The Novice Sorceress
Chapter 2

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'Law of Contagion: An object that once was a part of another object will always be part of the original object unless the secondary object has been modified. Examples of this are blood, hair, skin, nails or teeth. A practitioner of the Arts should ensure that all of these items mentioned, from their own body, are destroyed leaving nothing for an enemy to get hold of... '

When Juliet, Katy's mom, entered the kitchen the next morning she found Katy sitting at the table with a toasted bagel and a glass of orange juice, reading the book she received for her birthday.

"Are you okay dear?" Juliet asked.

"Uh huh. Oh yeah. Mom, tell Tom I'm sorry for the way I acted. I really wanted that new video of the Whippers." Katy replied.

"Oh, I will dear, but you ought to tell him yourself."

"I know mom, but you will most likely see him before I will. He never gets up as early as I do. He's got study hall for first period."

Katy did not stop reading. Wow! This was similar to quantum entanglement that she had read about in a Science journal in the library. Thinking for a bit, she mumbled under her breath, snapped her fingers and then pointed her right forefinger at the candles sitting on the table. There was a slight whoosh and the candles lit. Katy's mouth dropped open. Honestly, she always laughed when reading that in a book, now she sat there staring slightly bug-eyed at the candle.

Her mom came to the table with a cup of coffee and a bagel, "Oh you lit the candles."

Glancing at her mom, she nodded her head. Yes, she lit the candles, but without any matches. Instead, she used a spell from the book. A simple cantrip it was called. Just like the program in any new programming language.

Print "Hello World".

Katy had said, "Fire light, fire bright, light my candle." Then visualized the candles lighting, snapped her fingers, and pointed her right forefinger at the candles. That was all it took.

Humm, it did say that the book had been spelled to help with the first spell and belief in the magic helped so the book helps with that first spell so that belief would be instilled.

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