The Novice Sorceress
Chapter 4

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Protective Spells

'Protection Spells: These can be many types. A ward around a place is to keep negative energy out. Remember, any entity with intent to harm is a negative energy. A talisman or amulet that a person can wear will do the same. Whichever method is used, these all fall within the field of protection.'

With everything that happened over the weekend Katy completely forgot that this was a PE day. She had to go to the gym three times a week to once again suffer through the humiliation she felt. Entering the locker room she quickly pulled gym shorts and a shirt out of her bag.

"Okay girls hurry up. Running shoes today! We've got some good weather so we're going outside and do some running." The coach's voice echoed through the locker room.

Katy grabbed her running shoes out of the locker and pulled them on. They were very tight, even with the thin dress socks she had on. Katy thought, "My feet must have swollen up."

Slamming the locker door shut, she hurried to get out on the field. The coach was always handing out laps for being slow.

The coach was standing right outside the door leading to the field checking off names. Katy tried to slip past without being noticed but did not make it five feet past the coach before she heard.

"Katherine Simpson. Come here"

Turning she returned to the coach, "Yes, Ms. Higgins?"

The coach just stood there looking at Katy. Coach Higgins examined her me from top to bottom. It gave Katy a funny feeling as there were rumors that the coach was a lesbian.

Coach quietly said, "Stand up straight and turn around slowly."

Doing as Ms. Higgins told her to, Katy looked back at the coach and saw a slight look of shock on her face.

"Go to my office Katherine, I will be there in a minute."

Coach Higgins then shouted, "Girls, hit the track! I will be back in a minute. If you are not sweaty and running on that track when I get back, you will give me an hour after school. Go!"

As the door closed behind her it muffled the last of Coach Higgins' statement. Even without hearing it Katy knew exactly what the coach was saying as she always said the same thing when she returned to her office.

Katy stood outside the coach's office waiting for her to appear. When Coach Higgins arrived she unlocked the door, then motioned Katy in.

"On the scale." she commanded.

Reluctantly Katy stepped on the scale. It was a true scale with weights on a balance beam not a spring. Reaching around Katy, Ms. Higgins slid the weight over the balance beam while also raising the height stick over her head.

Katy almost fainted. She weighed 15 pounds more than she did on Monday, the day Coach Higgins always measured them in the gym.

"No f$%king way!" coach exclaimed.

In shock, Katy starred at Ms Higgins and gasped. "What?'

"Strip! Take everything off: Shoes, socks, all undergarments, everything!

Slowly Katy took her clothes off. The coach went over to the file cabinet and pulled a folder out. Then she got a clipboard and a form out a drawer in her desk along with a tape measure.

"Katherine, I apologize for the language, but I just got a major shock. Now we are measuring everything. Hips, waist, bust, let's go."

After a bit, Katy understood why coach had cursed. Since Monday, two days ago, she gained 15 pounds and was three inches taller. She was now 30A 22 32 and 4 feet 9 inches tall. If that was right, she was now taller than her sister!

Katy said, "My shoes!"

"What about your shoes?"

"This morning when I put my sneakers on they were too tight. They are old sneakers and normally pretty loose on me. The running shoes were tight also."

"Sit down there." coach pointed at a chair and pulled out a shoe fitting guide. She had them to help fit the girl's team with shoes. Katy's feet were now a size and half larger then her shoes.

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