Jack and the Rollercoaster
Chapter 9

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Ally started her story. "I don't know why, but six years ago I was really pissed off with my father, and wanted to do something shocking which would upset him. Stupid really, as he could never know what I did, but in my mind I was getting back at him. I had seen this advert asking for potential models, so I answered it. Thoughts of walking down the catwalk in all sorts of glamorous dresses filled my mind, but it wasn't that at all. They were looking for girls who would do nude modelling for photographers. It didn't take me long to sign on, after all it would be perfect for what I wanted. I soon found out that the modelling I was prepared to do was not the best paid, in fact if I agreed to doing sex acts for the camera with men and other women I could get anything up to four or five hundred quid for a day's work, cash!" She paused to drink some coffee, looking over the rim of the cup cautiously to see how I was reacting. "I didn't do any of that, Jack."

"I know. You told me, Ally."

"But I did do nude glamour. Nothing explicit though. And I could get something like a hundred to a hundred and fifty a day. After a while I realised that the photographer, once I had signed the model release, could get get close to a thousand quid, selling sets of photos to various top shelf magazines, and I had no say in where it went. That's when I decided that if I was doing this I should get more for it, and moreover control where the photos were sold and to whom. I did some research and found that the States was the biggest market, and for some reason they liked English girls. I don't know why, as having seen some of their girls, they are absolutely knock-outs." I had some ideas of why this should be, but kept quiet; I didn't want to go off at a tangent. Ally waited for a moment, still unsure of my reaction, but as I said nothing, she carried on. "That's when I decided that I would become a producer. I hired a studio, a photographer, and models. I had learned that Lesbian stuff sold well, so that's what I did. Some of the girls I booked were bi-sexual, and would happily get it on with other girls; I didn't pose in any of those sets. But I also found out that there were magazines and web-sites that wanted more artistic stuff, erotic rather than pornographic. I would do the artistic modelling. A suggestion that sex was going to happen. That's all. But if any of the girls didn't want publication in this country, their wishes were respected."

I nodded. "I can understand that, well actually you proved it to me with those photos. Two very beautiful girls appearing to show love for one another. Much more simulating then the explicit stuff. It has poetry, appeals to the mind, and conjures a story. The photographer is good; he really captures your beauty." Ally was smiling happily as she turned to Libby.

"See! I knew it. Your dad looks beyond the obvious and sees the poetry." Libby was smiling as well, but it would seem for a different reason.

"Dad said I was a very beautiful girl." She was delighted.

However I had a question. "I think your policy of not publishing in this country was commendable. But! Surely if product went on the internet you had no control over who saw it and where."

Ally agreed with that. "Yes. But I made certain that none of the pictures appeared on free sites. If anyone had paid money to see the photos, then they were unlikely to publish the fact by 'outing' one of the girls. Also most men wouldn't recognise a girl in the street when she wasn't wearing her heavy make-up and was dresed normally." That seemed sense to me. I was going to say so when Ally went on "I was actually thinking about building my own site. But that won't happen now. You mentioned the photographer. Yes, Arnold is good, but he would be happier taking your pics, Jack, than ours." She was smiling mischievously.

"Gay?" I asked.

"Like a nine bob note."

Libby needed to tell me her side, although I could probably guess most of it. The tale was simple. She answered an advert, actually one placed by Ally, and decided once the whole thing was explained to her that she would do it. "But Dad. It wasn't seedy or dirty. It was good to be posing with other girls, especially Ally, but most of all they thought I was lovely, and I needed to know that. I didn't mind posing in the nude, after all it's only a body and fifty percent of the world's population have the same body." Possibly I thought, but few as lovely as Ally and Libby. I suspected that she had an image problem though, and I had to feel some of the guilt for her low self-esteem. Could it be that my supposed rejection of her had planted the seed of self-doubt in her?

Our conversation had gone on long into the night, and I was not keen on Libby driving for a couple of hours that night. "There's a spare bedroom. Would you like to stay the night? Save you driving all that way at this time of night." Libby didn't think long.

"Thanks Dad, I would like that." Then a grin split her face. "As long as you two don't get it on and keep me awake. Ally looked at me and smirked as my face had gone bright red.

