Ever and Always
Chapter 37: Maybe not so easy – April 2025

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This conversation started a process that would last for thousands of years. Marsha mused, "If we could control the records twenty or more years in advance that would take care of it."

"What do you mean?"

"Well if we were involved in creating birth and death certificates we could be who we wanted."

"Wouldn't it be more complicated than that, what about school records, driver's licenses, school pictures?"

"Yes it would but we have to start at the beginning. I'm going to see about getting a job in the records department at the courthouse now that my major tasks on education are under control."

Their lives were in a spin. They barely had time to adjust to one situation when another would pop up. The Valley group settled down and was actually getting it together.

Each member was interacting in their respective field with the corresponding expert groups. Each member set up a sub-team under their field to aid and guide. No one person could keep it all together.

As Judge O'Malley put it, "This is so much fun it should be illegal, Oh wait, I'm the one making the laws!"

One guiding principle was that if it was too long to read, then it was too long to use. There wasn't going to be any, "You have to pass it to find out what is in it."

Another battle that was constant was, "That sounds good, but that is not our culture." The schools and think tanks had a liberal bias which they were trying to impose on the gun toting, god-fearing Bible belt.

The Valley group finally quit arguing and just accepted what they were given, then changed it to suit themselves.

Hope Popule was in a realtor's heaven as she bought every property on the market and made offers on those they needed but weren't listed.

She had signed on with the bank but still got a reduced commission of one percent. So far, she had over five hundred million dollars in transactions and going strong. She wondered if there was a billion-dollar real estate club.

Rick was brought in for a presentation of the financial status of the bank. This was a high level review prior to their first financial audit. On their two billion dollars, they made a profit on the books of fourteen percent. This worked out to two hundred and eighty million dollars.

When Rick asked, "Now who gets this profit if we cashed out?"

The President of his bank looked at him like he was crazy. "Rick you own this bank lock stock and barrel. You would get all of it."

It was Rick's turn to look at the President like he was crazy.

"How can that be?"

"Well you put in the startup capital. The government put deposits in the bank. You loaned the money out, made a profit. The government could ask for their money back, which could create a mess if it demanded it all at once, but that isn't going to happen.

Now the question is how much to you want to leave in the bank? If you withdraw it, it will be taxed; and taxed heavily.

Rick's response was to say, "Let me think about it for a few days."

What he really meant was Holy Cow; I need to talk to Marsha about this! He and Marsha had several long conversations, and he came back to the bank President with a question.

"Can I leave the money in the bank but buy gold and hold it as reserves?"

"Yes, that would work well. Especially if after you have the gold in place you let it be known that is how your reserves are stored. It will give the bank enormous credibility. Combine that with the good loans on land and this has to be one of the strongest financial institutions in the world.

"Then let's proceed on that basis, plan to do that every year until further notice."

A few days later, the DHS Director David Paul made an appointment to see him. Rick took it as a good sign that Paul elected to call and ask if he could meet him and Marsha at their home, then later if appropriate be introduced to the Valley group.

David Paul came across as low-key and affable. However, there was something about him that left both Rick and Marsha wondering what his temper would be like.

Though he seemed easy going there appeared to be a fury waiting to be unleashed. They agreed they would always treat him as a stick of dynamite waiting to go off. They could work with him, but he would never be a friend or confidant.

He explained that there were several scenarios that could play out.

"One nothing happened and there would be no need for the CSCs. Two there could be a partial failure of the country where the cities collapsed but the country side held. Three it went all to Hell and the only things left were the CSCs."

David added, "There are also subsets of the above. We might lose it all on the coasts, but the center of the country holds. There are many possibilities, but we are preparing to some degree for the three. If nothing happens, then a lot of money has been spent for nothing."

"If the second scenario plays out the CSCs will have to coordinate to bring it together. If the last one plays out, it is every group for itself."

"This has been war gamed to death. The highest probability is the middle ground. So we are planning on the CSC's being the core of each region as we put the country back together again."

Rick said, "I am confused about one issue. We are going to a lot of work to come up with simpler laws which will work; education system, government structure and a whole host of other items. If all the CSCs are doing this, it will be a complete confusing mishmash."

"Ah, you are catching on. No yours is the only CSC doing this. You are the model for all the others. Since the Valley group formed itself, your CSC had a head start. You had people in place to get things moving, so we are taking advantage of that," replied Paul.

"In the next month, you will have to start visiting each CSC to get an idea of how they are progressing. We will be basing a reinforced company with high mobility at each DHS facility. They will have a Major in command since it will have higher than normal staffing. We are also trying to attach a heavy element but the logistics of supporting tanks or artillery are pretty stiff, and we don't see how we can do it."

"Wait a minute I will out rank all the others."

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