Diane and the Copper
Chapter 4

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Jacky came up trumps with photographs taken off the tapes that the Bell had kept. There was even one of Terry with the girl I saw him with that Saturday night. The next time Diane called I suggested that we meet at Jacqui ' R's. I was certain that Jacky would be happy to add her two penny's worth about Terry. Diane was sitting down drinking coffee with Jacky when I arrived. Jacky called Tom for another coffee and I bent over and gave Diane a kiss on the lips. She was delighted but still had a question on her face. Jacky was also delighted.

"About bloody time too. Now get a room, get naked and get dirty for Heaven's sake!" Was her comment. I reassured Diane.

"It's ok. You will understand in a minute." Jacky had gone behind the bar, and came back with an envelope. She took out the photos and laid them on the table in front of Diane. It doesn't matter how you feel about your partner, evidence of their cheating will still sadden you and I could see the tears in her eyes as she looked through the pictures.

"Bastard!" She said bitterly. I pointed to the one that showed him with the girl on Saturday night.

"I was on duty on Saturday evening and I saw him come out of the Bell with her. I am sorry Diane, but his intentions for her were very plain. She nodded, the tears glistening on her cheeks. I wiped them away with my fingers.

"He didn't come home at all Saturday night. " Diane looked at Jacky.

"Can I keep these?" Jacky nodded.

"No problem, I can get more if your solicitor needs them." Diane went quiet. Jacky pressed her. "You are going to see a solicitor, aren't you?" Diane looked at me then at Jacky.

"I'll have to give it some thought."

"What?" Jacky almost exploded. "Just some thought? Diane he is rubbing your face in the shit. He is banging any tart that takes his fancy. What the hell is holding you back?" I could see that Diane was very uncomfortable. I took her hand.

"Diane. Let's go and have some tea and a quiet talk."

I had bought a flat shortly after moving back to Sutton. The building had used to be a Bank built in Edwardian times and had been converted into four large luxury apartments. They were on the market at a high price and none had sold. As an Inspector I was earning a good salary, the Police paid well as they didn't want their officers to have money troubles; a policeman with economic problems could be susceptible to bribery. I was able to bargain with the developer and got a substantial reduction in the price, add to that as a police officer I had access to very low rates on a Mortgage.

Diane wandered around the flat as I made tea. She came and joined me in the kitchen just as the kettle boiled.

"Pug it's a lovely flat, so spacious. But it appears as if no one lives here. No pictures, no ornaments, just basics. Have you nothing to show for your life? No fond memories?" I shrugged my shoulders.

"Come on Diane. I have been here less than four months. I haven't really had a chance to go out and get that stuff."

"You don't buy that stuff as you put it. It's what you collect as you go through life. I mean the little ornaments that you bring back from holidays, the little gifts, and pictures of your family. All the bits and pieces that remind you of your life. That's what I was talking about." It had never occurred to me before. I looked around; there was nothing to remind me of any good times or family. I shook my head. There was nothing to say I was anything but a Copper. Diane came and put her arms around me.

"You are in some ways in a worse position than me. Oh Pug! What has life done to us?"

After a moment of commiserating with each other we sat down to drink the tea. At least I had furniture if nothing else.

"Why did you have your hair cut short?" I questioned.

"Don't you like it?" She said, raising her hand to fluff at the side.

"That wasn't the question. Do you like it short?"

"Why, would you like to see it longer?" It amused me that Diane like most women seemed to answer a question with another.

"Diane. It's a simple question. Why did you have your hair cut short?" I smiled as I asked, letting her know that there was no anger in the question

"Terry wanted it. He said my long hair made me look old." I shook my head.

"Did you want to cut your hair?"

"Not especially. Shall I grow it back?"

"Do you want to grow it back?" I emphasised the word 'you'.

"Would you like it?"

"No. It's not about if I would like it. It's what you want." Finally she actually answered.

"I would."

"Good. Then do it." She seemed happy that the question had been resolved.

"Was that interrogation necessary?"

"Yes it was. You have decided to do something that you want. It makes a statement. You're taking your life back into your own hands."

"Ok I will ask the questions now." She was smiling. "Will you like my hair longer?"


