Ever and Always
Chapter 30: Help from Big Brother – July 2024

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They didn't figure out what they had gotten themselves into because the scenario got worse with a phone call on Tuesday. A man who identified himself as Frank Silverman called about CSC.

He asked to set up a meeting with them on Thursday afternoon. He further stated that Rick had a good grasp of the problems they were facing with his cell phone and mule train examples at last night's meeting.

Rick relayed the conversation to Marsha.

She replied, "So they want us to know they have someone else on the inside of the Valley Group." I wonder where that will go."

Rick answered, "I'm not comfortable; the government is demonstrating to us that they intend to keep control. If it was the entire government, it would be one thing. But we know it is just a small group within the government, probably Homeland Security. What are their motives? What is their endgame?"

"More importantly what is for lunch," Rick continued.

"How about grilled cheese," replied Marsha.

"Sounds good, I will put on some fresh coffee."

Later in the afternoon, they both spent time in the office at their respective computers. Marsha wrote the minutes from last night's meeting. Rick started an outline of a plan to bring order to their current project.

After their pot roast dinner later that evening Rick discussed where he was at, with Marsha.

"We need to get Maslow's hierarchy of needs covered first; food, clothing and shelter. But we can't do that till we know about how many people there will be."

Marsha and Rick batted that around for a while.

Then Marsha brought up, "There is another entry point, what about power, it is the foundation of a modern society. Until that is guaranteed we are really stuck."

"Hmm, power and knowledge," mused Rick, "after those, raw materials, equipment and skilled workers. Which sounds simple; until you realize that we need materials, etc. for every discipline that makes up a modern society. And that is just the support for the professional levels needed such as health care; I am willing to forgo the lawyers."

"Speaking of knowledge, besides a copy of the Library of Congress, we will need a copy of every document held by the Federal Citizen Information Center."

"What is that? Not the Library of Congress, the information center, though you are thinking big there."

Marsha replied, "The Federal Citizen Information Center is in Pueblo Colorado. It is the group that sends out those, how to information pamphlets. Everything from basket weaving to raising chickens, shoeing horses and lancing boils. Since they are done by the government, they can't be copyrighted. Because of that I'm not sure if they would be in the Library of Congress or not."

"Beyond the library books, we will need a software library. That brings us to a computerized information center that will be a large server farm. This just keeps getting bigger," Rick tiredly moaned.

Marsha said, "Rick I have a better idea of what we need."

"What is that," he replied.

"I think we need to go to bed and make love. The world will be here tomorrow, and if it isn't we will have spent our time well."

"Wonderful thinking!" said a rejuvenated Rick.

The next morning as they were clearing the breakfast dishes off the table, the phone rang.

"I'll get it," Rick said.

"Sure leave me with the washing!"

"Hello; Kings"

"Rick this is Frank Silverman your CSC contact. You will be getting a phone call from an old commanding officer of yours, Robert King.

"He is going to be your go-to-guy in the future. He retired as a three star. He now works for Homeland Security. He has a proposition, we think you will like. We know one of your big worries right now will be power. He has the answer."

"That will be a relief, when will he be calling?"

"Let me hand him the phone."

"Rick, this is Bob King, how are you doing?"

"Fine Bob, I am really surprised to hear from you. I thought you were retired and living in Florida."

"I got bored, my wife passed four years ago. We never had any kids, and I have no other family to speak of, so I decided to get back in harness. This group in Homeland Security seems to be a good fit for me."

"I'm glad to hear it, what do you have for me," asked Rick.

"I would like to come to your place and explain it all to you; it is a little much for a phone call."

"Okay when do you want to do it?"

"The sooner we can get together the better."

"Where are you coming from?"

"The Pikeville Diner."

"Well come on over, do you know how to get here?"

"That's why God invented GPS," chortled Bob.

"Ok we will expect you in about half an hour."

As Rick hung up, he saw that somehow he stepped in it. Marsha had her hands on her hips and didn't look happy.

"Uh, I will run the vacuum while you clear the table," he said.

"No, I will do that while you take a shower, then I will get cleaned up."

"Yes dear." Rick had learned something in his many years.

It was a hurried rush around, but they managed to straighten up the house and get cleaned up with fresh clothes. It was a close thing, and they only made it because the General took forty five minutes instead of half an hour.

When Rick opened the door to Bob King, the former General just stood there for a moment. He shook his head, and then Rick's hand.

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