got stuck somehow. They have been working on it for about an hour. Finally, a fireman got into my room. Looking over my shoulder I found the fireman in question back at the door. He was pointing at something and a whole group of maintenance men were gathered around him. The supervisor was crouched down with a notepad and writing like crazy.

"Superglue? That's crazy, how could someone superglue the door shut?"

"Plus, it takes time for glue to set. This door had been open most of the morning. I would appreciate samples for our labs." The fireman told them.

That was it. My Mom had us out of there as quickly as we could move. The experiment had worked. I now knew that I could lock a door so no one could casually open it and walk in.

The next couple of days were boring, to me at least. My Mom kept me home from school. We did go buy me some new clothes. I had never been very interested in clothes. If they covered me I was happy. In my opinion clothes were to attract attention to you. I had not wanted people's attention.

We headed to Wally World, the shopping Mecca. I really needed some new clothes. Everything I had on was too tight.

"Mom, even here this is going to cost a fortune! I need everything." I lowered my voice "even my panties are too tight".

My Mom looked at me and then she started laughing. "Katy, dear, that's the first time you ever complained about growing up." She continued to giggle as she shopped.

She threw four sets of bras into the basket. "Mom!"

"Yes dear?" she asked absently.

"How do you know they will fit?" I asked.

"I know dear, I also asked at the hospital and they read it off your charts. That was one of the things they checked there."

I picked up the package and read the label: 32 A. "Mom Ms. Higgins measured me and she said 30A."

"Yes I know but the hospital stated that you were 32A almost ready for a B cup."

I checked out my figure in a nearby mirror. My Mom was right. I twisted my body and I could almost see my breasts getting larger.

"You will notice when you try on your clothes that they might be slightly loose. Dr. James told me that you were still growing, but very slowly now."

"Oh, do they know why it's happening so quickly?"

"No dear, but over all you are very healthy. We were most frightened about your bones but the test showed that they were perfectly normal."

The shopping basket was almost full when Mom stopped and stared at me for a minute. Then she turned and headed straight to the cosmetic counter. I stood in shock as my Mom began to choose all kind of weird and strange things. She stopped every so often to compare color charts putting some things back and getting others.

At the checkout counter the clerk started grinning as she rang it all up. "Growth spurt all at once?" she asked.

"Yes everything she had to wear was too small almost overnight."

I was looking at the cash register. It was way over $500.That was more than my total clothing budget for the school year.

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