The Adventures of the Cruiser Rachel
Chapter 1

Glossey of terms in the Blue Wolf Kingdom universe

DRN: Members and ships of the Draconis hedgomy

BWK: Subjects of the Blue Wolf Kingdom

BWRN: Members of the Blue Wolf Royal Navy

BWRM: Members of the Blue Wolf Royal Marines

BWNS: SHips of the Blue Wolf Royal Navy

H-space: hyperspace

n-space: normal space

Gravities: the force of propultion in this universe.

SD: Alpha Class Superdreadnought weighs in at 9,000,000 tons

DN: Beta Class Dreadnought Flight I's 5,000,000 tons, flight II's 6,000,000 tons

DF: Pack Class Defence ships 850,000 tons Specialty Counter missle ships

CAC: Omacron Carriers Attack Craft. 4,000,000 to 5,500,000 tons, carries 6 Attack craft Squadrons of 25 each.

BC: Gamma CLass Battle Cruiser 2,500,000 tons Light Capital ships FLight II's carry 8000 missle mines

CA: Charlie Class heavy Cruiser 500,000 tons Convoy and commerce raiders, anti pirate ships.

CL: Omega Class Light Cruisers 240,000 tons Convoy and system Picket ships are FLight II Destroyers

DD: Omega Class Destroyers 140,000 tons Escort ships are the flight I ships as the Flight II are considered light cruisers by their weight.

Adventures of the BWN Rachel.

BWNS Rachel CA-878

0800hrs Wolf's Den

"BEEP, BEEP, BEEP!" Captain 3rd class Brenda Mallow awoke from her sleep. to the alarm clock.

"Ok, ok I'm up!" she says as she hits the clock halfway to the otherside of the room. Brenda heads to her refreasher to do her female duties. She finishes and heads to the officers mess Saluting the crew that salute her. "ATTENTION ON DECK!" a burly Marine bellows as brenda enters the room. "At ease people." she says as she takes her place at the Head of the table.

"XO where are we at with the refits?" she asks her XO Commander Sal Slysed. Sal replies "Ma'am the techs from the yard say we are good to go at 1700hrs today, we than head to base 45 to start our Patrol of the Draconis Border." Brenda looks to her right "Guns how does the ship respond? she asks a young Sub Commander "Ma'am we are at 110% and we will keep up the sims until we reach the base." she replies. "Ok people as we have 8hrs until the yard dogs turn us loose the ship has liberty for 6 hrs. meet on the bridge at 1500hrs, Dismissed!" Brenda says as the officers rise and salute her. Brenda returns the salutes and walks to the boat bay where she turns and salutes the kingdom flag and walks onto the shipyard heading to the Commanders office.

BWN Shipyard X98K

0840 hrs. wolf's den orbit.

Captain Mallow walks into the Shipyard Commanders office and tells the aide that she is here to see the Admiral.

the Aide beacons to a chair. Rear Admiral Jeb Tucker Lord of Pipers Pit is looking at his screen at Captain 3rd class Brenda Mallow's Service record "Alpha's Order of Valor with Bones, Bronze Medal 4 times, has the Alpha's Thanks 14 times. she is the real deal. so what are her orders probable Base 45 with the prince." he thinks to himself. "Admiral Captain Mallow is here to see you." the aide says over the intercomm. "Send her right in Sub Commander." he replies.

"The Admiral will see you now ma'am. the aide says and salutes. Brenda Salutes back and walks through the door and salutes the Rear Admiral. "Sir Captain Mallow reporting Sir." she says crisply. Admiral Tucker returns the salute and becons Captain Mallow to have a seat.

"Captain Mallow I have been looking over your Record and I am impressed, and because of the record when you reach Base 45 you will take over as picket Commander. Currently 2nd fleet is stationed there so you will be assigned to system 543H which haS a full Destroyer Squadron, and a half Light cruiser Squadron on station. as the senior officer You will

have command authority. the Battle Cruiser Sential is heading home for retirement as she is one of the oldest BC's in the Fleet. "here are your orders." he says as he hands them to Captain Mallow she opens them and reads.

From: Low Admiral Scott Evans

To: Captain 3rd Class Brenda Mallow

Effective 1700 hrs you will make best speed to Base 45 where you will recive orders to patrol system 543H and meet elemants of picket Force Delta 49 where you will relive Captain 1st Class Greg Harris and his Sential and assume command of the picket Force. You are advised that the Rules of engeadgement are 2 Alpha which means Military ships of the Draconis Military are to be targeted. At no time must a merchant ship be destroyed. after this picket duty of 6 months insystem you are Advisded that you will have a Promotion to Captain 2nd Class pending the outcome of this mission.

Good Luck

and Praise the Alpha.

Scott Evans

Low Admiral Head of BuPers

Captain Mallow looks up at Admiral Tucker, "Sir I am prepared to carry out my orders." Captain Mallow relies as she stands up. "Sir Permission to leave?" she asks Saluting. "Permission Granted Captain." Admiral Tucker Replies as he returns the Salute. Captain Mallow turns and leaves the office heading back to her ship.

BWNS Rachel

1700 hrs. Bridge

"Captain on the Bridge!" Commander Slysed yells as Captain Mallow enters the Bridge. "At ease people." she says as she takes her seat. "Chief Release the bow, and stern lines, Navigator Plot usa least time Coarse to Base 45, Tac systems on standby, ahead 1/2." she tells her crew. "Aye, Aye Ma'am." they reply as the ship shudders while the lines holding her to the shipyard are released and the Sleek ship starts moving forward. "Captain we have cleared the yard and ETA to H-Space is 45 mins." the navigator tells Brenda. "Noted." she replies.

The Cruiser Rachel reaches the H-space Lane and excellerates to 2 times the speed of light. the trip to Base 45 is 4-5 days. The Rachel is trying to make the run in 3-4 days.

(this is the start of a new story. parts are in the making and expect this story to run about 7-10 chapters.)

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