Justice Resurrected

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Appendix I: The Gods of Titia-Lohr

Avra (ăv-rä): Goddess of Love and Children; Patron of suitors and the innocent

Cealie (sēl-ē): Goddess of the Home and Women; Patron of womankind and Guardian of the Hearth

Fabialrhae (făb-ē-äl-rā): Goddess of the Earth and Agriculture; Patron of farmers

Genifer-Elia (gĕn-ĭ-fer ĕ-lē-ä): Mother of the Universe; Goddess of Fire and Light; Patron of rangers, mothers, and the Clerics of Light

Kaspar-Dei (kăs-pär dā): God of Travel and Commerce; Twin of Ptavre-Dei; Patron of travelers, merchants, and messengers

Kreu-Garra (kroi garä): Goddess of War and Kings; Mistress of the Hall of Valor; Patron of sovereigns and warriors

Lun (lŭn): Father of the Universe; God of Night and Shadows; Patron of assassins, players of the Game, and hunters of men; known as Lun the Mad, Lun the Dark, and Lun the Father, depending on his mental state and the region of Titia-Lohr

Mikelan (mĭk-ĕ-län): God of Beauty, Art, Music, and Poetry; Patron of artists, musicians, poets, and writers

Nultra (nŭl-tră): Goddess of Nature and Animals; Patron of hunters, herders, and the Wild Ones

Ptavre-Dei (ptăv-rä dē): God of Thieves and Outcasts; Twin of Kaspar-Dei; Patron of the outcast and outlawed

Sirro-Khol (sē-rō khōl): Goddess of Air and Weather; Patron of mariners and the weather-wise

Sol (sōl): God of Justice; Patron of adjudicators, constabularies, guards, and the righteous vengeful

Subteo (sŭb-tā-ō): God of Stone, Mining, and Metallurgy; Patron of miners, smiths, and mountain-dwellers (both above and below ground)

Wassilian (wăs-ĭl-ē-än): God of Water and the Seas; Patron of sailors and fishermen

Zondro-Xhan (zŏn-drō shän): God of Death, Destruction, and Sorcery; Lord of the Underworld; Patron of dying sinners, warlords, and sorcerors

Appendix II: The Races of Titia-Lohr


Avarans (Fairies; ä-var-ănz): A diminutive race standing a foot or less tall given life by Avra. Avarans had pink skin, hair in shades of pink and purple, almondine eyes in metallic shades, and diaphanous wings not dissimilar to dragonflies. The Avarans were an inherently magical race imbued with naturally high amounts of magic but with little gift for spells. Dwelling in the region of present-day Zondroland, the Domain of Pagans, and the Meikar Peninsula, they were heavily hunted by the Freosans, Ecdysians, and the Dei-Xhan for their use as ingredients in spells. As a result of this hunting, they were exterminated, with the Ecdysians sweeping the last of the Avarans into the traps of their sorcerors shortly before the ironic extermination of the Ecdysians by the Fyr Gaurs.

Ecdysians (ĕk-dēzh-ē-ănz): A tall, thin race created by Ptavre-Dei standing between seven and eight feet tall with a lean musculature, nimble reflexes, and an uncanny ability to move with blinding speed for short bursts. Shaggy green, brown, or black fur covered the majority of their brown skin, with just their face, hands, and feet being bare. They were consummate thieves, assassins, and sorcerors and were responsible for the extinction, along with the Dei-Xhan, of the Avarans. Before their extinction at the hands of the Fyr Gaurs, they dwelled in the region making up the western reaches of the Empire of the Gnath and the Sirro-Xhaar Peninsula.

Elves: A slightly built, short race standing no taller than five and a half feet, with skin and eyes of metallic shades, and hair that ranged the spectrum traditionally grown uncut for the entirety of the Elf's four century-long life span. Created by Mikelan, the Elves were gifted in just about any art imaginable and had gifts in magic and diplomacy as well. Their extinction came at the hands of the Dei-Xhan when the Dei-Xhan moved into the lands the militarily weak Elves had shared with the Avarans before their extinction.

