Ever and Always
Chapter 3: Getting Up

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Same-day Rick King's room

"Rick, I am Emily Sheetz your therapist. Let me explain what we are trying to do. You have been bed ridden for two years that our records show. This has left almost all your muscles atrophied. We need for you to get into good enough shape that we can get you out of bed and into a wheel chair to make your life more interesting."

"Emily, why should I bother? I am almost eighty six years old, and I will kick off anytime."

"Rick, that isn't an accurate statement. Actuarial tables show that a healthy eighty-five-year old white male lives on the average another five to six years."

"That's the kicker isn't it, Healthy."

"Rick except that you have Alzheimer's you're in good health. Now what should we do, let you rot here for five years or try to improve your quality of life."

Peggy Tapp who just walked in added, "And I won't have to wash your boney white butt!"

Rick gave a snort replying, "Well that is the closest I will ever come to a sexual adventure again."

Peggy came right back with, "more like an appointment with a cold colonoscopy tube."

"Ouch, you have convinced me, exercise it is."

All three of them winced at Peggy's outspoken thought.

Emily was quick to take advantage of this opening. "We will start you off with a series of Abdominal Pulls, Leg and Arm Exercises."

Rick's voice was alarmed when he said, "Sit ups?"

"In a reduced fashion, pull both knees up as much as you can." Rick pulled them up, so they were pointing straight up."

"Rick, touch your butt with your heels."

He strained then said, "This is it."

"No problem, raise your head off the pillow a couple of inches, now put your hands behind your head."

Again he tried but his head flopped down quickly." "Sorry Emily this is all I have."

"No problems, pull your stomach muscles in, and hold for several seconds." Rick could do this.

"Repeat pulling them in five times."

"Great, your goal is to be able to do these ten times in a row with your heels touching your butt, and head held several inches off your pillow. This will strengthen your core muscles."

"Lie on your side, gently kick your leg out straight and lock your knee. Very good now hold for several seconds while bringing it back slowly, do this three or four times and then switch legs." This Rick could do four times each leg, with some strain but doable.

"Flat on your back now, pull your legs to your chest as far as you can and hold your knees."

"Emily, are you trying to kill me?" Rick panted.

"No pain, no gain."

"Aarrgh, I hate that saying, my drill Sergeant used it all the time. I think his name was Sheetz also."

"Really," Emily asked?

"No but it should have been." Emily looked a little crestfallen. In spite of her quick mind, she had always been a little gullible.

While she may be slightly gullible, she also believed in paybacks. "Tomorrow I will bring a weight bar and dumb bells."

Rick turned pale, "You are kidding, aren't you."

"You had better behave or you will find out."

Peggy said, "Where do you store them. I might want to use them on him."

Rick had learned one thing in all of his years, when two women were against you, just go with the flow. "How long do you want me to hold my knees here?"

"That is long enough. Ten seconds should do it. Do this for five reps, then work your way up to ten repetitions."

"Next squeeze your shoulder blades together pressing into the bed but don't arch your back. This is for your arms. Hold there for five seconds, release and repeat. Start at five reps and work up to ten."

Rick could do these five times but was panting at the end. Rick's thoughts flashed back to basic training in 1953. "My god what have I come to."

Unaware of these thoughts Emily concluded with, "Last hunch your shoulders up to your ears, hold for several seconds and release slowly. Again start at five reps and work up to ten times."

"Peggy you're to help him sit up at every meal."

"Emily, how often should I do these exercises?" Rick inquired.

"Do them every other day until you work up to ten reps of each then we will review your progress. Only do them with Peggy present, and she will record your progress on your chart."

"So be nice to me Boney or your progress will be very slow." Peggy cracked.

Another lesson learned over the years was when to keep your mouth shut, Rick practiced that one now.

"Okay Rick I will see you next week to see how you are progressing. Be nice to Peggy," Emily said with a grin.

Five minutes later in Room 42

"Hello Marsha, I am Emily. I will be your therapist."

At the same time

Doctor Meyers slowly signed the charts. He was buying time trying to figure out what to do about two such rare occurrences at once. He already wrote in the orders for continued physical therapy. Now what steps to take to find the root cause of why the dementia appeared to recede? "Blood tests and a review of their medical histories at their previous institution would be a good start," he thought.

As Meyers was thinking of these, a cheerful Peggy Tapp came into his cramped tiny office.

"Doctor we need you in the lounge for a few minutes; it is urgent."

When they arrived, he saw a cake and ice cream waiting. There was a banner hung on the side of the cafeteria like table. Congratulations Doctor Meyers on completing your residency!

The staff and patients present burst into applause as he appeared. For a few minutes, there was a minor celebration of another step in life. The usual gag gifts were presented and commented on with laughter abounding. As with all celebrations it was over all too soon.

Head Nurse Lisa Hawkins approached Chuck Meyers, "Doctor there is a patient in 29 A who is developing some breathing issues."

"Let's go check them out."

So the day went. After his rounds were complete Doctor Meyers headed back to Baltimore East. He was looking forward to the end of his shift and the party after that. There was this cute nurse he had his eye on for a while.

He avoided dating anyone seriously all through school. He was not going to be one of those Doctors who married early for the support through school, then upgraded later.

There is a study showing that going through a doorway will cause the mind to reset for the next series of events. That is why people will show up in a room and forget what they are there for. The mind cleared the immediate past.

It hasn't been proven beyond doubt, but it may explain why mankind lost its chance to find out why two people who had AIDS and advanced Alzheimer's were now showing no symptoms at all.

Baltimore East Hospital April 18, 2021

Doctor John Towers, Director of Baltimore East Hospital was not pleased to have to deliver the news he had, but there was no choice. Not that he cared about the news; he just did not like confrontation. From her body language, Lisa Hawkins knew bad news was coming and was not reacting well.

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