Destruction Aftermath, Book 3
Chapter 12

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Everybody groaned. He continued, "There is one new thing. Before we left, we were on twenty meters and heard from a Japanese station. I wonder if George's people would like to put together a joint expedition to Japan or even just up the west coast.

"Mike is good at traveling." He grinned sadistically. Then, he went, "Oof," as Mom violently elbowed him. After he regained his breath, he said, "Perhaps that trip should wait for a little bit."

George looked at him and at Lois. Mom said, "We will talk about this later and determine who should or wants to go. Another thing is the folks who were at Salt Lake City. We haven't heard from them in years and they had gone south toward Texas. They should be searched for, also.

"George, we should talk with your Mayor and put together a couple of search groups. I might send Jack if he doesn't consider my grandmother status a little more." She smiled at Dad to show she was kidding.

We partied on the pier until late and then retired to camp spots in some buildings that were still standing. There was plenty of room and even privacy for everyone. The next morning, the Rose left for Port Lavaca and we started the trek to Preservation.

Our wagons made the slow trip to Preservation with a steady clop-clop of horses hooves as we traced our way up the old I-65 to I-85 and into Georgia. During the trip down, they had not stopped at any of the small communities. On the way back, we did stop and talked to them about what they needed and what benefits aligning themselves with Preservation would be. Since we weren't "taking over" any of them, they were open to our overtures. Bennie and Janice would ride out ahead with two or three other people to meet and talk as our slow wagon train moved toward home. We added friends in Greenville, Auburn, and Valley. A couple stayed with each group instructing them on the HF radio and getting them set up to communicate. Each received the quick version with a promise that we would return later with more instruction.

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