Ruffy and Me
Chapter 9: The Promotion

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That Saturday morning, JJ got up before dawn and got into his Bible. He prayed for the strength to go on and the wisdom to do the job that seemed to be before him. Before starting his day, he chose the Bible verse he would meditate on that day.

When he got to the Marshal's office, Mayor Frank Robinson swore him in as U. S. Marshal Joe Staples Jr. The City Council was present, including Terry Hornsby.

After he had sworn in JJ, Mayor Robinson said, "JJ, we will raise your salary up to one hundred dollars a month. Find yourself a deputy, and he'll get sixty, like you got. Now that we have that problem solved, we're going to have a trial today. The jail is to slam full. There's twenty-one men in there, and it's only designed for ten. We will try the Hill Gang and find out which one of them robbed Terry Hornsby, and maybe the one who killed your daddy a few years ago. It seems we have some new evidence on that case. Then, we'll try Jim Johnson. JJ, you need to send a messenger out to get Barney Williams to come in as soon as possible."

"Mayor, I would like to take a chance and use Albert Reynolds as my deputy. If I hadn't had his help I wouldn't have gotten all those rustlers. After talking to him, I think he was caught between a rock and a hard place. He told me that he thought his days were numbered, and he didn't know what to do. They had told him that if he said anything or tried to escape, they would kill him.

If you would pardon him, I think he will make a good deputy, and besides he said he will testify against Jim Johnson and all the men connected with James and his rustling," explained JJ.

"JJ, go get him out and let me talk to him. I'll talk to the City Council, but it's their decision," replied Mayor Robinson.

"Come on up front," said JJ to Albert, as he opened his cell door.

"Man! Oh man! I thought you had forgotten about me," said Albert.

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