Etebari (Fogari; ĕt-ĕ-bar-ē; fō-gar-ē): The Etebari, or Fogari as they are also know by historians, were a powerful, nearly immortal race of beings whose feline shape made them among the more powerful races to be created from the First Divine Miracle. Able to walk bi- or quadripedally and standing over ten feet tall on their hind legs, the Etebari had spotted tawny, black, and cream fur, good eyesight, excellent hearing, powerful musculature, and abilities in fighting unmatched by any race, living or extinct. The Etebari also had fair abilities in magic and, before their extinction, roamed Titia-Lohr in kin groups of twenty to fifty, acting as roving peacekeepers and judges. Most scholars attribute the creation of the Etebari to Sol and their destruction to an alliance of Dei-Xhan and Freosans. The scholars, however, are wrong. The Etebari were created by the twin sister of Zondro-Xhan, the unknown goddess Kimber-Xhan, who was killed trying to defend Lun from the attack by Ptavre-Dei that started the Schism. Upon Kimber-Xhan's death, the Etebari, one of the Elder Races, perished entirely as well.

Freosans (Frost Giants; frē-ō-zhănz): Freosans were huge, massively strong and magically powerful peoples created by Lun the Mad before Ptavre-Dei's attack. Standing over thirty feet tall, the Freosans had bodies resembling massively muscled, blue-skinned, white-haired Humans carved out of ice and snow. Called Frost Giants by bards and commoners, the Freosans dwelt in the far northern reaches of Titia-Lohr, were masters of arcane studies, and were the deadly foes of the Fyr Gaurs. It was their battles with the Fyr Gaurs of Sirro-Khol that led to the mutual extinction of both Elder Races.

Fyr Gaurs (Fire Giants; fēr garz/fēr gorz): The Fyr Gaurs of Sirro-Khol were a fiercesome race of fire beings who inhabited the region of Titia-Lohr now composing the Kingdom of the Illuminants, Port Ilia, and the central provinces of the Empire of the Gnath. Given their enmity with the Freosans who dwelt to their north, the Fyr Gaurs were of similar stature as their foes, standing more than thirty feet in height with powerful abilities in magic and warfare. The Fyr Gaurs had four insect-like legs, a centaur-like body modeled on a feline form with a head covered in a chitinous skin which showed few features, and four chitinous arms connected to the torso, each of which ended in a different appendage form (a normal-looking hand, one a curved blade-like claw, one a pincer, and one a tentacle). Sirro-Khol created them with battle against the Freosans in mind and so they were creatures that continually emanated flames which they could control and manipulate. They went extinct due to their battles with the Freosans.

Humans: Humans were created by Kaspar-Dei and he created them with the idea of a race of merchants. Highly fertile, inquisitive, and willing to explore the world around them, Humans would spread over the entirety of Titia-Lohr and looked to be well on their way to becoming the dominant race in the world at the time. Standing between five and six and a half feet tall with varied hair, eye, and skin color and having wide ranging abilities in just about everything, Humans worshipped all the Gods, including Zondro-Xhan and Ptavre-Dei and so were regarded well by all the Gods. Their downfall came as a result of a divine mistake. When Kreu-Garra created the Gnathar, something happened in her creating them that instilled in them a reaction to the presence of Humans which turned perfectly peaceable Gnathar into bloodthirsty berserkers who would go into murderous rampages until all Humans in their sight were dead. Not even Zondro-Xhan and Ptavre-Dei could protect their Human followers from their Gnathar followers and so the Human nations were slowly destroyed by rampaging hordes of Gnathar and the race became extinct.

Sylvans (Alrha; sĭl-vănz/äl-rä): The race of Fabialrhae is a mystery no scholar has ever been able to decipher fully. It is known they existed because artifacts from their civilization have been found in the eastern forests now within the boundaries of Tran-Kor, the Duchy of Ce'al, and the Kingdom of Avra, as well as the eastern provinces of the Empire of the Gnath. What they looked like, what their abilities and temperaments were like, and how they became extinct is unknown by even the Illuminants, who would have been present in Titia-Lohr when they lived and died. It is speculated that they may have died out during a massive cold snap that lasted nearly a century and turned northern Titia-Lohr into snow covered wastes. Illuminants place the blame for the mini-ice age on the massive volcanic explosions in the northern reaches of the Netherland millennia ago which produced enough ash to cover the sun for months. Given their probable range of habitation in the forested northeast, Fabialrhae's People were dubbed Sylvans by the Illuminants and Alrha by the Zondro-Xhan.


Ce'al (sē-äl): A lithe, slender race of beings created by Cealie who mainly inhabit the east central portions of the Titia-Lohr landmass. Both male and female Ce'al usually have waist length hair of green or russet shades, large almond-shaped eyes, thin pointed ears, and olive to nutty brown skin which contains chromatophores, allowing them to blend into the woodlands that blanket the eastern-central region of the continent. The Ce'al are a very intelligent and peaceful race whose societies tend to be dominated by matriarchal clans headed by priestesses of either Avra or Cealie. They believe themselves descended from the offspring of a Human male and the Goddess Cealie, hence their name.

