The Adventures of the Cruiser Rachel
Chapter 4

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Base 45, BWNS Rachel


I walked into the princes office. "Captain 2nd class Brenda mallow Reporting for Meeting with the prince." I tell the

aide. who jumps up saluting. "Aye Captain please wait here." the sr LT. tells me. and walks into the office. Saluting the

prince "Your Highness Captain Mallow is here for your 1000 hrs meeting." "Send her in SRLt." the Prince tells him. "at

once my prince." he exclaims. The aide exits the room "He will see you now Captain." "Thank you SR Lt." I say and enter

the room.

I Bow and than salute, "Captain 2nd Class Brenda Mallow Reporting as ordered Sir." I say. "At ease Captain." the prince

says. I move to parade rest. "Captain I have been looking over your Jacket and I am impressed at the Awards you have

Accumilated. and As befitting a Commander of your Stature I am Giving you Command of Task Group Kilo 8. Under your command

will be 3 Omega II Class Light Cruisers, and 8 Omega I Class Destroyers. As the Picket Commander I will be Leaving you

incharge of the System when I leave tomorrow to do battle with the Draconis Military. WHile I am gone my orders to you are

to Defend this Base and system, if you are overwhelmed than retreat and Regroup with the main force. the Back up System is

System 56 Foxtrot, a G8 Star System meeting is around the 5 planet. God Speed Captain." Prince Maxi Says and he rises and

salutes me "Carry out your orders Captain as if they where the Alpha's." I Salute Back than bow before I leave the room.

Outlaying systems 19 hrs from base 45

1030 hrs.

"Sir 3 hrs till attack the intellagance states that a small force of ships will be left to defend the system." a XO tells

his captain. "Excellent procede with the plans, signal the Squadron to CLose up." the Captain tells his crew. "Yes Sir."

the Crew Exclaim.

the 8 ship Squadron CLoses with base 45 awaiting to fire their missles.

BWNS Rachel

1300 hrs.

"Captain, the Prince Admiral Says that they are leaving ASAP we are to activate TG Kilo 8," the Communitations officer

tells me. "Very well let the Ships know that a group meeting will be at 1200 hrs tommorow. and set system wide condition

3," I say "Yes Ma'am the Crew exclaim as they move to do the work. The Capital Ships of Prince Maxi's Fleet Leave the Base

orbit and reach H-Space. heading to do battle with the Draconis Military.

'Captain the Wolfies have left and we can attack!" the XO of the Attacking Squadron tells his Skipper.

"H-Print!, 8 Sources, looksd like BB-DN CLass Weight. they have deployed Missle Units." the Tac Officer tells me.

"Condition Red, set all Ships to Max alert and set coarse to the limit I want to get a parting shot, Start the

Evacuations. Sensors Get me a Nationality Check, Let's move people. I yell as I change into my Combat Suit. The Alarms are

sounding throughout the SHip as personell and Marines Rush to their Duty Stations.

"Skipper we have 12 Warships in system, 8 Destroyers and 4 Cruisers, we out weigh them so max attack target the base."

"Yes Sir." the 8 Ship Squadron turns and presents their Broadside tubes and each ships Fires 8 Salvos of 50 missles each.

3200 Capital Attack missles are fired at 29,000,000 kms with a flight time of 25 mins.

"Captain missles inbound 3200 missles inbound targeting the station." the EW officer tells me. "ok Have the Destroyers

change their missles to counter missles and fire 3 launches of Counter missles, than fire 2 salvoes of Ship Killers, the

CL's and us we will go max fire on the incomming ships. let me know when the last ship is heading away from the station.

Release the Missle Units" I say

The Heavy Cruiser Rachel, and her Light Cruiser Cohorts move and turn their Broadside tubes, also the missle units

attached to the hull detach and Fire, the Rachel fires 900 missles, and the 3 Light Cruisers fire 400 missles each, all

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