Ever and Always
Chapter 38: Back to Basics- April 2025

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Rick and Marsha had many long talks about the future. Rick kept coming back to, "I am in over my head Marsha."

Marsha would always come back with, "So would anyone put into this position."

Rick would then continue with, "My concern now is that nothing will happen, and we will look like the biggest fools of all time, even worse than some of those doomsday cults. As a matter of fact, you could make a case that is what we are, except we have Federal backing."

He went on, "It was one thing when it was just you and me wanting to find a place where we could ride out any coming storms. This is more than a level above that. It is like we are responsible for the survival of the entire human race and in fact, there might not even be a survival problem!"

After one such outburst Marsha came back with, "Rick grow up, you yourself made a good case that we have something strange going on with our bodies. We should be dead; instead, we appear to be in our early sixties. We can only go on with what is and that is we might live indefinitely. If that is so, we will probably see the end of the United States of America as we know it. Our government agrees with us."

Marsha continued to explain, "They are just taking it one step further. Instead of preparing for a regime change they are preparing for a massive die off. I for one am glad that someone of your abilities and integrity is in place to see us through these tribulations. Think of yourself as a fire alarm. One of those that's in a case with a sign which says, 'In case of fire, break glass and pull alarm.' Hope that the glass never needs broken, but is there just in case. Now quit whining!"

This speech by Marsha left Rick a little red faced because he realized she was correct. He didn't know how to react to that, so he did the one sure thing for almost any situation in a marriage.

He hugged Marsha and said, "Thanks." The hugs lead to a more pleasurable event.

Later Rick had to say, "Hey this world saving isn't such a bad thing!"

That got him hit with a pillow which started the whole process over again. There is much to be said for being younger.

The next morning as they ate breakfast on the veranda the topic of conversation was totally different. Marsha started it with questions about how their bank was doing.

Both were confused and in awe of how they weren't merely well off but now rich by any definition. Changes in the valley were one thing; changes in the check book were another. To be able to live comfortably and not have worry about money issues was one thing. Having so much money you had no idea what to do with it was another.

Most rich people had their money tied up in stocks, bonds or physical assets. Their fortune was a growing pile of gold and property. They now owned almost eighty percent of the valley. Their fortune was in the billions, and they really had no idea how much they were worth, not even to the nearest billion.

Rick pointed out, "It really doesn't matter what we have now, it's what we have later and how we use it. I have been doing some economic homework. I don't want us to have a government that can control money policy like they have, look at the problems we are now facing with trillions in debt. That is the number-one reason the Federal government is backing this project. Even they realize that it can't go on and that a major collapse is inevitable."

"I have read articles on returning to a gold standard, they all say it can't be done. The reasoning is that ultimately the money supply will be limited by the physical amount of gold available to back the money supply. This will limit how the economy can expand."

Rick went on, "Also if there were to be a true emergency where the government had to print more money or borrow it against future revenues it would inflate the money supply over available gold thus leading to the current abuses. No matter how you slice and dice it government always wants more money than is available. It is human nature. We all want more, even those that work in the government. The only difference we have to live within our means, they don't."

Rick continued, "We have several things going for us. We won't have a Federal Reserve to be used as a political tool to control the money supply. The gold will all be in private hands, namely ours. Our bank and others will issue paper gold notes. That is they will look like the money we use now, but they will be actually certificates good for a given weight of gold upon request. I am thinking ten thousandths of an ounce. That way, gold will start out at ten thousand dollars an ounce.

"If there is a world collapse, then people will go out into the destroyed areas and recover gold. This could cause inflation as we exchange it for our 'new dollars, ' but I figure that after the collapse as a survival center our economy will be growing like crazy and the money expansion will hardily keep up with the demand. That is why I'm not going to issue all the possible 'new dollars' at first. If we have gold that isn't committed, then we can expand the money supply rapidly if needed. I know that puts you and me in the position of being the Fed, but we know that the newly elected government won't be able to pressure us to issue fiat currency.

"Rick, don't delude yourself, if these things come to pass then you will be in control by martial law for a long time to come. You will end up earning your new nickname."

"My new nickname," Rick inquired?

"At the diner the other day I heard you referred to as King Richard."

"Oh my God, I was hoping that wouldn't catch on!"

"We don't always get what we want, Your Majesty."

"Oh Lord," Rick groaned, "Why me?"

On a more serious note, Marsha continued. "I know you would rather be a George Washington father of your country type rather than a King, but it may work out for the best. You can set things up and make certain they are in place then abdicate."

"True," Rick replied thoughtfully. One thing I want to put in place is a flat tax. Start it out at five percent and lower it if possible. We won't have any entitlements. People will be responsible for their own retirements."

"If you are able-bodied and able to work you will work. I remember a trip to Singapore in the 1980s. There were old women sweeping all the sidewalks and curb area. The country was incredibly clean. I found out the government didn't pay welfare; they just made a job that they could handle and paid them for it. Each of these ladies would spend the day outside, most of the time sitting in a chair in the shade. If a leaf fell it would come up, and woe unto a litter bug!"

"There will be those that I call the "Lost, ' they won't be able to perform a useful function. We won't be so uncaring as to not support them, but they and their families will be health and means tested to a fare thee well. Also a sad fact of life is that many life supports that are now in place may not be in the future.

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