Dei-Xhan (dī shän): A dark race of beings with an almost cadaverous appearance created by Zondro-Xhan. Their dark brown to black skin is taught over their lean musculature and thin bone structure. Despite this sickly exterior, the Dei-Xhan are immensely strong, second only to the Jotnar in potential strength. They are completely hairless and have a propensity towards violence and malice that is in accordance to the entire race's worship of both Zondro-Xhan and Ptavre-Dei. They dominate several nations and are widely dispersed, and unwelcomed, throughout the continent. They avoid and fear the Illuminants unless they have overwhelming superiority of force due to several staggering losses in both battle and the Game over the millennia.

Gnathar (năth-ar): A prolific species created by Kreu-Garra which closely resembles the extinct Human race with the added pointed ears of their Ce'al ancestors. They range in skin tone from medium brown to pale white and have hair of almost any shade imaginable. They stand as the second tallest of the races, next only to the Jotnar, and possess a closeness to the Gnath, which only they can semi-domesticate. Their symbiotic relationship with the Gnath and their Human ancestors' interbreeding with the Ce'al have given them the intelligence and strength to allow them to spead over the continent in larger numbers than the other races. They have control over vast stretches of land and few willingly face them in battle or diplomacy, despite (or perhaps because) most other races considering them barbarians.

Gnomes (nōmz): A diminutive race of mountain-dwellers whose communion with the denizens of the subterranean world and worship of their creator Subteo have made them the foremost miners and metallurgists in the world. They can be found wherever there are mountains or rocky hills. They are a long-lived race who have a combined wisdom which more than makes up for their lack in stature. They can stand little more than half the height of the average Jotnar and have smoky gray skin and hair which are very thick and resilient. They have the ability to live their entire lives beneath the earth and their love for the underworld has led them to find and hoard vast treasures which they jealously guard. Their society has evolved into a mercantile system based on kinship to the various merchant houses who control the majority of the wealth. They have also developed the most technologically inventive society on Titia-Lohr.

Illuminants (ĭ-loo-mĭ-năntz/ĭl-loom-ĭn-ăntz): An almost ethereal race who have the ability to make their bioluminescent corporeal bodies intangible or all together invisible. They are the followers of Sol and Genifer-Elia and make up a large minority of the Clerics of Light in their opposition to the forces of evil in the world. They have made it their business to keep tabs on the Dei-Xhan and wherever there are more than three Dei-Xhan there is at least one Illuminant. They have staggering psychokinetic and psycho-pyrotechnic abilities that have made them the favorite of their creator, the Goddess of Fire and Light, and allowed them to survive as the last of the Elder Races.

Jotnar/Jotnari (jŏt-nar/jŏt-nar-ē): A race of relative giants given life by Wassilian, these muscular people tower over the other races in both height and strength. With pale to deep red hair, pale eyes, and (oddly, given their southern habitations) pale skin, the Jotnar are chiseled in appearance, looking as if Wassilian carved them from bleached driftwood. They inhabit the southern areas of the Titia-Lohr landmass and have come to be the most able mariners in the world, creating societies with ridged systems of honor and formality to contain their vast potential for lethality. They have extraordinary eyesight, subsonic hearing, and resemble rough-hewn, larger versions of the extinct Human race, of whom Wassilian was fond before their extinction.

Nultrites (nŭl-trīts): A race of short, furred people, the People of Nultra are sleek and very swift with the ability to use both bipedal and quadrapedal locomotion. They have a light brown and dark green fur which aids in their efforts to blend into their steppe homelands. The Nultrites have long, prehensile, forked tails, large, pointed ears, and bulbous eyes. The Nultrites are able to mentally communicate with a large majority of the animals of Titia-Lohr, strangely excluding the Gnath and the more deadly of the inhabitants of the Netherlands. They inhabit the central steppes in roving bands with little or no true leadership.

III: The Nation-States of Titia-Lohr

An'Garra (ăn-garä):

Capital City- Kreegskeit (krēgs-kīt)

Dominant Race- Gnathar

Other Races (by population size)- Ce'al, Jotnar, Gnomes, Dei-Xhan, Illuminants

Population- Varied (aproximately 5,000,000 "residents")

Government Type- Republic

Sovereign- General Jokkum Kreegsson (yō-kŭm krēg-sŏn)

Resources- farms, fishing, forests, Gnaths, hides, medicinal herbs, mercenaries

Dominant Religion(s)- Kreu-Garra, Lun the Father, and Sol

Flag- A black Gnath and rider wielding a mace-axe on a red field crossed diagonally by three gold lines

Note- An'Garra provides a large minority of the world's mercenaries and guards and has the finest military academy on the continent. It is also the only republic.