"It's OK, Libby. I'll give him a night off." Then Libby threw in the punch line.

"Unless I can come and watch!"

"Libby! This is your father talking. Go to bed."

"Yes. Daddy." She said this meekly, but had a smile on her face as she did.

In the morning there were three of us to work out. I was first, and then Ally and Libby worked together, one on the rowing machine the other on the treadmill, then swapping. Eventually I was presented with not one sweating girl but two, both of whom disdained a bra and both of whom had prominent nipples showing through the wet Tee's. I was sitting in the kitchen with my mug of tea when they came in, and much as I tried I could not look at Libby in that condition. She noticed and said to Ally. "Even though he's seen the photos my dad doesn't think I have tits." Ally sympathised.

"Yeah, I know. He wouldn't look at mine for a long time. I made a point." She grinned. "Well actually two points of giving him every opportunity to look, but he wouldn't. Give him time, Libby, he'll get used to it. He'll have to." I had become used to Ally's expressions and tone as she said something, and there was a world of meaning in that comment. I left it for a while, hoping that Ally would think it had gone over my head. When Ally got up to make some more toast that I casually asked.

"Why should I have to get used to what?" For a moment neither could remember the context of the comment. Then Ally understood.

"Oh. I didn't think you had heard that." I smiled easily at my wife to be.

"No secrets? I thought that was the plan." She nodded. Then took a deep breath.

"As I have to all intents and purposes moved in here. I thought that rather than sell the flat, I would rent it. Libby asked if she could take the tenancy." I grinned.

"That is an excellent idea. It means that I will see more of my daughter, and also that you have a place to run to when I kick you out! As I most certainly will if you two connive without me." Ally was shocked that I could even think of that, and I grinned to show her I was joking. "If you have ideas, let's talk them through together. You never know I may be quite in favour. The calendar may say it, but I am not too old to be reasonable." Libby looked ashamed and guilty, not so Ally, she had a grin on her face. All she said was.

"Don't worry, Libby. I know the best place to negotiate with your dad. And he is never old there!"

I turned to Libby. "And I suppose that you thought that you could carry on the business that Ally set up?" They both looked totally surprised.

"Were you listening to us?" Ally accused me.

"No, why? When did you discuss it?"

"I just mentioned it to Libby when we were exercising."

"Well I was having a shower then, and you know you can't hear anything over the noise of the water. It would appear that my mind was working the same way as you two. If Libby wants to continue, it seems the sensible solution."

"You don't mind, dad?" Libby was surprised as my attitude.

"No. I have learned enough about the profession from Ally and how you can be in control of the whole thing. Just don't do anything that will compromise your integrity." Libby ran round the table and hugged me.

"You are the greatest dad. I will be living nearby, and we can make up for the years we didn't see each other." Then in the same breath. "And I could I come over and work out regularly?" I nodded in resignation. My life now would be controlled by these two. Ally was happy. Then decided that she would add to the good feelings.

"I suppose that neither of you will be really interested in my news." That stopped everything.


"Yes. I'm pregnant!"

"You're not?" I questioned.

"I am." Ally said proudly.


"In seven months."

"Why didn't you tell me before?"

"I only got the confirmation yesterday, and I didn't think it would have been the right time to say anything last night, given the shocks we all had."

Suddenly I noticed Libby; she was sitting quietly and crying her eyes out. Concerned I put my arm round her. "What's the matter, Libby?" She didn't answer at first and I got even more concerned. Ally whispered to me.

"She's happy, not sad." Libby nodded.

"I am happy dad. I haven't had a family for years. Now all of a sudden I have my Dad back, a step-mother who is more like a sister, and soon I will have a baby brother or sister. That's why I'm crying, I'm so happy." I will never understand women. Then I realised that I was in a similar position. I was getting a family too, something that I had given up as impossible years ago. If I wasn't a bloke I would have been crying as well.

Libby continued to come and exercise every couple of days or so, and would come into the kitchen for a tea before going to shower. Her breasts were prominent in the sweat-soaked Tee, and it felt weird looking at her in that condition. Eventually Libby had enough.

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