Hero the Escape
Chapter 11: Shock and Awe

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A graying woman in red robes and a pair of sheathed short swords with worn hilts arrived two hours before dawn. Kneeling across from me, she got comfortable before speaking. “I’m Mother Chandra. I would like a few minutes of your time, Hero.”

“Are you the leader of the priestesses with swords, from the beach?”

“Yes, I am. We serve Kassandra, Lady of the Dance.” she replied with patience.

“What is your will?” tomorrow would be ugly; I wasn’t in the mood to play guessing games.

“I ask that you spare half.” the aging athletic brunette asked unreasonably.

“Are you so certain that I will win?”

“They have never seen a real Hero.”

“And you have?”

The memory of they encounter lit that sun freckled face. “I have. Would you spare half?”

“I will consider it. If they keep pressing then I too will not stop.”

“If they retreat, then is half acceptable?”

I shrugged. “I’ll try. But I have a price.”


She didn’t even consider what I would ask for ... or maybe she already knew... “Then I will expect one of your priestesses on my island in a month’s time.”

“Thank you, Hero.” quietly the priestess returned into the darkness.

With false dawn already lighting the skies, a mass of armored men and women began to form. The houses and shops no barrier to the assembled soldiers. I still waited; I needed the leaders to arrive to deliver their one last set of demands. I was still curious to where Martha went off to, she had disappeared once I exited the guild tower. The mages inside had their warning. If they chose to ignore it, then it was on them.

Just as the sun breached the city walls to the east, six women in regal outfits converged out of the assembled army. They strode in sync to the Tower gate before I stood and brushed myself off, barring them from entry.

“Stand aside Hermit, we shall deal with you later. The center one with a red moon on a black background spoke with a musical yet threatening voice.

Without even bothering to respond, since no words I could ever say would prevent the slaughter. Flashing my extended Fusioned warstaff, the blade tore through her protective magics, first slicing off the priestess’s outstretched hand, followed by her head. Only one of the other five escaped with her life, initially when she fled to her assembled troops, the one in all white. Her status at the end of the battle was unknown by me. Nor did I care.

The assembled army waiting, startled at the sudden outburst charged; praying and calling out spells and war cries.

Thunderclap. Stunned and deafened most of the forerunners. Groundburst. Sent too many pulverized bodies flying along with the earth that they had been running across but it was Titan that ended the battle a minute after it started. A six meter tall living body of water fused lightning which mere mortals had no defense against nor reliable means of attack.

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