Barrens, The:

Capital City- not applicable

Dominant Race- Dei-Xhan

Other Races (by population size)- Gnomes, Illuminants, Gnathar

Population- Unknown

Government Type- not applicable

Sovereign- not applicable

Resources- exotic animal parts, gemstones (subterranean), medicinal herbs, minerals (subterranean), peat, precious metals (subterranean), stone (surface and subterranean)

Dominant Religion(s)- Zondro-Xhan and Ptavre-Dei

Flag- not applicable

Note- The Barrens are a boggy, swamp infested region of central Titia-Lohr which no single people or nation has bothered to claim for themselves. What parts of the area are not abundant with stagnant water is wasted moors where few people could make a decent living. Only the Dei-Xhan, who thrive in such places, and the Gnomes, who live below them, find the place mildly habitable. Such other races that are found there are either there due to trouble with the law in other nations or are keeping an eye on those living in the Barrens.

Darkan (dar-kăn):

Capital City- Ft. Schvol (shvōl)

Dominant Race- Dei-Xhan

Other Races- None

Population- Unknown (estimated at 1,000,000)

Government Type- Dictatorship

Sovereign- Lord Emperor Zitzsar Grodan (zĭtz-ar grō-dăn)

Resources- gemstones, precious metals, shipping, sorcerors, wood

Dominant Religion(s)- Zondro-Xhan and Lun the Dark

Flag- The constellation Elph-tor in light gray stars on a black field

Note- Only Zondroland, Lunland, Outland, the Kingdom of Sparkan, and the Domain of Pagans has diplomatic ties with Darkan. No other races are permitted into Darkan unless on diplomatic service and those diplomats are not assured diplomatic immunity. Such foreigners as do enter Darkan are restricted to a walled complex within Ft. Schvol, itself a heavily fortified city with high walls. Due to the presence of the University of Zondro-Xhan, no nation has tried to invade Darkan since an invasion force from the Kingdom of Sparkan in the pre-Empire of the Sail era was wiped out to the man by the resident sorcerors of the University.

Domain of the Pagans:

Capital City- Xir Dozamni (zēr dōz-äm-nē)

Dominant Race(s)- Gnathar and Gnomes

Other Races (by population size)- Illuminants, Dei-Xhan

Population- 6,750,000

Government Type- Oligarchy

Sovereign- Grand Chancellor Mobbitt Gnathjaw (mŏb-ĭt năth-jäw)

Resources- farms, fishing, gemstones, Gnaths, minerals, precious metals, stone, wood

Dominant Religion(s)- Old Gods, Kaspar-Dei, Subteo, and Fabialrhae

Flag- A silver Gnath on a dark brown field crossed diagonally by four beige lines

Note- The Domain has a large population of Gnathar who worship the Old Gods, nature spirits, demons, and/or their own deified ancestors. They are known as pagans and are also found in Zondroland, the Dorkan Empire, the Barrens, and the Empire of the Gnath. The pagans are clannish, warrior peoples who fiercely guard their homestead ranges. They send two representatives to the five-member junta which controls much of the Domain and one hundred twenty representatives to the two hundred fifty-five-man Civic Representatives' Congress.

Dorkan Empire (dor-kăn/dor-kän):

Capital City- Dorkan City

Dominant Race- Gnathar

Other Races (by population size)- Gnomes, Jotnar, Illuminants, Ce'al

Population- 8,850,000

Government Type- Imperial Monarchy

Sovereign- Emperor Delnar-Kan XIV (dĕl-nar kän)

Resources- assassins, farms, fishing, gemstones, Gnaths, highway system, mercenaries, minerals, universities

Dominant Religion(s)- Kreu-Garra

Flag- A black Gnath on a white field bordered by black

Note- Although relatively small in size, the Dorkan Empire is positioned very strategically. Its existence has allowed the Jotnar-dominated Empire of the Sail to flourish as the Dorkan Empire has kept the inhabitants of Zondroland, the Domain of Pagans, and the Barrens from attacking the relatively weak land power of the Empire of the Sail. The Dorkan Empire has also profited by their position, and its being the only safe land route south, from the taxes placed on the movement of goods between the northern nations and the south. To protect this income, the Empire has treaties with each of the pagan chiefs who control the Domain of the Pagans which allows the Dorkan Army to patrol the Dorkan Imperial Highway that runs from the southern borders of the Empire of the Gnath to the southern reaches of the Ythol Mountains in the Empire of the Sail.

