Jack and the Rollercoaster
Chapter 5

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Over the next three weeks Ally called frequently in the evening to practice our dancing. She also got into the habit of arriving around seven-thirty every other morning to get on the treadmill and rowing machine. I changed my workout times to seven, so that I could shower when she was working out. Ally noticed this change without comment. For me it was all about avoiding temptation. Most men would relish the opportunity to see a woman like Ally, soaking in sweat, rendering her tee-shirt almost transparent, and I am no different. However I realised that although Ally seemed quite happy to show me, the chances of going further were minimal and I would not be able to get on with my writing or anything else if remembrances of Ally's exquisite figure was to continually occupy my mind.

There were just a few days remaining before this charity ball, and our practice had become superfluous. I had no doubt that she would look fantastic in the Ballroom. So it was that we practiced only for a short time that last week and fell into conversation more. It was good as we found a lot to talk about. We argued about politics, we agreed on the need to preserve the countryside, and we discussed attitudes and the bigotry that still existed in the world. I asked questions and challenged some of her attitudes; she didn't take umbrage, rather the opposite, pleased to defend herself. However it was one ordinary question that I asked which opened Pandora's Box.

"You told me that you had your own work, and that it wasn't related to your father's business, but didn't tell me what you do." Ally was silent for a while, deep in thought, and then answered.

"I'm a Model." From the way she looked and dressed that wasn't surprising, but I couldn't understand why she had taken so long to answer.

"I'm not surprised, Ally. From my point of view you are perfect for that sort of work." She was shaking her head.

"No, Jack. You don't understand. I am not a clothes horse model. I am a photographic model, a glamour model." My understanding of that was models who posed in bikini's or occasionally topless. So naively said.

"You would make any bikini look good." She smiled.

"Thank you, it's nice of you to say that. But I rarely wear any clothes when I am working."

The expression dumbstruck was the perfect description for me at that moment. I sat there and I am certain that my mouth hung open, unable to say a word. Ally said the word. "I guess Gob-smacked is appropriate, isn't it, Jack?" After I had gathered my composure I nodded.

"I think it is the right word, surprise, bombshell, and astonishment, all of those things as well."

"But not disgust, you didn't say disgust."

"No, Ally. Why should I say disgust? I haven't got to my age without realising that someone's got to pose for the photographs in magazines that I have read. If I didn't feel disgust for my actions in buying and reading them, then it would be hypocritical for me to label the girls who posed. Neither do I suppose that the women who pose are automatically of loose morals." The expression on Ally's face was happiness. She came over to where I sat and kissed me.

"Thank you, Jack. I was so worried about telling you. I nearly didn't you know. But my head was telling me that you would understand and not think badly of me. My head was right. When we are in bed together I will tell you all about it."

"Whoa! Stop right there. Who said anything about our going to bed together? We dance together, and that is simply to put an earthquake under your father. That's it." Ally didn't agree, I could tell from her expression. Oh hell, another determined woman!

"Listen to me, Jack. Let me tell you a little about myself. The men I have been out with tend to fall into two categories. The Lickspittles who dance to my father's tune, or who want to earn brownie points with him. And the Golden boys, as I call them. Men who believe themselves handsome, who cannot pass a mirror without an admiring glance at themselves. Men, so arrogant they believe it is their right to have a good looking girl on their arm. I've been there; Jack and I felt demeaned, angry with myself for boosting their self-image or their ambitions. The men I would really like to know don't ask me out." Ally stopped to drink some tea; I said nothing as I was sure she would go on. But I was aware of part of the problem. How often did I not approach a pretty girl when I was young as I thought she would not be interested in plain Jack Hunter?

Ally put her mug down and looked at me as she continue "Jack. I like you because you are none of those things. I like you because you talk to me as a person, an equal whose opinions are just as important as your own, just think back over our conversation this evening and other evenings." She grinned. "And you talk to my face, not at my boobs! I like you Jack because when I flirt you blush. When I pushed my breast into you when we were in hold, you pulled away even though I am sure you didn't find it unpleasant. You value me as a person, not as a body." Was it my turn to say something? Frankly I didn't know what to say, so what I said was disjointed as I was thinking as I talked.

"Ally. You have just thrown me totally. I did not think for one moment that you could feel any connection with someone of my..."

She interrupted. "If you say age, I shall scream!" Her eyes were blazing. "What has age got to do with how someone feels?" She looked upwards as if appealing for help from above. "Jack, all I want is to know you better, become a close friend, and if we do go to bed together, I'm not saying we will, but if we do is that the end of the world? Or don't you want to see me naked in your bed? My father has tried his best to control my life, and has browbeaten and manipulated the men I go out with. He cannot do that with you, you proved that when you dissed him that time. And it's your maturity that allows you to do all of that."

