Busted Axle Road
Chapter 48

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"You did an excellent job in Hawaii," McMullen said. "They've really got some problems there, don't they?"

"We could concentrate our efforts there for the next ten years, and not make a dent," Heather said. "All those Japanese buying in with big bucks, and not a one of them cares. The Japanese still have whalers out, for pete's sakes. I took a day off and went through the museum at Pearl Harbor, and I found myself wondering how we could get our hands on a torpedo."

"There's an idea," Harper agreed. "That might get some attention. Might get someone the chair, too."

"Maybe so," Heather said. "But someone might think it's worth it. There were Japanese that used to fly planes loaded with bombs into ships, back during World War II. Maybe there's someone that would give up his life to stop whaling."

"They were called 'Kamakazes', Heather," Harper informed her. "That's a heck of an idea, but it'd have to almost be a solo operator. We'd get into all kinds of trouble we don't need if we got involved with something like that."

"Besides, don't get it in your head," McMullen agreed. "We've got something else we'd like you to do instead, and it won't involve a suicide attack on a whale factory. Not quite as spectacular, but almost as important."

"Not another big donor, I hope," Heather said. The weeks she had spent in Hawaii hadn't been very nice to her. She had been out in the sun too much, and had burned, rather than tanned; she had that sort of skin, now red and angered looking. But, actually getting out in the field, even for an assessment project like she'd just finished, had been a breath of fresh air for her.

"It involves a big donor," Harper admitted. "However, we've already got the money, and the donor prefers to remain anonymous."

"This is another field job," McMullen said. "This is going to take a little longer, and there's not going to be quite the danger of getting sunburned." He went on to explain about Spearfish Lake, the snake, and the sewer system. "We've already gotten the money for the TV surveillance to the principal investigator, this Dr. Gerjevic," he explained. "But, we understand that it's going to be another couple of weeks before the surveillance can get under way. So, initially what we want you to do is to assess the whole situation. You'll have to coordinate with this Dr. Gerjevic and his field researcher on what's actually happening, then go from there."

"Is that all this is? Another assessment, without action?"

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