Treacherous Voyage
Chapter 2

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The next morning everybody got up at the crack of dawn to do their Bible study and pray for the trip ahead.

"Let us all memorize a verse to meditate on today," Rusty said to his family.

It was about noon by the time they were ready to go. Jim hugged Grandpa and Grandma good-bye. Tears welled up into his eyes as he walked up the steps of the plane. He was told it would be a long time before he could see them again.

Jim had a seat by the window. He was glad when the plane got over South America for he was tired of seeing just water and nothing else.

"That is the Amazon down there, Jim" he said, trying to cheer up his son, "It is over six million square miles of swamp."

"Wow! That makes the Okenofenokee Swamp about the size of a mud hole!" Jim exclaimed, staring out the window.

What seemed to be about an hour, the pilot said over the intercom, "Mr. & Mrs. Fargo, could you come up here a second?"

"Jim, stay seated and keep your seatbelt fastened," Rusty said as they went up to the cockpit closing the door behind them.

A few moments after they disappeared up front, Jim saw the engine on his side sputter and stop. Looking out the window across the plane, he saw the other engine had stopped, too. He noticed out the window that they were coming dangerously close to the trees. The next thing he saw was the wings as they clipped the treetops. They then hit an open spot and down onto the water! It seemed they skidded across the water for quite a long time. Suddenly, they hit something hard! The strain on Jim's seatbelt cut into his waist. It rendered him unable to move or hold up his head. Suddenly, everything went black!

When Jim came to, he looked out his window. He could see nothing but thick bushes wedged tightly up against the plane. He unbuckled his seatbelt and went to the door of the cockpit. He tried to open it. It would not budge! He noticed that the wall was bulging out toward him.

Fear struck him and he cried out, "Daddy, Mom, Dad, Mom! Can you hear me?" No one answered.

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