"If you had let me finish, I was going to say my situation." I tried to keep the smile off my face. Of course I was going to say age, but I thought I would muddy the waters a little. Ally seemed at first to be surprised, and then she smiled.

"Oh but you were."

"Oh no I wasn't" She was laughing now, and I had no option but to join in her laughter.

"Bastard!" She cried. For the next few minutes it was impossible to get a sensible word out of either of us. The moment one of us tried the look on the other's face would set off the laughter again. Eventually I got control of myself enough to get words out.

"I'll go and get my calendar and red pen." Ally looked mystified, so I explained.

"Well it will be a red letter day."

"What will?"

"The day you get into my bed, naked. I must make sure I am here to see it." I managed to keep my face straight. Ally didn't. She was laughing again.

Ally left about ten-thirty giving me a full open mouthed kiss as she left. "Just a taster, Jack." She teased. She left me with a problem, was I going to sleep that night? Probably not. My dilemma would be not so much did I want to go to bed with Ally? Of course I did, what man wouldn't? Well those blokes who walked the other side of the street may not, but most other men would give their souls for the chance. I had to think forward. If I did get into a relationship with Ally, I would not want it to end. I mean, take a man to paradise and he will want to stay there wouldn't he? Ally was probably of a different view that we could have fun together and when someone better, someone nearer her age came along, move on. Yet the delights that I would find with her were a pressing temptation. Needless to say I didn't sleep well that night, and got out of bed at six-thirty feeling like shit! I had two showers that morning, one to wake me up, and another after I had worked out and I still didn't know what to do. Eventually I had a plan. It wasn't much of a plan but would have to do. Get this bloody Ball out of the way, then sit down with Ally and talk it through.

I collected Ally from her apartment, at eight the evening of the Ball. With Sheila's input we had decided that it would suit their plans if we made an entrance after most people were there, so that if Richard was going to make a scene then he would have to do it with a large audience. Ally left her coat at the cloak room then came to join me in the Lobby. You could feel the stir as she came through the crowd. Angels have that effect, don't they? She was wearing a pale gold dress, which contrasted well with her tanned skin. It was full skirted fitting her small waist closely. The bodice, well almost a bodice, consisted of a narrow choker collar from which two broad straps came down only meeting when they reached her waist, There was nothing under them except Ally, pure Ally. She smiled and twirled. Oh shit! There was no back to the dress and the straps over her shoulders didn't cover her sides, the swell of her breasts below her arms were very evident.

"Like it?" She asked.

"It's almost as beautiful as you. But I've no bloody idea where I am going to put my hand when we are dancing."

"I could give you some suggestions, Jack. But I doubt that it would be proper when we're dancing though." Her eyes were twinkling. I grinned.

"I suspect that your suggestions could be interesting but, as you say not entirely proper." There was a smirk on her face. "So come on, let's go into the Lion's Den. Hail Caesar, we who are about to die, salute you!"

Sheila had thoughtfully reserved a table for us, and we made it without fuss. A waitress appeared and took an order for drinks. We had just taken the first sip, when a little murmur made me look up. Ewing was making a beeline for our table. I told Ally as she had her back to him. She grinned.

"The fun's starting." Ewing arrived at our table and ignored me, even though I stood. He addressed Ally.

"Alicia! I didn't realise that you would be here this evening. You should have let me know. But never mind, I have room at my table, so come and join us." Ally looked up.

"Hello Daddy. I believe you know Jack Hunter. If Jack is happy, we could join you for a short while." Ewing looked at me as if I was something foul that he had stepped in.

"I doubt that we will have room for him. He won't mind though, if you join us."

"Oh no. Daddy. Ally smiled sweetly at him. "I couldn't desert my escort for the evening. That would be discourteous." Ewing was getting angry now, and as his anger built, so did the onlookers who anticipated some sort of confrontation.

"Alicia, I will not brook any argument. Do as you are told."

"No." Ally said this vehemently.

I thought it time for me to get involved. As calmly as I could I told him. "Ewing! You are making a scene. Ally is old enough to know her own mind, and she accepted my invitation to be here this evening. Do allow her the right to make her own decisions." He rounded on me. His anger obvious in his eyes.

"Be quiet you upstart. This has nothing to do with you." He spoke to Ally again.

"Alicia. This person is totally unsuited to be with you. Look at him he must be much older than you. Now see sense and come and join my table." He had not noticed Sheila joining the group around our table. Until she spoke from just behind him.

"Richard! How much older than Ms. Cannon were you, when you got her into bed?" She said it loud enough for the comment to be heard by the immediate onlookers. Ewing's face showed shock. Sheila went on. Quieter now, but with steel in her voice. "You are sixty four. I believe the lady was forty four, but Mr. Hunter could confirm that, couldn't you, Jack?" I nodded.

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