Duchy of the Ce'al:

Capital City- Scaa Nihr (skä nēr)

Dominant Race- Ce'al

Other Races (by population size)- Illuminants, Gnomes, Nultrites, Jotnar, Gnathar

Population- 2,225,000

Government Type- Duchy

Sovereign- Duchess Claeo Xahdra (klā-o zä-drä)

Resources- farms, fishing, medicinal herbs, spices

Dominant Religion(s)- Cealie and Avra

Flag- Jaggedly meeting pink and green squares

Note- The Duchy of the Ce'al is a mostly agricultural nation with scattered fishing villages along the coast. The duchess derives some revenue from caravan tracks leading from the north to the Straight of Minnar, but most of the modest wealth of the nation comes from the massive amounts of food and other agricultural products grown on its farms and in its greenhouses.

Empire of the Gnath (năth):

Capital City- Gnathar

Dominant Race- Gnathar

Other Races (by population size)- Ce'al, Nultrites, Gnomes, Jotnar, Dei-Xhan, Illuminants

Population- 50,500,000

Government Type- Absolute Monarchy

Sovereign- Emperor Maxmar-Kan I (măx-mar kän)

Resources- farms, furs, gemstones, Gnaths, livestock, medicinal herbs, mercenaries, minerals, precious metals, stone, wood

Dominant Religion(s)- Kreu-Garra and Nultra

Flag- A black Gnath in front of silver crossed mace-axes on a gold field

Note- The Empire of the Gnath was founded by a race which is believed to be the result of the interbreeding of the extinct Humans and the Ce'al. These Gnathar half-breeds soon found that they could communicate with the wild and dangerous Gnaths. With their semi-domestication of the Gnath, the Gnathar soon carved out a huge, land-based empire that had no rival until the advent of the Empire of the Sail, some four centuries later. The Empire of the Gnath is the guarantor of what little peace exists in most of Titia-Lohr.

Empire of the Sail:

Capital City- Junastikar (joon-ăs-tĭ-kar)

Dominant Race- Jotnar

Other Races (by population size)- Gnomes, Gnath, Illuminants, Ce'al, Nultrites, Dei-Xhan

Population- 42,650,000

Government Type- Constitutional Monarchy

Sovereign- Emperor Horsiokor Ghan II (hor-sē-ō-kor gän)

Resources- farms, fishing, furs, mercenaries, minerals, precious metals, shipping, stone, wood

Dominant Religion(s)-Wassilian and Kaspar-Dei

Flag- Four small warships in diamond formation on a blue-green field

Note- The Empire of the Sail is the second most powerful nation on the continent. It came into existence when disaffected Jotnar left the Islands of the Jotnar to create their own nation following the extinction of the Human race a millennium ago. The Empire of the Sail took a long time to coalesce from the various principalities and petty kingdoms the Jotnar settlers had founded. The Empire is now the leading sea power in Titia-Lohr and provides a large minority of the maritime activity of the world.

Grand Duchy of Sirro:

Capital City- Sirro

Dominant Race- Gnathar

Other Races (by population size)- Jotnar, Gnomes

Population- 1,900,000

Government Type- Grand Duchy

Sovereign- Grand Duke Torg Josna (torg jŏs-nä)

Resources- canal, ice diamonds, mercenaries, shipping

Dominant Religion(s)- Sirro-Khol and Wassilian

Flag- A crossed axe, sword and hammer of silver on a diagonally split black and white field

Note- The Grand Duchy of Sirro is a frozen waste for all but six to eight weeks of the year. The only truly valuable natural resource the Sirroans have are the ice diamond fields of the far north which are buried under yards of snow and ice year round. There is no water route passing east or west of the northern tip of the Sirro Peninsula so the Sirroans and their southern neighbors, the Xhaari Gnathar, joined to build the Sirro-Xhaar Canal, a major source of revenue for both nations. The ruling Gnathar are just barely a majority, with the Gnomes and Jotnar each making up roughly twenty-four percent of the population.

