Chaos Calls 01: Learning Visit

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1 December 2017 Edition

About Al and Chaos

The ‘Al’ in this story is Allyn Robyn Evans Adams. More is told about him in the story Finding Home; which is an action / adventure story with graphic sex scenes and not recommended for young readers.

Sixteen year old Al is devastated when a drunk driver causes a car collision which caused the death of all his family; except his father, who he was never real close to. He inherits the businesses and assets of his mother and his grandparents, and obtains many shares and businesses in an out-of-court settlement when he sues the rich man who caused the collision. Since then he’s increased the value of his businesses through a combination of good management and good luck.

Al has studied martial arts for as long as he can remember, and is a very competent fighter qualified to the level of master. He also adopted the Japanese approach to honour during his training, and his character is more that of a Samurai than a typical western teen. The Australian born boy now lives in Frederick, Maryland, USA with his father. There he attends high school, runs his businesses as the senior policy maker, and continues to write a series of books he started some years before.

When Al put together a team of retired military personnel as his security staff he came into contact with a man he knows as ‘John.’ Al knows John works from the Pentagon, and is involved in covert actions. Due to the intrusions of others into his life Al involves John in some of his activities, which leads to a situation where they help each other.

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