Ever and Always

Copyright© 2015 by Banadin

Opening April 30, 2013

Staff Sergeant Richard King was running for his life, on a Long-Range Reconnaissance Patrol, his squad had just crossed a river when they were spotted by the Viet Cong. They were deep in Laos, so there was going to be no helicopter rescue. They were on their own. The sound of bullets cutting through the jungle canopy was followed by the chatter of AK 47s, a lot of AK 47s.

The trim young man in his tiger stripe camouflage with its hand embroidered patches ran with a long loping stride which covered the ground quickly. His thoughts were; disengage, evade. Nothing else mattered.

Rick felt a sharp burning in his arm, but he kept going without looking. His squad was in front of him, so he knew all were okay so far. The lead man disappeared; Rick at first thought he was down. However, in turn each of his squad went out of sight. They were going down a small embankment to a stream which gave them some cover.

The six-man patrol stopped at the bottom awaiting his decision. They could dig in here and hold off a similar size group or keep moving. If it was a larger group, they were in trouble. "Empty a 60mm belt to hold them and then downstream," Rick rasped as he brought his M16 to bear. Without hesitation, his orders were followed. The linked belt turned smoothly around a B3a can without any kinking. As the last man started to go out of sight, Rick followed.

"Watch out for that crazy old guy he is going to knock that lady over with his walker the way he is thrashing around."

Rick rounded a bend in the small stream and smelled meat loaf. "Meat loaf?" he thought. "Damn, I have done it again." I am in the Rest Home. "Hey Rick, calm down it's okay, you just had an episode." "I know what I had," screamed Rick in anger and frustration. You think I want this?" He pushed his walker/M16 away.

Marsha Wren was having a nice day shopping; she had found the most perfect looking dress in Macy's window when a rude man bumped into her. A passing gentleman caught her, just as she started to fall. She grabbed him for support and caught his stethoscope. "Oh no," she thought, "I am in the Rest Home. I enjoyed shopping more." The Doctor helped her down the hall. She chatted with him all the way. It was a shame no sound came out.

As they went into the room, she smelled meat loaf. "Oh good, I love meatloaf day in the school cafeteria," Marsha thought. "My homework is done, and I passed my spelling test. There is that cute new boy. I wonder whether he will notice me."

A still irate Rick King asked no one, in particular, "Why is that old bat smiling at me?"

The source of this story is Finestories

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