Grasslands of the Nultrites:

Capital City- Savannah

Dominant Race- Nultrites

Other Races (by population size)- Gnathar, Illuminants, Jotnar, Dei-Xhan, Ce'al

Population (estimated)- 2,500,000

Government Type- Parliamentary Oligarchy

Sovereign- Prime Minister Naahqraat Disch (nä-krät dēsh)

Resources- farms, freshwater fishing, livestock

Dominant Religion(s)- Nultra

Flag- A white argyr on a green field

Note- The Grasslands are ruled over by the various major and minor tribes of the Nultrites who each send members to the Parliament that meets in the capital of Savannah. Few Nultrites voluntarily live in the capital and only those whose duties as representatives compel them to do so. Each tribe is responsible for the defense of its borders with foreign nations and all tribes contribute members to form the Guard, a large but ill-trained army that is responsible for monitoring the activities of non-Nultrites who either live in or travel through the Nultrites' domain.

Islands of the Jotnar (jŏt-nar):

Capital City- Jotnarheim (jŏt-nar-īm/jŏt-nar-hām/jŏt-nar-hīm)

Dominant Race- Jotnar

Other Races (by population size)- Gnomes, Gnathar, Illuminants, Dei-Xhan

Population- Fluid (approxamately 7,000,000 "residents")

Government Type- Confederation

Sovereign- King Gothar Lohrman IX (gōth-ar lor-män)

Resources- exotic animals, exotic plants, farms, fishing, gemstones, minerals, peat, precious metals, shipping, stone

Dominant Religion(s)- Wassilian, Sol, and Kaspar-Dei

Flag- A large red warship on a blue-green field with the words "Iev Kharso vo Ju-Sol Munarii" on a beige scroll beneath the ship (the words mean "by the grace of the Righteous God we live")

Note- The Islands of the Jotnar are divided between powerful, semi-independent families who take turns at being the royal house. They provide a majority of the shipping in the southern waters of Titia-Lohr and have been known to actively sponsor piracy and coastal raids, especially against the Empire of the Sail. Though far weaker than the Empire, the Islands of the Jotnar have not been attacked since before the passing of the Human race more than one thousand years ago.

Isles of Beauty:

Capital City- Mik-En (mĭk ĕn)

Dominant Race(s)- Ce'al and Illuminants

Other Races (by population size)- Jotnar, Gnomes, Gnathar, Nultrites

Population- 1,500,000

Government Type- Dual Monarchy (unwed Ce'al Queen and Illuminant King)

Sovereigns- Queen Lilth (lĭlth) and King Jzaza Kaz (j-zä-zä käz)

Resources- art, artists, farms, fishing, judges, literature, marble, musicians, wood, writers

Dominant Religion(s)- Mikelan, Genifer-Elia, and Sol

Flag- A white scroll, a purple lute, and red scales in triangular formation on a silver field

Note- The Isles of Beauty are ruled jointly by the King of the Illuminants and the Queen of the Ce'al in the Isles. They are not married to one another but rule by joint council. The Isles are considered the most beautiful place on Titia-Lohr and nearly everyone, excluding the Dei-Xhan, considers their lives incomplete if they do not see the Isles at least once in their lives. There are major shrines to most of the Gods on the main island of Mikar, on which is located the capital city. The Isles of Beauty have never been at war and are protected by extensive treaties with the Dorkan Empire, the Empire of the Sail, the Empire of the Gnath, the Islands of the Jotnar, and Meikar.

Kingdom of Avra (ăv-rä):

Capital City- Scaa Doh (skä dō)

Dominant Race- Ce'al

Other Races (by population size)- Jotnar, Gnomes, Illuminants, Nultrites, Gnathar

Population- 5,750,000

Government Type- Monarchy

Sovereign- Queen Dara Leina III (dar-ä lēn-ä)

Resources- exotic plants, farms, fishing, livestock, medicinal herbs, wood

Dominant Religion(s)- Cealie and Avra

Flag- A green fan on a pink field

Note- The Kingdom of Avra was founded by the only known male-dominated clan of the Ce'al in history. King Haevas Peirr founded his nation nearly three thousand years ago. Since then, the Ce'al everywhere have regarded the Kingdom as their ancestral homeland. It has extensive trade pacts with the Duchy of the Ce'al, Tran Kor, and the Port of the Points as well as defensive treaties with the Empire of the Gnath. It has been well over twelve centuries since the Kingdom of Avra has been at war.

