Double Glazing
Chapter 8

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Aubrey was working again, although his success rate had dropped slightly. I did notice that his orders were now more complete, and we were getting close to the forty-five percent gross profit margin. His attitude to me though was still antagonistic. Whenever he came into the office he would take every opportunity to make snide remarks. These usually inferred that my sexuality was doubtful. The urge for me to retaliate was powerful, but I resisted. The demon on one shoulder wanted to throw my burgeoning relationship with Eve in his face. The Angel on my other shoulder told me to keep quiet. I did keep quiet. The Decree Nisi could still be challenged, and if Aubrey had even the slightest whiff of our relationship he would make things very difficult for Eve.

Knowing that I often worked late, Andy had taken to dropping into the office after his surgery had closed. We cleared up outstanding issues, and he would sign any documents that needed his signature. He was well aware of Aubrey's attitude, and he seemed to have more of a problem with it than I.

"John. I am going to have words with Aubrey soon. I knew about his divorce, and made allowances for his emotional state, but even so this can't go on. He is making your position untenable."

"Leave it, Andy. There's no point in cracking the egg before you need to fry it." He was shaking his head.

"No, I can't leave it. His sneers and imputations will eventually become common gossip in the place, and the factory hands and fitters may lose respect for you. I can't have that." I didn't want to stir up trouble such as this, so I had to tell Andy what was happening.

"Andy, I have a reason for not challenging Aubrey. There is something I should tell you, but in the strictest confidence. If it got back to Aubrey, then someone else would suffer." He was intrigued.

"Whatever you tell me, stays within these four walls. My word on that."

"I have been seeing Mrs. Chatsworth, socially."

"Ah! Just socially, John?"

"It's a little more than that." Andy grinned.

"I have met Mrs. Chatsworth on a couple of occasions in the past. She's a stunner. You are a dark horse, John." He stopped and thought for a moment. "Hey! This isn't the reason for the Divorce?"

"No. The divorce is because of something that Aubrey did. Nothing untoward has happened between Mrs. Chatsworth and me. The reason I am putting up with Aubrey's snide remarks is that I don't want any hint of this to get out. I believe that he would make things difficult for Eve, if he knew."

"So, John. Are you looking at a possible long term relationship with the delectable Mrs. Chatsworth?"

"I believe that is what it will be. But do understand, Andy, there has been no impropriety. The divorce must go through first."

"Ok, John. We will play it your way. You do understand that it will get worse with Aubrey, especially if he finds out that after the Absolute is granted, you are seeing his ex-wife."

"Oh, yes, I have recognised that. I will let slip then, that I know why he was divorced, and if he wants to play silly buggers, I can play as well ... And before you ask. No! I cannot tell you the reason."

"Take care, John. You may be playing with fire."

Six weeks and one day crawled very slowly. Eve phoned me quite frequently now, and came to see me at the flat a couple of times every week. We couldn't be seen together in public nor did she want me to phone at the flat she was renting, the phone downstairs was quite public, and she was afraid that Aubrey may get a hint by talking to others in the building. I told her when I had booked our holiday Villa.

"We fly from Birmingham on the Tuesday following your absolute. I'm sorry Eve, but I couldn't get anything close to the beach, and still secluded. So I have booked one that is reasonably close. It has a private pool, and there are no other buildings for at least a mile in any direction. I have also booked a hire car, so we can get round the island and see places of interest." I had printed off the pictures of the Villa, and Eve, having seen them gave approval.

"Looks very good and secluded." She retorted. "And from the look of it, I won't need to pack any clothes at all." We laughed together.

"Well only for when the maid comes in twice a week."

"Damn. I was hoping to get an all-over tan."

"May I help you with the sun block?" I volunteered.

"Funny you should mention that. I was just thinking the same thing. Much attention should be paid to the areas that don't normally see the light of day." She kissed me with a mischievous look on her face. "I am actually thinking of your areas, not mine."

"That could be interesting."

"That's what I thought." A sudden thought struck her. "What about food?"

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