Opening Guns

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Blue Wolf Kingdom
Vance Maxi Sr. Alpha Maximtrz (King)
James Boulden Sir Archduke Wolf's Den-High Admiral-BWRN (Military Consul Head)
Vance Maxi Jr. (Prince) Fleet Admiral BWRN (CO 2nd Fleet.)
Candice Maddison Dame Duchess Red Den-Marshel of BWRM
Ted Burfoot Sir Duke Black Den-Mid Admiral BWRN (Head of OMI)
Scott Evans sir Duke White Den- Low Admiral BWRN (Head of BuPER, and BuSHIP)
Captian 1st class Candice Micheals CO BWN Alpha's Revenge SD-547
Commander Jeff Baclett CO BWN Harmoney CL-3212
Jr. LT. Jessie Gudemare Flag LT for Admiral Boulden.

Draconis Hedgmony
Head of state
Taltus Dracon

Admiral Draco Magius head of the draconis military.
Admiral Lowie Dragon IV CO 1st strike fleet.


The Blue Wolf Kingdom is a 3 system kingdom sporting 12 planets with a total kingdom population of 14 Billion Subjects and a military of 6 billion they are the foremost for military activity they have been a peace with their arch rivals the Draconis Hedgmony for over 600 years but the time is up and the draacons are on the attack.

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