Kingdom of Illuminants (ĭ-loom-ĭn-ăntz):

Capital City- Gen-Vir (jĕn vēr/gĕn vēr)

Dominant Race- Illuminants

Other Races (by population size)- Gnathar, Jotnar, Gnomes, Ce'al, Nultrites

Population- 11,625,000

Government Type- Monarchy

Sovereign- King Dzeriz Mozari XXXI (d-zēr-ēz mō-zar-ē)

Resources- farms, judges, metals (from the Netherlands), scholars, stone (from the Netherlands), wood

Dominant Religion(s)- Sol and Genifer-Elia

Flag- Two red, crossed scimitars on a white field

Note- The Kingdom of the Illuminants is the oldest nation on Titia-Lohr, the story of its advent lost in the mists of myth and legend. As such, the Illuminants are the most cultured and civilized of the seven races. They provide most of the judges and councilors on the continent and are the only thing which keeps the Dei-Xhan and their followers among the other races in check. The Illuminants watch the Dei-Xhan constantly and hunt down those who plot to upset the delicate balance which they have endeavored to maintain over the millennia.

Kingdom of Sparkan (spar-kăn):

Capital City- Sparkan

Dominant Race- Gnathar

Other Races (by population size)- Jotnar, Gnomes, Dei-Xhan, Illuminants

Population- 11,400,000

Government Type- Absolute Monarchy

Sovereign- King Mithor I (mē-thor)

Resources- farms, freshwater fishing, wood

Dominant Religion(s)- Lun (the Father and the Dark)

Flag- Two crossed sheafs of golden wheat on a beige field

Note- The Kingdom of Sparkan is a very economically stratified society. The nobility of Sparkan are among the richest in the southern nations while the peasants and serfs are among the most downtrodden. There has been a nation inhabiting the area of Sparkan since the dawn of time and the Human race once held sway over vast reaches of Titia-Lohr from this region. The Gnathar who rule there now do so only because the Dorkan Empire and the Empire of the Sail both distrust each other enough to not wish the other to conquer their weaker neighbor. The Sparkan Gnathar are the only truly Gnathar nation to have contact with all of the Dei-Xhan nations. Their worship of Lun is only as the Father of the Universe and the manifestation of the moon in all His phases. Their religious convictions are minor at best and therefore they do not tolerate the overt presence of Illuminants except as the envoys of the Kingdom of the Illuminants.

Land of the Justicars:

Capital City- Gnomar (nō-mar)

Dominant Race- Gnomes

Other Races (by population size)- Jotnar, Gnathar, Illuminants

Population (estimated)- 10,000,000

Government Type- Mercantile Dominium

Sovereign- Dominari Yurrek (yer-ĭk) Slamfist

Resources- gemstones, industrial products, judges, metals, metalwork, minerals, stone, weapons, wood

Dominant Religion(s)- Sol and Subteo

Flag- Two law scrolls above and below the golden Scales of Sol on a red field

Note- The Land of the Justicars began as a land grant by the Empire of the Gnathar to the Adjucator University located near the present-day Gnomar. In time, the Gnomes bought the land away from the Gnathar Empire and declared themselves independent. The Justicars have developed the most technologically advanced society of Titia-Lohr. They have extensive defensive pacts with the Empire and An'Garra against any incursions from Zondroland to their south.


Capital City- City of Lun

Dominant Race- Dei-Xhan

Other Races (by population size)- Gnathar

Population- 2,100,000

Government Type- Autocracy

Sovereign- Prince Keilun Dzar (kī-lŭn dzar)

Resources- fire gems, ice diamonds, mercenaries, sorcerors, soul-hunters

Dominant Religion(s)- Lun the Dark

Flag- A silver crescent moon rising behind a black mountain on a dark blue field

Note-Lunland is a frozen waste which is pitch dark half of every year. The only real natural resources Lunland has are ice diamonds of the far north and fire gems the sorcerors coax from the four active volcanoes on the southern border with the Netherlands.

Meikar (mī-kar):

Capital City- Hynost-Qaanzyr (hī-nŏst kŏn-zēr)

Dominant Race(s)- Ce'al and Gnathar

Other Races (by population size)- Jotnar, Illuminants, Gnomes

Population- 4,700,000

Government Type- Monarchy

Sovereign- King Voendur II (vō-ĕn-dur) and Queen Leina Waiya (lēn-ä wī-yä)

Resources- artists, authors, farms, fishing, gemstones, Gnaths, livestock, musicians, scholars, stone, wood