"Good, in that case I am happy to let it grow." She grinned. "But I will because it's what I want, and not just because it will please you. Even though you have become so masterful." She commented dryly. I laughed and Diane joined in the laughter. We relaxed then, drinking tea and reminiscing about the things we had done when younger and the friends we had known.

Just then the phone warbled. I got up to answer; it was bound to be the station. The phone was in the kitchen. As I picked it up, Diane motioned that she was going to the bathroom. I tried to get off the phone reasonably quickly. The call was from another Inspector on late shift. He wanted to adjust the roster for personal reasons, and asked if I would change to accommodate him. I eventually agreed just to get rid of the man.

As the apartment had been converted from old offices, the layout was not as straightforward as purpose built flats would be. I couldn't see the door to the bathroom from the kitchen, so didn't know if Diane had returned to the lounge or not. I looked into the lounge and she wasn't there. I wandered round the corner to the bathroom, the door was open and her stiletto's lay at odd angles on the carpeted floor as if they had been kicked off carelessly. Just three feet away down the corridor was her skirt, two feet from that was her blouse, and then her brassiere. I followed the trail towards my bedroom picking up the garments as I did so. I held them to my nose inhaling the fragrance of this lovely woman. The door was open slightly and hanging on the door knob was a scrap of skimpy lace, which women wear instead of panties. I pushed the door open and entered the bedroom. Diane was in my bed, the covers pulled up so that just her face was showing and the mischievous gleam in her eyes. She smiled.

"I feel quite at home in your bed, Pug. It is so comfortable that I am only wearing a garter belt and stockings. It feels very sexy, but something, or rather someone, is missing. You! So why don't you take your clothes off as well and join me?" I found it hard to say anything, eventually getting out just two words.

"Diane! I..." She interrupted me.

"I know what you are going to say. I'm married. We both know that is a farce, a marriage in name only. Pug for God's sake. Forget the scruples. That was for when we were young. Now is now and life hasn't been kind to either of us. It took a lot of courage for me to do this but just for a moment, just for an hour or two, can we not ease each other's loneliness?" She started to push the sheet down, and gradually her perfect breasts came into view. And they were perfect, so symmetrical and wonderfully curved. "I wanted to show you my breasts; there they are. Do you like them?" No answer was needed my eyes told her what I thought. The sheet was pushed down even further. Her stomach was very gently rounded, her navel winking naughtily at me. Then the Garter belt came into view stretched taut from hip to hip. "Do I show you more, Pug? I will if you want me to. Or will you turn away and leave me to cry a little before I get dressed again?" What little remained of my conscience lost the battle. All those years when I didn't dare ask her out, begged me to enjoy this moment. My head was scrambled as I stumbled forward. I started to take my clothes off. Diane watched me eagerly with a smile. As my boxers dropped to the floor she threw back the cover and opened her arms to welcome me.

"Don't wait." She murmured. "Take me now. We have time for everything else later." Her legs parted and as I covered her she took me in hand and guided me to where she wanted. She cried as we joined. "Oh God at last."

I had learned that making love is not just the joining. There is so much more to it and the love that I had felt for Diane over the years took over and I worshipped all of her body with all of my body. Loving her was beyond simple pleasure it was an overwhelming emotion of joy, and from Diane's cries and gasps I suspect it was for her as well.

One of the very best things about making Love is not the act itself, delightful and all-consuming as that may be, but the aftermath, holding each other close, thighs and bellies slick with conjoined essences, kissing and talking. Truths will be spoken at that time; Diane and I were no exception.

"That, Diane was a turning point in my life." I could feel her nodding, her head tucked into the hollow between my shoulder and chest. "Getting into bed with you was overwhelming, there was more emotion going through my head than I think my brain could cope with. How my body managed I do not know."

"It is the same for me. I have waited so long for this." She moved slightly her hand coming over my body to clasp my hip. "But your body coped very, very well. I've still got tingles where I have never had tingles before." She kissed my chest. Then flicked her tongue across my nipple. "I'm sorry Dear Pug, but I am not going to let you go. When I can sort this mess out, will I be welcome here?

"Do you have to ask?" She raised her head looking upwards at me.

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