Children's Crusade
Chapter 12

Copyright© 2011 by carioca

The bite hurt like hell. Eileen winced as she squeezed the red handkerchief to her left hand. He'd broken the skin in two semicircles, nearly tearing off a chunk of her palm. The blood soaked through quickly, dripping onto the floor.

Two benches in front of her, Bobbi-Jo worked franticly, trying to stop the flow from Cynthia's neck. Across the isle Larry, the skinny boy from the trailer park, held a too small bandage to Darrel's arm, his cousin Darrel, not his little brother. He had his hands over his eyes, and kept saying 'It's not real, It's not real'. Over and over again. Larry ignored him and squeezed their cousin's arm tight. Blood dripped between his fingers.

The bus started moving again. Alex hurried back, practically jumping over Chuck and Froggie. The two of them sat on the boy who'd gone crazy. Each of them had one of his shoes, and they were pulling the laces out. Alex leaned close to Bobbi-Jo's ear. "Your sister-in-law is on the radio, go talk to her, I'll take care of Missy." He slid his hands over hers, holding the bandage in place, then when she moved pressed hard. His eyes followed Bobbi-Jo for a moment, but he shook his head and smiled at the terrified girl. "You're going to be okay Missy. We're going back to the school; they have a doctor there today." She looked up at him, eyes wide, wanting to believe. "You just hang on, this isn't bad, just a couple of stitches."

Froggie's voice cut in sharp, arguing like he did sometimes, even with teachers. He was a sweet kid really, just didn't know when to keep his mouth shut. " ... This is dangerous, there's nothing we can do to help him."

Chuck's deep voice rumbled back, annoyed. "They've got to have doctors, they can cure him."

"He doesn't have a pulse! You can't cure dead!"

"What ya wanna do Froggie? Leave him by the side of the road? Toss him out the back door?"

Froggie stood and stared down at Chuck, one foot on the wiggling body. Dark eyes flashed behind his glasses. "That's probably a good idea, he won't be able to bite anyone else that way."

Chuck glared up at him. "Look you little..."

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