Dominant Religion(s)- Cealie, Mikelan, and Sol

Flag- A blue harp and quill on a golden field

Note- Meikar is a kingdom which is populated by a majority of Ce'al-Gnathar half-breeds. The Meikari are slowly becoming a separate race and have been on that path since the first wave of Gnathar-led Ce'al settlers arrived on the peninsula nearly fifteen hundred years ago. These refugees were fleeing one of the last serious wars the Ce'al and Nultrites had with the Gnathar pagans. Driven into the Barrens, preyed upon by the Dei-Xhan and their demons, the Meikar settlers were given assurances by the fledgling Dorkan Empire that they would be unmolested. The government of Meikar has paid various pure-bred families of Gnathar to remain untouched by Ce'al blood to thus maintain a formidable army of Gnathar warriors and Gnath cavalrymen should the need for them arise. With such added protection as is needed coming from the powerful Dorkans, the Meikari organized their society along peaceful pursuits. They opened academies and universities and set their citizens on the path of scholarship and art, thereby becoming one of the most peaceful of all nations. Meikar also makes a fortune exporting its talent and the results of that talent.


Capital City- not applicable

Dominant Race(s)- Dei-Xhan and Gnomes

Other Races (by population size)- Illuminants, Gnathar

Population- less than 2,500,000 (more than half are Nethar Gnomes and another quarter are Dei-Xhan)

Government Type- not applicable

Sovereign- not applicable

Resources- gemstones, gabressi skins, ice trees, metals, stone, soul-hunters

Dominant Religion(s)- not applicable

Flag- not applicable

Note- The Netherlands are a barren, mountainous region inhabited by the desperate and the insane, with the Nethar Gnomes dwelling in their subterranean homes beneath the Nethar Mountains. The only valuable flora to grow there are the massive ice trees, laboriously felled by the Dei-Xhan sorcerors out of Lunland and Outland and sold for huge sums of money. The risks, however, are great. The Netherlands are the haunts of the gabressi, the soul-hunters, the rock wolves, and many other predators as well as those of the Races of Man who find themselves no other place that will have them.


Capital City- Svirth (zverth)

Dominant Race(s)- Dei-Xhan and Gnathar

Other Races (by population size)- None

Population- 1,000,000

Government Type- Junta

Sovereign- Captain-General Unkur Dashsson (ŭn-ker dăsh-sŏn)

Resources- gemstones, ice trees, mercenaries, sorcerors, soul-hunters

Dominant Religion(s)- Lun the Dark, Ptavre-Dei, and Zondro-Xhan Flag- A light gray full moon over a dark gray mountain on a black field Note- Outland is a haven for all the outcasts from the Empire of the Gnath, Port of Ilia, and An'Garra. The mercenaries who reside there, many with prices on their heads in most of the other nations, occupy themselves as pirates and hired swords to Zondroland, Darkan, the pagans, and the bandit chiefs of the Barrens.

Port of Ilia (ĭl-ē-ä):

Capital City- Ilia East

Dominant Race- Gnathar

Other Races (by population size)- Jotnar, Gnomes, Illuminants, Ce'al, Dei-Xhan, Nultrites

Population- 10,350,000

Government Type- Principality/Aristocratic Oligarchy

Sovereign- Prince Ythgar Todrian (ēth-gar tō-drē-ăn)

Resources- farming, fishing, Gnaths, mercenaries, shipping

Dominant Religion(s)- Genifer-Elia, Kaspar-Dei, Kreu-Garra, Sol, and Wassilian

Flag- Two gold, crossed halberds on a blue-green field over a beige scroll with the words "Ythkar Domini Hythwys mys Wassilian" (the words mean "In the Domain most Holy of Wassilian")

Note- Port of Ilia once spanned from the Sea of Ice to the Sea of the Mariners. At the beginning of the Gnathar's quest for Empire in the north, they defeated their brethren who had gained control of the Port of Ilia and split the mighty mercantile nation in two but were unable to push the merchant princes any further than their present-day borders, thanks to the Illuminants' alliance with the Ilians. The Port of Ilia is a wealthy nation based mainly on the capital gained by the merchant houses which control a large minority of the commerce carried on in Titia-Lohr and rival even the Gnomish Dominars.

Port of the Points:

Capital City- Port Minnar (mē-nar)

Dominant Race(s)- Jotnar and Gnathar

Other Races (by population size)- Gnomes, Dei-Xhan, Illuminants, Ce'al, Nultrites

Population- 3,500,000

Government Type- Principality

Sovereign- Prince Paer Wassilsson (pā-er wäs-sēl-sŏn)

Resources- mercenaries, shipping

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